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Industrial Workstations with screens
19" Rack Mounting

These incorporate a screen, with passive backplanes,
and use plug-in CPU cards and the PC expansion cards as required.
CPU card can be changed in a matter of seconds if required.

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Touchscreen information
Resistive Touchscreens are for applications where speed and accuracy are required.
They are used primarily for point of sales and medical and industrial applications.
Resistive Touchscreens are versatile and bare skin or gloved fingers can activate them
Pens, blunt pointers, gloved hands or bare skin can be used to activate the resistive touchscreen.

Capacitive touchscreens need bare finger or wet glove to operate, and are tougher than the resistive type..

SAW (Sound Accoustic Wave) Touchscreens are for applications such as information kiosks.
They are strong and are scratch and vandle proof. Water, dirt and contaminants can't get in.
The user must use bare skin or object that absords the sound waves (rubber pointer) to activate the touchsreen.  
It is available in either anti-glare or high res.

Industrial Workstations


AWS-8129H   12.1" SVGA TFT LCD Industrial Workstation

with 9 x ISA/PCI Slots, Passive Backplane and Membrane Keypad.

The AWS-8129H is a PC-based industrial workstation with an industrial grade 12.1 color TFT LCD display.
The AWS-8129H is specifically designed for use within factories and other harsh industrial environments.
This 19 frame can be rack or panel mounted.
The AWS-8129H provides 3 ISA, 4 PCI & 2 PICMG slots, which offers great flexibility for application specific requirements.

• 3 ISA, 4 PCI, 2 PICMG slot combined backplanes
• Case dimensions (W x H x D): 482 x 266 x 317 mm (18.98" x 10.5" x 12.5")
• Front accessible FDD, Power switch and CD-ROM
• Front accessible USB port
• OSD & Membrane Key & Touchpad with two mouse buttons
• NEMA4/IP65 compliant front panel       RoHS

• Optional analog resistive touchscreen (USB Interface)

   Data on AWS-8129H (.pdf file, opens in new tab or window)    See below for price list.

AWS-8248V   15" XGA TFT LCD Industrial Workstation

with 14 x ISA/PCI/PICMG Slots, Passive Backplane and Membrane Keypad

The AWS-8248V is a 14-slot, 15" TFT LCD workstation.
It is a great update to the AWS-8248 product line by offering more expansion capability, a larger LCD screen, and increased usability, all at an even more competitive price.
The AWS-8248V also provides an additional major feature for users, easy maintenance.
Using three card-cages and thumbscrew fasteners, the AWS-8248V makes maintenance quick and easy.
The AWS-8248V combines multiple slots and 15" LCD in a more cost effective and easier to maintain design.

• Cost-effective 14-slot, 15" TFT LCD workstation, and resolution of 1024 x 768
• NEMA4/IP65, aluminum panel      RoHS
• Three card-cage design: easy to maintain add-on cards, CPU card and power supply
• Two 3.5" HDDs with mobile rack drive & CD-ROM drive in back of chassis
• Equipped with onscreen display (OSD) operation keypad on the front panel
NEMA4/IP65, aluminum panel

   Data on AWS-8248V (.pdf file, opens in new tab or window)    See below for price list.

AWS-8259   15" XGA TFT LCD Industrial Workstation

with 9 x ISA/PCI/PICMG Slots, Passive Backplane and Membrane Keypad

AWS-8259 is an industrial workstation with 9-slot expansion capability.
Featuring a 15" detachable display module,the AWS-8259 has a rugged yet flexible design for factory floor applications.
Its 15" high-brightness 1024 x 768 LCD fulfills the needs for large information viewing.
In addition, the display module can be easily separated for maintenance.
With waterproof character keypads & touchpad features, an additional keyboard or mouse is not needed for operation.
The standard 8U size can easily be installed in either racks or mounted in panels.

• 9-slot, 15" TFT LCD workstation
• Resolution: 1024 x 768
• Two-piece design: integrated or separated LCD panel & control chassis.
• Built-in touchpad, USB port and floppy drive on front panel
• Designed for simple maintenance with hinged rear door for easy access.
• Vibration protection up to 1G
• Heavy-duty stainless steel chassis with aluminum front panel.
• Hard anodic coating to prevent panel abrasion and acid corrosion
• Front panel is NEMA4/IP65 compliant

   Data on AWS-8259 (.pdf file, opens in new tab or window)    See below for price list.

AWS-8129H1-RAE     AWS-8129H1-XAE with Resistive Touch Screen $2,201+GST      9/09
AWS-8129H1-XAE    Workstation w/ 12.1"" LCD,4 ISA,4 PCI,1 CPU Slots $2,034

AWS-8248VTP-RAE   AWS-8248VTP with Resistive Touchscreen $2,592
AWS-8248VTP-XAE   Ind. WS with 15"" LCD & 4PCI, 10 ISA slot $2,313

AWS-8259TP-RAE       AWS-8259TP with TS $3,039
AWS-8259TP-XAE      Ind. WS with 15 LCD & 9 ISA/PCI slots $2,760

Resistive type touchscreens can be used with either gloved or ungloved fingers.
Capacitive type touchscreens are more reliable than resistive, have glass surface, but need ungloved fingers.

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