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Small Computer Cards

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 Stacking SBC form factors include
  PC/104, PC/104-Plus, PCI-104, EPIC, and EBX

  Computer Board Form Factors
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PCI-104       Cards

For Embedded Solutions

Ultra compact 91 x 96mm
stackable modules,
with 15mm spacing.

PC/104 modules are
completely PC/AT compatible
, allowing users to take advantage of standard hardware and software.
Their stack through bus avoids the bulk of passive backplanes or card cages.


 PC/104,  PC/104-Plus, and PCI-104 info (end of this page)

 More PC/104 and PC/104 Plus Information:

On this page:

  PC/104 Modules - Advantech - first item below

  PC/104 Analog Cards

  PC/104 CPU and Peripheral Modules - Aaeon

  PC/104 Modules - Axiomtek

Before you consider a PC/104 CPU card, look at the Advantech 3.5" PC cards.
They are a little bigger, but are all-in-one PC boards, many with PC/104 expansion

3.5" & 5.25" PCs
    - embeddable, with PC/104 i/f

A series of small all-in-one computer cards.

One is the size of a 2½" drive, some are the size of a 3½" drive, and others are the size of a 5¼" drive.

Most cards have PC/104 connector.
See the connectors at the left edge of the card in the picture. 

   For Small CPU Card details: click here.

Embedded applications require specific features difficult to find on commercial PC main boards.
Creating a custom made board with desired features is expensive and time consuming.

A simpler and more cost effective solution is to add features by incorporating PC/104 modules.
PC/104 modules use a smart stacking bus design that allows you to expand the system by simply adding additional modules.

Advantech PC/104 cards   

   Note: Advantech, Aaeon & Versa Logic cards all have part numbers starting with PCM- .

PC/104 cards have have ISA bus stacking connectors.  
PC/104+ (PC/104-Plus) adds a PCI bus connector next to the ISA bus connector.

PCI-104 has the PCI bus connector, but omits the ISA bus connector to save space.

The cards have small header pins/sockets for the I/O.
Short adaptor cables are provided for all the I/O to present standard connectors for external connection.
CD with drivers and manual are included.

   Data on Advantech PC/104 Series Modules (Advantech Catalog, opens new tab or window)

Advantech PC/104

PCM-3343PC/104 CPU Cards  

   PC/104 and PC/104 Plus General Information (

PCM-3343  Ultra low power

Ultra low power, fanless DM&P Vortex86DX- 1 GHz and 256 MB onboard DDR2 memory
CRT+LCD dual display outputs, 24-bit LVDS/TTL supported
Integrated Floating-point Unit
Supports 2 Fast Ethernet ports in standard PC/104 96 x 90 mm dimensions
Supports Embedded Software APIs and Utilities
    Data sheet on PCM-3343 (pdf file, opens in new tab)

PCM-3343F-256A1E  CIRCUIT BOARD, DM&P Vortex86DX-1GHz PC/104 SBC, LCD,LAN,CFC $264+GST 3/12
PCM-3343L-256A1E  CIRCUIT BOARD, DM&P Vortex86DX-1GHz PC/104 SBC, w/oVGA/TTL CFC $201
PCM-3343Z2-256A1E  PCM-3343F-256A1E extended temp -40~85C $392
PCM-3343Z-256A1E    PCM-3343F-256A1E extended temp -20~80C $343

   Data on Advantech PC/104 Series Modules (Advantech Catalog, opens new tab or window)
        PCM-3353, PCM-3355, PCM-4153, PCM-4373  (Not in this cat.: PCM-3343, PCM-3362, PCM-3363)

PCM-3355F-L0A1E    PC/104 SBCw/LX800, CF,SATA,TTL,1LAN,2USB,2 RS232 $362
PCM-3355L-J0A1E     PC/104 SBCw/LX600, CF,TTL,1LAN,2USB,2 RS232 $264
PCM-3355Z2-512LA1E PCM-3355 w/ Phoenix Platinum bundle 512MB memory $551
PCM-3355Z-512LA1E   PCM-3355 w/ Phoenix gold bundle 512MB memory $497

PC/104+ CPU Cards      PC/104-Plus CPU Cards
                PCM-3353, PCM-3355, PCM-3362, PCM-3363, PCM-4153, PCM-4373
  For data on the cards, see the green panel above
  PC/104-Plus adds a PCI bus connector next to the ISA bus connector.

   PC/104-Plus technology is compatible with PC/104 and supports 32-bit PCI interconnect  
   PC/104-Plus adds a PCI bus connector next to the ISA bus connector.

   PC/104+ Information (opens in new tab)
PC/104+ diag.PCM-3353

PC/104+ CPU Cards  AMD Geode 800, up to 500MHz    
PCM-3353F-J0A2E   CIRCUIT BOARD, PC104+SBC w/LX600,TTL/LVDS,1 LAN,COM,USB,Audio,G $358+GST     3/12
PCM-3353F-L0A1E   PC104+SBC w/LX800,TTL/LVDS,1 LAN,COM,USB,Audio,G $376
PCM-3353Z2-L0A1E PCM-3353F-L0A1E with Phoenix Platinum package $603
PCM-3353Z-L0A1E   PCM-3353F-L0A1E with Phoenix gold package $450

PCM-3362 & PCM-3363 with Atom Processor

Intel® Atom™ N450 1.66 GHz Processor and DDR2 667MHz SDRAM up to 2 GB
Supports extended temperature -40 ~ 85° C
Standard 96 x 90 mm dimension and PC/104-Plus expansion connector
Onboard 2 GB flash (4 GB optional)
Supports embedded software APIs and Utilities
      Data sheet on PCM-3362 (pdf file, opens in new tab)

PC/104+ CPU Cards
PCM-3362N-S6A1E     PC/104+ SBCw/N450 1.6GHz,LVDS,LAN,2GB flash $441+GST      3/12
PCM-3362N-S6F4A1E   CIRCUIT BOARD, PC/104+ SBCw/N450 1.6GHz,LVDS,LAN,4GB flash $509
PCM-3362Z-1GS6A1E   CIRCUIT BOARD, PCM-3362N-S6A1E Wide temp, -20-80C,1GB memory $686
PCM-3362Z2-1GS6A1E CIRCUIT BOARD, PCM-3362N-S6A1E Wide temp -40-85C,1GB memory $735

PCI-104 (no ISA connector)
PCM-3363D-1GS8A1E   CIRCUIT BOARD, PCI-104 SBC D525 1.8G,LVDS,GbE, 1GB DDR3 onboard $534
PCM-3363N-1GS6A1E   CIRCUIT BOARD, PCI-104 SBC N455 1.6G,LVDS,GbE,1GB DDR3 onboard $490
PCM-3363Z-1GS6A1E   PCM-3363N-1GS6A1E wide temp -20~80C $578
PCM-3363Z2-1GS6A1E PCM-3363N-1GS6A1E wide temp -40~85C $627

PC/104+ CPU Cards  AMD Geode LX800  
PCM-4153F-L0A1E     CIRCUIT BOARD, PC104+ SBCw/LX800,Flash,TTL,2LAN,COM,USB,Audio $490+GST      3/12
PCM-4153F-L0A2E     PC104+ SBCw/LX800,1GB Flash,TTL,2LAN,COM $490
PCM-4153FZ2-L0A2E PCM-4153F-L0A2E with Phoenix platinum $770
PCM-4153FZ-L0A2E   PCM-4153F-L0A2E with Phoenix gold pack $622
PCM-4153Z2-L0A1E  CIRCUIT BOARD, PCM-4153F-L0A1E with Phoenix platinum package $770
PCM-4153Z-L0A1E    CIRCUIT BOARD, PCM-4153F-L0A1E with Phoenix gold package $622

PC/104+ CPU Cards EPIC card  
PCM-4373F-J0A1E   Base PCM-4373L-J0A1E,w/2 LAN/16 GPIO/6 COM/Audio $326+GST      3/12
PCM-4373L-J0A1E   AMD GX3 w/ 1 LAN/LVDS/0 GPIO /4 COM/4 USB/2 SATA $306

   Data on Advantech PC/104 Series Modules (Advantech Catalog, opens new tab or window)
        PCM-3353, PCM-3355, PCM-4153, PCM-4373  (Not in this cat.: PCM-3343, PCM-3362, PCM-3363)


PC/104 Cards with PCMCIA or CardBus slot, miniPCI, PCI to ISA bridge

PCM-3110C-0000E PC/104 1-Slot PCMCIA Module w DOS/Win31/Win95, G $176+GST    3/12
PCM-3112-0000E PC/104 2-Slot PCMCIA Module w DOS/Win31/Win95,G $181
PCM-3115-00B1E slot Cardbus PC/104+ module , G $137
PCM-3116-00A1E slot Cardbus PC/104+ module , G $81
PCM-3117-00A1E PCI to ISA bridge PC/104+ module , RoHS $137

PCM-32.. Cards - RS-485 & Servo Motor Control

PCM-3202I-AE   2-port PCI-104 AMONet RS-485 Master Card     $502+GST    3/12
PCM-3240-AE    PC104 4-Axis Pulse-type Servo Motor Control Card $830

PC/104  Comms cards
     - Fax/Modem  RS232/422/485  USB

PCM-3610-BE Isolated RS-232/422/485 Module $248+GST      3/12
PCM-3612-AE Dual-Port RS-422/485 PC/104 Module $149
PCM-3614-AE 4-port RS-422/485 High-Speed Module $221
PCM-3614I-AE PCI-104, 4-port RS-232/422/485 Module $248
PCM-3618-AE 8-port RS-422/485 High-Speed Module $276
PCM-3618I-AE PCI-104, 8-port RS-232/422/485 Module $316

PCM-3620-00A1E USB2.0 and IEEE1394 PC/104+ module, G $133
PCM-3620P-00A1E USB2.0 & 1394 w/pinhead PC/104+ module, G $140

PCM-3621-00A1E PC/104-plus full channels SATA module, RoHS $165

PCM-3640-AE 4-Port RS-232 Module $164

PCM-3641-AE 4-port RS-232 High-SpeedModule $139
PCM-3641I-AE PCI-104, 4-port RS-232 Module $164
PCM-3642I-AE PCI-104, 8-Port RS-232 Module $223

PCM-3643-04A1E PC/104 4-Port RS-232 Module, G $101
PCM-3643-08A1E PC/104 8-Port RS-232 Module, G $146

PCM-3644-04A1E 4 COM RS-4232 port module , RoHS $137
PCM-3644-08A1E 8 COM RS-232 port module , RoHS $197
PCM-3644H-04A1E 4 COM RS-422 port module, RoHS $118

   Data on Advantech PC/104 Series Modules (Advantech Catalog, opens new tab or window)

PC/104 Ethernet & Can Bus Cards

PCM-3660-CE PC/104 Ethernet Module $91+GST      3/12

PC/104 Plus:
PCM-3663-02A1E PC/104 Plus Twin Ethernet Module(Intel-82559),G $189+GST      3/12
PCM-3663-03A1E PC/104 Plus Signle EthernetModule(Intel-82559),G $150

PCM-3665-00A1E PC/104 Plus Dual Giga Ethernet Module G $194
PCM-3665-01A1E PC/104 Plus single Giga Ethernet Module G $118
PCM-3665P-00A1E PC/104 Plus Dual Giga Ethernet Module w/o RJ45,G $185

CAN Module:

PCM-3680-AE Dual Port Isolated CAN Module $203+GST      3/12
PCM-3680-BE Dual Port Isolated CAN Module $210
PCM-3680I-AE Dual Port Isolated CAN-bus PCI-104 Module $303

Analog & Digital I/O Cards

PCM-3718H-CE PC/104 16-ch 100kHz Multifunction Card $330+GST      3/12
PCM-3718HG-CE PC/104 16-ch 100kHz High-Gain Multifunction Card $330
PCM-3718HO-A PC/104 16-ch 100kHz Multifunction Card with AO $384
PCM-3718HO-BE PC/104 16-ch 100kHz Multifunction Card with AO $384

PCM-3724-BE PC/104 48-bit Digital I/O Card $137
PCM-3725-AE PC/104 8-ch Isolated DI & 8-ch Relay Card $180
PCM-3730-AE PC/104 16-ch Isolated Digital I/O Card $180

PCM-3730I-AE PCI-104 32-ch Isolated Digital I/O Card $289
PCM-3753I-AE 96-ch Digital I/O PCI-104 Module $248
PCM-3761I-AE PCI-104 8-ch Relay & 8-ch Isolated DI Card $203
PCM-3780-AE 2-ch Counter/Timer W 24-ch TTL DIO Module $248
PCM-3810I-AE CIRCUIT BOARD, 250 kS/s, 12-bit, Multifunction PCI-104 module $513
PCM-3813I-AE 100 kS/s, 12-bit, 32-ch,Iso. AI PCI-104 module $599

   Data on Advantech PC/104 Series Modules (Advantech Catalog, opens new tab or window)

PC/104  Solid State Memory & Flash Cards

PCM-3835-00A1E   PCM-3835 IDE Flash PC/104 Module/BARE, RoHS $65+GST      3/12
PCM-3836-0000E    PC/104 Compact Flash to IDE Drive,G $88

PC/104 Power Supply

PCM-3910-00A1E DC to DC Power Supply PC/104-plus Module,RoHS $199+GST      3/12
PCM-3910Z-00A1E PCM-3910-00A1E with Gold phoenix package , G $274
PCM-3910Z2-00A1E PCM-3910-00A1E with Platinum phoenix package, G $321

   Data on Advantech PC/104 Series Modules (Advantech Catalog, opens new tab or window)

Small CPU Cards for embedding:  Advantech Biscuit PC cards (Single board PCs)

PC/104 Modem

IGIN5600 V.34 PC104 Data modem. PC/104 Internal Modem $POA    
The only Austel approved 56K Internal Fax/Modem for Industrial PCs      mds

Sound Card - PC/104: click here


     PC/104 Analog Cards (Advantech & Axiomtek)  (jumps further down this page)

     Advantech PC/104 card data: see the green panel near top of this page   

LCD Panel Interface:
A cable can be made up to match   PCM-3521 Flat Panel/CRT VGA    to an LCD panel, e.g. Sharp. Cost $165.00+GST

Axiomtek PC/104 Cards

  Data on Axiomtek PC/104 stackable cards     Search the Axiomtek site      5/13       azb aqz













PCI-104, PC/104



VIA VT6212

4 USB2.0


MiniPCI, PCI-104, PC/104






PCI-104, PC/104

Utility Cards















PC/104 Cards - ICOP         ICOP website

PC/104 and PC/104+ Cards VersaLogic 

Compatible with popular operating systems such as QNX, Windows CE, NT, Win95/98 and VxWorks.   tmh

Please enquire      VesaLogic site (opens new tab or window)

PC/104 cards - Sensoray

8 channels of 16-bit A/D resolution            Sensoray PC/104 Data: click here          tmh
Each channel is software programmable for sensor type and gain
Auto-calibration eliminates trimpots

JED PC/104 CPU cards - click here

PC/104 Analog Cards

PCM-3718  A/D Converter - 30 KHz

The PCM-3718H  30 KHz A/D module offers multiple high speed data acquisition and control functions.

PCM-3718HG: High gain version.
Input range: Bipolar: ±10V, ±5V, ±1V, ±0.5V, ±0.,1V, ±0.05V, ±0.01V, ±0.005V    Unipolar: 0 to 10V, 1V, 0.1V, 0.01V

Analog in:
For prices, see above under Analog & Digital I/O Cards

   Data on Advantech PC/104 Series Modules (Advantech Catalog, opens new tab or window)

PC/104 & PC/104+ Analog Input card - high performance - Sensoray

    Sensoray Data: click here

Sound Card

NC-840   PC/104 Sound Card   

Mono in, Microphone in, Line in and CD in     cfd
  (NC-841: RS-232 x 2 for 3rd/4th COM (optional RS-232 x 1+ RS-422 / RS-485 x1):    Larger picture
SMC 665 I/O chip support 2 ports 16C550 high speed RS-232C.
Audio: ESS 1869A 3D high-performance, mixed-signal, 16-bit stereo Chip.
High-quality 20-voice ESFM Music Synthesizer, support FM music Synthesis in OPL-3.
Programmable sample rates from 4 to 48 KHz for record and playback.
Full duplex for simultaneous record and playback.
3-button hardware master volume control and PC speaker volume control.
Software address mapping, 4 DMA and 6 IRQ selections for Plug and Play.
MPU-401 (UART mode) interface for wavetable synthesizers & MIDI devices.
High speed 16-bit ADC and DAC with filters.
7-channel stereo audio mixer with multi Input Sources (DAC synthesizer, mono in, Microphone in, line in and CD in).
Output: Speaker out, line out and game port.
DOC SSD Socket (DiskOnChip Solid State Disk):
     32-pin socket for M-System DOC SSD 2~144MB (DiskOnChip are no longer made).

Sound Blaster compatible. User Manual: click here      

PC/104 Fax/Modem

Use PCM-3110A PC/104 card with PCMCIA slot, which can accept an approved PCMCIA card modem.

Aaeon PC/104 Cards

PC/104 CPU Modules - Aaeon       Data on all Aaeon Cards  

    90 x 96 mm    Data on the following:  (Aaeon site, opens in new tab or window)     3/12     zuh

PFM-LNP   PC/104 Module With Intel Atom N450 Processor

PFM-535S   PC/104 Module With DM&P Vortex86SX/Vortex86DX SoC Processor

PFM-945C   PC/104 Module With Onboard Intel Atom N270 Processor

PFM-540I Rev.B   PC/104 Module With AMD Geode LX Processor

PFM-540I Rev.A   PC/104 Module With AMD Geode LX Processor

PFM-541I   PC/104 Module With Onboard AMD Geode LX800 Processor

Compare the performance of the Atom processors with other CPU’s:

PC/104 Peripheral Modules

    90 mm x 96 mm, 3.55" (L) x 3.773" (W)    Data on the following:       3/12     zuh

PFM-P01A   PC/104 Power over Ethernet Module

PFM-P13DW2   PC/104 Power Supply

PFM-C20N   PC/104 Board Dual CAN Bus Module

PFM-C42C   PCI-104 4/8-Port RS-232/422/485 Module

PCM-FA00   PCI-104 to Mini PCI Conversion Module

PCM-P50   PC/104 Vehicle Power Supply

PCM-3794 Rev.B   PCI-104 1-slot PCMCIA Module

PCM-5600   PC/104 56K Fax/Modem Modules

PCM-3724   48-Channel DIO Module

PCM-3730   PCI-104 Triple Ethernet Module

PCM-3640   PC/104 4-port RS-232 Module

PCM-3660 Rev. B   PC/104 Ethernet Module

PCM-3116   PC/104 PCMCIA/ CompactFlash™ to IDE Module

PCM-3610   PC/104 Isolated RS-232/422/485 Module

PCM-3115C   PC/104 2-slot PCMCIA Module

Mini PCI Module

PER-V02B   TTL To DVI Mini-PCI Module

PER-V05V   Mini PCI Video Module

PER-C40C   Mini PCI Module With 4 RS-232 COM Ports

PER-V01B   DVI To TTL Mini-PCI Module

PER-C10L   Mini PCI Module With One Ethernet Port

Mini PCI: An extension of the PCI bus used in portable computers.
Designed for peripherals such as modems and network adapters.
Mini PCI cards are credit-card sized modules that snap onto the motherboard;

they are not inserted into slots like PCMCIA cards (PC Cards).
Mini PCI uses the standard PCI signaling that is found in PCI-based desktop computers, allowing high-speed transfer peripheral connections in small form factor devices such as laptop computers.

MicroBox - Axiomtek       Search the Axiomtek site      ngl

   Axiomtek PC/104 Cards      

EM-1610S    MicroBox 5.25" Petit Board Chassis and Power Supply  
EM-1611S    MicroBox 3.5" Capa Board Chassis and Power Supply

Embedded Operating System Development Kits - Axiomtek

SDK-8360    SDK Suitcase with SBC8360VEA and Other Accessories         ngl
SDK-8440    SDK Suitcase with SBC8440VE and Other Accessories
SDK-84500  SDK Suitcase with SBC84500VEA and Other Accessories

More PC/104 cards: Axiomtek ... please enquire

Axiomtek home page   ngl         Search the Axiomtek site     ngl

Useful links:


The PC/104 computer bus (first released in 1992) utilizes 104 pins. These pins include all the normal lines used in the ISA bus, with additional ground pins added to ensure bus integrity. Signal timing and voltage levels are identical to the ISA bus, with lower current requirements.


The PC/104-Plus form factor adds support for the PCI bus, in addition to the ISA bus of the PC/104 standard.
The name is derived from its origin: a PC/104-Plus module has a PC/104 connector (ISA),  plus PCI-104 connector (PCI).


The PCI-104 form factor includes the PCI connector, but not the ISA connector, in order to increase the available board real estate. The PCI-104 standard is incompatible with PC/104 boards.


EBX (Embedded Board eXpandable) is a single board computer form factor, 5.75” x 8.00”.
The EBX is based on the IEEE-P996 (ISA), PC/104, PC/104-Plus, PCI and PCMCIA.
EBX supports PC/104 daughter boards.


EPIC (Embedded Platform for Industrial Computing) is a single board computer form factor which,
like EBX, supports PC/104 daughter boards but is smaller than EBX.
It allows I/O connections to be implemented as either pin-headers or PC-style ("real world") connectors.
The standard provides specific I/O zones to implement functions such as Ethernet, serial ports, digital and analog I/O, video, wireless, and various application-specific interfaces.

EPIC Express

EPIC Express is based on EPIC, but adds the PCI Express.

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