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  ExpressCard Summary   - FireWire, USB, eSata, various - Sunix,

  ExpressCard to Serial adaptors    up to 4 Serial ports - RS232, RS422/485

  PCMCIA to ExpressCard Adaptor  Allows PCMCIA cards to be plugged into computers with ExpressCard slots

  Compact Flash sized Serial Cards 1-port (fit hand held computers & PDAs)

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ExpressCard - ExpressCards - Express Card - Express Cards

ExpressCard is a hardware standard replacing CardBus (Cardbus is 32-bit successor to 16-bit PCMCIA).
The host device supports both 'PCI Express' and USB 2.0 connectivity through the ExpressCard slot,
      (for 'PCI Express' information,
click here, opens new tab or window)
Each ExpressCard uses whichever the designer feels most appropriate to the task.
The cards are hot-pluggable.
ExpressCard supports two form factors, ExpressCard/34 (34 mm wide) and ExpressCard/54 (54 mm wide, in an L-shape) — the connector is the same width (34 mm) on both. Standard cards are 75 mm long (10.6 mm shorter than CardBus) and 5 mm thick, but may be thicker on sections that extend outside the standard form factor — for antennas, sockets, etc.

ExpressCard Summary

Please enquire

Express Cards

ExpressCard Firewire, some with USB also

Firewire 4-pin small connector does not provide power to connected devices,
the bigger 6-pin connector has pins to supply power (if connected).

PCMCIA or ExpressCard Firewire cards may need an external plug pack when used in a Notebook computer.
   FireWire information (detailed): click here    USB information (detailed): click here (these open in new tab)

AUECS1400   1-Port Serial RS232    High Speed ExpressCard 34mm    phased out

EC34-USB3-2P ECU2300   ExpressCard 2 Port USB 3.0 Card - Sunix - see below


ECC1424 Express Combo Card 34mm - Sunix- 2x Firewire 1394a Ports, and 1x USB 2.0 Port   $117+GST    2/11      zmx
          works with WIN 7     Data sheet on ECC1424 (pdf file, opens in new tab or window)

These ExpressCards have 6 pin FireWire connectors, but they do not provide power to the external FireWire device,
unless you connect an external 12V power source (such as a plug pack) to a socket provided on the side of the ExpressCard.

S-SM-67011  ExpressCard with 1x USB 2.0 port and 2x FireWire400 ports: $POA      rhk

S-SM-67021  Firewire800 ports, 2 Port  (800MHz) ExpressCard or Express Card, 34mm,     rhk
                               MAC or PC. RoHS Compliant    $145+GST

     See also ExpressCard Firewire & USB cards


XXXXXX   1-Port Serial RS232    High Speed ExpressCard 34mm


USB 3.0 Cards

EC34-USB3-2P  Sunix ECU2300 ExpressCard - 2 Port USB 3.0 Card

EC34-USB3-2PSuper-Speed USB 3.0 interface is the next revolution in I/O interconnect standards that will deliver the bandwidth and features required by PCs, consumer electronics and communications devices.
10 times faster throughput than USB 2.0 standard, and b
Backward compatible with current USB devices, USB 2.0 and USB 1.1 devices

ECU2300 was created to meet the need of the ExpressCard market where notebooks, desktops, and docking stations could add two additional Super-Speed USB 3.0 ports via a single slim-type ExpressCard slot.
Up to 5 Gbps for data transfer when connecting to USB 3.0 compliant peripherals, while maintaining compatibility with existing USB peripheral devices.
Users will benefit from ExpressCard plug-n-play ease of use, which eliminates the need to open the chassis to add new features.
Connect kinds of USB peripheral instantly and conveniently, such as external storage devices, MP3 players, external writer, digital cameras, webcam, networking and video devices, and all other USB devices.

Fully compliant with ExpressCard Specification 1.0.
Full single-lane (or x1) PCI Express throughput.
ExpressCard/34 form factor module.
Compliant with Universal Serial Bus 3.0 specification Revision 1.0.
Compliant with xHCI (eXtensible Host Controller Interface) specifications Revision 0.96.
Supports simultaneous operation of multiple USB 3.0, USB 2.0 and USB 1.1 devices.
Data Transfer rate of 1.5/12/480/5000 Mbps.
    Low Speed (1.5Mbps), Full Speed(12Mbps), High Speed(480Mbps), Super Speed(5Gpbs)
Built-in DC Jack connector for receiving extra power to meet USB3.0 +5V/900mA power output standard.
USB ConnectorsHot-swapping feature allows you to connect/disconnect devices without powering down the system.
Driver supports for Microsoft Windows XP, 2003, Vista, 2008 and 7 operation system.
Certified by CE, FCC, RoHS, and Microsoft WQHL approval.    PCB Dimension 34 (W) x 100(L)mm
Operation temp. 0 °C to 57 °C,   Operation humidity: 5 to 95% RH,  Storage temp.-20 °C to 85 °C
    EC34-USB3-2P Sunix ECU2300 ExpressCard - 2 Port USB 3.0 Card:  $88+GST     8/12

USB 3.0 Cable - 2m
UC-3002AUB USB 3.0 Certified Cable - USB A Male to Micro-USB B Male, Black 1.8m USB 3.0 Certified Cable,
    USB A Male to Micro-USB B Male, Blue, 2m:         $8+GST each when ordered with above item

ExpressCard to Serial adaptors

AEC34-1S  ExpressCard to Serial

PCI ExpressCards internally can use either USB 2 or PCI Express connection to the computers chipset.
This card uses the PCI Express connection.      zmx

Uses a single slim-type 34/54mm ExpressCard slot. Well built with many of SUNIX advanced features and technologies, making it the best solution for commercial and industrial automation applications.
ExpressCard plug-n-play ease of use, which eliminates the need to open the chassis to add new features.
You can connect serial peripherals such as GPS receivers, serial printers/plotters, barcode scanners, digital cameras, PDAs, Cell Phones and fax/modems.

Meets PCI Express Base Specification Revision 1.1   Full single-lane (or x1) PCI Express throughput
One RS-232 serial ports with communication speeds up to 230.4Kbps
High reliability SUNIX UL7512EQ 16C750 compatible UART controller on-board
Built-in ?15KV ESD protection for all serial signals meets IEC1000-4-2 standard
Plug-n-Play, I/O address and IRQ assigned by BIOS
Hot-swapping feature allows you to connect/disconnect devices without powering down the system
Certified by CE, FCC, RoHS, and Microsoft WQHL approval       U s
Support Microsoft Windows, Linux, and DOS     AEC34-1S ExpressCard to Serial: $174+GST      8/10

The AEC34-1S has been tested with a MacBook Pro running Windows XP via Boot Camp, however the card must be inserted into the computer before starting the computer into Windows.
Hot plugging/unplugging of the card is not supported however.

(Boot Camp is a piece of software included with Mac OS X Leopard, that allows Windows to be run natively on Mac computers see for more details)


AEC34-PCMCIA   PCMCIA to ExpressCard 34mm  Adaptor

Allows PCMCIA cards to be plugged into computers with ExpressCard slots    zmx
ExpressCard(Host) to CardBus(Device) Adapter, it allows CardBus to be connected into new notebooks with an ExpressCard Slot. It is compatible with most CardBus cards. It also supports 3G, and 3.5G wireless CardBus cards.

Does not support 16-bit PCMCIA cards (this includes ATA flash cards) – it only supports 32-bit CardBus cards.
This is because it only has a PCI-PCI bridge chip on it, but not a 16-bit PCMCIA controller.

  AEC34-PCMCIA  ExpressCard 34mm to PCMCIA Adaptor:  $164+GST     12/08

ExpressCard to eSata


ExpressCard to Parallel

Please enquire     lhb

PCMCIA and Cardbus cards

Cardbus Summary

Please enquire

Cardbus Cards      ztr

PCMCIA RS232 1-port cardPCMCIA Serial Cards (PC Cards) with Serial ports
       - RS232 RS422 RS485

The SOC serial I/O adapters are battery friendly -- they consume less power than any other products in their class.
This can be a crucial advantage in a mobile computing environment.  lhb 
They are compatible with a broad range of operating systems.
    About Windows NT Drivers: These are not included on the CD as they are provided by a 3rd party supplier.
    To obtain NT drivers, you need to register the product you have purchase on the Socket web site and receive a registration number
    Then you can apply to Socket Tech Support (on their website) to receive the NT drivers.

PCMCIA RS232 2-port cardsThe Socket serial card installs and appears as a normal COM port (not a virtual COM port).
The card is configurable to work on different COM port numbers.
It works in DOS environments with all major card and socket services.
Technician has tested the card with external modems, handheld devices, digital cameras.

The card offers much better compatibility than  USB to Serial  converters.

Run Socket's Setup Centre before installing or using the Socket card

The Setup Center is an HTML-based guide that runs in Internet Explorer and provides information on the following:
• Installing the Socket hardware and software
• Accessing the user documentation for your product
• Registering your product.

Do not install or use the Socket hardware or Software until you run the Setup Centre provided on CD.

To run the Setup Centre
1. Insert the Socket Installation CD into the CD-ROM drive.
2. Use My Computer or Windows Explorer to access your CD-ROM drive. Click on SETUP.EXE
3. The Setup Center will run in Internet Explorer.
Follow the instructions for your device type and operating system.
Socket highly recommends that all customers register their Socket products. Registered users receive priority technical support. You can register online anytime at
For complete installation, configuration, and usage instructions, refer to the User's Guide on the installation CD.
For warranty and copyright information, plus setup instructions in French, German, and Japanese, please read the booklet inserted into the package.


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One Port PCMCIA Serial Cards 

PCMCIA RS232 1-port cardH-SL0700-004   PCMCIA or PC Card  with RS232 serial 1-port
 (was SOC-SER-DB9 or B375503)

    More data: click here       Driver download (new link)     Driver download (old link)  

H-SL0700-004 High speed serial adapter based on the 16550 UART chip capable of up to 921.6Kbps  lhb  fqh
with a detachable 330mm cable with DB-9 connector. COM1-4.
Win 95/98/2000/Me/XP, Win CE, Win NT(see note above), Linux, Zaurus OS/2, Dos, Solaris,
Supports Apple Powerbook, Apple Newtown, Sharp Zaurus and HP palmtops.
Socket's interactive faq states that there is no UNIX support for the PCMCIA serial cards.
The only exception is that the Sharp Zaurus has a compact flash socket and someone has written a Linux patch to work with the CF serial card on the Zaurus.

Low power consumption to maximise battery life. Cable is included.  
        H-SL0700-004  (SOC-SER-DB9 or B375503)  PCMCIA RS232 1-port     $POA     4/15

These PCMCIA serial cards are normally held in stock, with delivery time approx. 1-2 days.
Please ask when ordering to confirm current stock availability.

Spare Cable
H-8100-00016 (was B375508)  SOC-CBLE-SER   Spare Cable for DB9 Serial PC Card
  $87+GST approx.
                         ($72+GST approx. if ordered with SOC_SER_DB9 above, or SOC-SER-DUAL below)

Driver for Mac-OS X  - please enquire   

Do not install or use the Socket hardware or Software until you run the Setup Centre provided on CD.

See also ACB-PCM-2S   2-port RS-232 CardBus (PCMCIA) adaptor (good price) below, on this page.

Compact Flash sized Serial Cards  1-port   (fit hand held computers & PDAs)

World's lowest power add-on serial adapters, extending the battery life.
Power Consumption (3.3V supply) Standby: 2.4 mA, Typical: 8 mA.    Power Consumption (5V supply) Standby: 4.3 mA, Typical: 13 mA
Baud Rate Up to 921.6 Kbps depends on Windows Operating System
Compatible with Windows 95OB/98/98SE/Me/2000/XP, Windows CE - HPC Pro 2.11, HPC 2000, and Pocket PC 2000 & 2002
Size 36.4 x 42.8 x 3.3 mm,  Cable length 330 mm,  Connector 9-Pin D Male,  

Compact Flash sized Serial I/O Cards
H-SL2700-096 (was SOC-SER-2700-096
or B375501)   1-port Serial I/O Card, removable cable   Data   DISCONTINUED    11/15
  Includes UART that contain 128 byte FIFO (twice the size of other solutions)

Adaptor: CF Compact Flash to PCMCIA slot    $POA

Two Port PCMCIA Serial Cards

H-SL0703-081 PCMCIA or PC Card with RS232, 2-ports  

H-SL0703-081 (Socket brand). Add two high-speed RS-232 ports, COM1-4, to your mobile computer.
The leads can be unplugged from the card.
See the item on the right side of the picture (the item on the left is the ruggedised version, see below).   
The card features simultaneous and independent operation of both ports while requiring only one interrupt,
making it ideal for applications such as data collection or equipment monitoring and control.
Separate short cables gives you the flexibility to use only one port without leaving a cable dangle from the unused port.
The Dual Serial I/O's buffered 16550 UARTs allow your serial peripherals to perform at their highest rated speed.
Windows 9x/Me/2000/XP: INF and driver, Windows CE (v2.11 or greater) driver,
Windows XP notes: see below!!
    Windows 2000: Install the software first, then insert the card into the PCMCIA slot.
  More data: click here       Driver download (new link)    Driver download (old link)     Cables are included 

H-SL0703-081 (SOC-SER-DUAL)  PCMCIA RS232 2-port    $POA     4/15

SOC-CBLE-SER Spare Cable: see above under single port cards

Do not install or use the Socket hardware or Software until you run the Setup Centre provided on CD.

ACB-PCM-2S   2-port RS-232 CardBus (PCMCIA) adaptor - Sunix

• High reliability SUNIX UL7512EQ 16C750 compatible UART controller on-board.
• Expands 2 independent RS-232 serial ports through 32-bit CardBus slot.
• Compliance with PCI 33MHz Ver. 3.0/2.3/2.2 specification.
• Each RS-232 ports communication speeds up to 230.4Kbps.
• Built-in ±15KV ESD protection for all serial signals meets IEC1000-4-2 standard.
• Hot-swapping feature allows you to attach/detach RS-232 devices without first powering your computer off.
• Plug-n-Play, I/O address and IRQ assigned by BIOS.
• Certified by CE, FCC, RoHS, and Microsoft WQHL approval.
• Supports Microsoft Windows, Linux

Cable (included) DB44 Female to 2-port DB9/ DB25 Male

   Data Sheet (pdf file, opens new tab or window)

ACB-PCM-2S CardBus (PCMCIA) to RS-232 adaptor, 2 port: $125+GST

Quatech ExpressCard Performance Series - Two port serial cards

Two port serial cards, ExpressCard - these are included under the one port heading above.
  Click here (jumps to further up this page)


Quatech PCMCIA Serial Cards, 2-port - QLynx           

P-100         Dual port RS-232 with 16550 UART:                    $POA      4/15
Not recommended for new installations.   lhbl
    Data on P-100 (pdf file, opens new tab or window)

Note: The single port version H-SSP-100 Single Port RS-232 Serial PCMCIA Card - is long DISCONTINUED

PCMCIA Card Drives: click here   

FireWire IEEE 1394 Accessories

PCMCIA Card Drives: click here

SCSI Adapters



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