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Various products from CCSI:   Contemporary Control Systems Inc.      CCSI        tmh

ARCNET Network Interface Modules        Data on  ARCNET  products

CPCI22 Series     Compact PCI Bus     

PCI20U Series     Universal PCI Bus

PC10422 Series   PC/104 Bus

PC10420 Series   PC/104 Bus

PCI20 Series      PCI Bus

PCX20 Series      ISA Bus

PCM20H Series  PC Card PCMCIA

PC10466 Series   PC/104 Bus  

PCA66 Series       ISA Bus

PCX Series ISA Bus Compatible

Adapters for the CompactPCI bus, using the COM20022 ARCNET controller

Adapters for the Universal PCI bus, using the COM20022 ARCNET controller

Adapters for the PC/104 bus utilize the COM20022 ARCNET controller.
Versions are available that operate at 10 mbps

Adapters for the PC/104 bus using the COM20020 ARCNET controller

A group of adapters for the PCI bus that utilizes the COM20020 ARCNET controller
e.g.  PCI20-CXB   ARCNET Card - PCI bus

Adapters for the 8-bit ISA bus, PCX20 series uses the COM20020 ARCNET controller

Utilizes the COM20022 ARCNET controller.
The ARCNET transceiver circuitry is located in a detachable MAU (Medium Access Unit) which plugs into the PCM20H adapter.
Detachable MAUs exist for the various cabling options

The PC10466 series utilizes the COM90C66 ARCNET controller

Adapters for the 16-bit ISA bus which utilizes the COM90C66 ARCNET controller

Adapters for the 8-bit ISA bus that use the COMP90C65 ARCNET controller

Industrial Ethernet

CTRLink - Industrial Ethernet products

CTRLink is a family of Industrial Ethernet products comprised of       tmh
repeating hubs,   switching hubs   and   media converters   compatible with the IEEE 802.3 family of standards,
but designed and packaged for the requirements and rigors of commercial and industrial applications.
Ethernet has become the local area network of choice for next generation industrial automation, process control and building automation systems.

   Data on   Industrial Ethernet  products.

CAN - Controller Area Network

The Controller Area Network (CAN) products consist of
Network Interface Modules (NIMs),
Evaluation Systems and
DeviceNet Bus Extenders.

These products are usable in a wide variety of automotive, medical and industrial applications.
CAN is an ideal technology for device-level networks that connect sensors,
embedded controllers or programmable logic controllers (PLCs).

 Data on   CAN/CANopen Devicenet     tmh