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MP-ST-N-8-LiMiniPlus Dry Ice Temperature Logger

External Probe "N" Range sensor (-100°C to +20°C)
Memory: 8K (approx 8000 readings)
Accuracy: -/+ 0.5°C
Probe Resolution: 0.1°C
Battery life up to 2 years

Code: -100° to 40°  N  (Dry Ice)

MP-ST-N-8-L N   iMiniPlus with LCD, single trip, (1) external sensor probe (M7)  $132+GST        2/16
MP-OE-N-8-L N  iMiniPlus with LCD, (1) external sensor (-100 /+40 C) (M7)      $173

MU-ST-D-8-LiMiniPlus PDF Plug & Play PDF logger (Internal or External sensor)


MU-ST-D-8-L D    iMiniPlus PDF logger (single trip), USB socket (M8)   $116+GST      2/16 
MU-IN-D-16-L D    iMiniPlus PDF logger, USB socket (M8)    $135
MU-OE-D-16-L D    iMiniPlus PDF logger, USB socket, 1 meter external probe (M9)    $181

CB-USB2-MINI5P   Spare USB Cable for iMINI and iMiniPlus pdf (Cable included in units above)    $12 when ordered with logger


Escort MINI 2000   One channel temperature loggers

• Transport of sensitive cargo        fbb
• Storage of perishables
• Monitoring of chilled food
• Process control
• Flexible in– and outside temperature recording
• Affordable and Easy Temperature Recording

This pocket size, one channel logger is the ideal entry model into DATA LOGGING.

For programming and data retrieval your MINI 2000 can be connected to a PC via a Serial cable
without the need for an expensive interface.
The MINI 2000 can even be started on site using the keyring magnet.
LEDs show if the MINI 2000 is active and if the specified temperature limit was exceeded.

Operating Temperature: -40/70°C
Storage temperature: -40/70°C
Accuracy: ±0.3°C
Resolution: 0.5°C
Memory: 2,000 samples
Weight: 42 grams
Temperature response: T90 of 4 min. in moving air
Time and date: Real time clock, accuracy better than 40 seconds per month at ambient
Traceability: Temperature Calibration can be provided to ISO 9002
Sampling frequency: 1 to 255 minutes
Power source: 3V Lithium Battery, not replaceable
Typical battery life: 1 year (dependent on frequency of PC communication)
Case material: ABS
IP Rating: IP51
Size (HxWxD): 80mm x 52mm x 16mm (excluding lug)
Data recovery: Via plug-in interface and IBM compatible PC
Software: ESCORT Console for Windows® 98, NT or later
Recorder start up:   Programmed time and date or magnet swipe
Warranty: 12 months (excluding batteries) Your MINI 2000 stores up to 2000 data recordings in its non-volatile memory.

   Data sheet for Escort Mini2000 (MN-TS-D-2): click here   (.pdf file, opens new window)


iMini 8K  Data Logger Range with memory for 8000 samples


MX-ST-S-8-L S   iMINI Plus 8k Lcd, Internal sensor, single trip (M1)  $80+GST        2/16
MX-IN-S-8-L S   iMINI, internal sensor 8K Memory (M1)    $109
MX-OE-S-8-L S  iMINI, (1) external sensor probe 8K Memory (M2)    $144
MX-1E-S-8-L S  iMINI, (1) internal and (1) external sensor probe 8K Memory (M2)    $158
MX-2E-S-8-L S  iMINI, (2) external sensor probes 8K Memory (M3)        $185
MX-HS-S-16-L S  iMINI, humidity and temp. internal sensors 16K Memory (M4)    $223
MX-HE-S-16-L S  iMINI, humidity and temperature internal sensors, one (1) external (M5)   $360

CB-USB2-MINI5P  USB Cable for iMINI and iMiniPlus pdf (USB cable is not included with MX loggers)  $22 when ordered with a logger

MX-ST-S-8-L etc

MX-HS-S-16-L  Escort Temperature & Humidity Logger with Display, 16K, Internal Sensors, -40c to + 80c, 0 - 100% Humidity, 4 alarm threshold, Bookmarking, continuous logging, IP65, user replaceable battery, Statement of Accuracy,
* Requires USB2-AMB-01 Type A mini - type B USB cable & free Console Plus software, warranty 2 Years

iMini Plus  Data Logger Range

MP-OE-N-8-L    iMini Plus Dry Ice temperature data logger (-100°C) with LCD and external sensor

External Probe "N" Range sensor (-100°C to +20°C)
Memory: 8K (approx 8000 readings)
Accuracy: -/+ 0.5°C
Probe Resolution: 0.1°C
Battery life up to 2 years

iMiniPlus Price:
MP-OE-N-8-L  iMINI Plus 8k Lcd N-range External sensor. -100 /+40 C   $173+GST      2/16

iMINI Plus PDF Data Logger Range

iMini Plus PDF Loggers are a fully configurable mini data logger with PDF printing, by connecting to a computer the data logger will automatically launch Acrobat with a PDF graph and a list of readings

MU-ST-D-8-L   iMiniPlus PDF logger, USB socket, 8K, LCD , Single trip


MU-IN-D-16-L    iMini Plus PDF Temperature Data Logger with LCD and Internal Sensor

Internal Sensor "D" Range sensor (-40°C to +70°C)
Memory: 16K (approx 8000 readings)
Accuracy: -/+ 0.3°C
Resolution: -/+0.1°C
Battery life up to 2 years

MU-OE-D-16-L    iMini Plus PDF Temperature Data Logger with LCD, USB socket, 16K and 1 meter External Probe

External Probe "D" Range (-40°C to +70°C)
Memory: 16K (approx 8000 readings)
Accuracy: -/+ 0.3°C
Resolution: -/+0.1°C
Battery life up to 2 years

Prices for iMiniPlus PDF:
MU-ST-D-8-L   iMiniPlus PDF logger, USB socket, 8K, LCD , Single trip            $116+GST      2/16

MU-IN-D-16-L  iMiniPlus PDF logger, USB socket, 16K, LCD internal sensor.      $135
MU-OE-D-16-L  iMiniPlus PDF logger, USB socket, 16K, LCD 1 meter Ext probe.  $181

Accessories and Software

EA-USB-SER    PC Interface

For use with Mini Loggers and Wireless Mini Loggers with drive disc
Interface Device - USB to Serial Adaptor cable
Use with any serial cable accessories to convert to USB connection
Supports RS232 interface or connection of Mini loggers

GCC-EA-SWP-CON  Software

Software for programming all models of data loggers and downloading data loggers
The software will allow for reporting of time and temperature readings and printing of graphs
Multi-link temperature charts together
Calculate mean kinetic temperature (MKT)
Calculate refrigerated hygiene index (RHI)
Add your own custom calculations
Multiple time zones and languages

Wireless Mini

*W5 MI-IN-D-2-LR9-B    Wireless Mini, RF (916.50 MHz) with beeper    $241        2/16
*W6 MI-OE-D-2-LR9-B    Wireless Mini, RF (916.50 MHz) 1m external sensor (with beeper)    $275

Note: Wireless product are available in 916.50 MHz and 868.35 MHz,
          if you are ordering 868.35 MHz wireless products, please replace "9" with "8" in the product code.

Accessories Available for MINI 2000

Interface Devices
*A4 EA-INT-U      Universal Interface (DB9 Connection)    $140+GST    2/16
*A5 EA-INT-USB  Universal USB Interface    $172
*A6 EA-USB-SER  USB to Serial Port Adaptor    $78
*A7 MN-INT-E      Egg Logger/MINI 2000 logger to PC Interface MKII (DB9 Connection)    $74
*M6 CB-USB2-MINI5P      USB Cable for iMini and iMiniPlus pdf    $22 when ordered with a logger

MINI 2000 Software: FREE Software package for programming the logging session and
downloading the data for display using spreadsheet programmes


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