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LogtagAlternatives - see

   Logtag Data Loggers  Temperature & Humidity Recorders
- one of the most cost effective, high performance small sized temperature data loggers available in today's market.
Pick the LogTag model which suits - Wide Temperature Ranges, down to -80º or up to +99ºC - and Internal or External Sensors.
Perfect for transportation, storage areas, fridges, ultra freezers, measuring inside food, etc.

Thermocron  Thermocron & Hygrocron loggers  
Coin sized loggers - very low cost stainless steel temperature data logger.
Hygrocrons measure temperature and humidity.
Data loggers without wires.
Their small size and sturdy construction make them ideal for wet and rough conditions.


MicroLite Logger - small logger - low cost

Internal Temperature only
Internal Temperature & Relative Humidity

External 4 to 20 mA input
External 0 to 10 V input

External Temperature with probe NTC -50° to 150° C

Aesthetic and innovative, MicroLite is a small data logger for monitoring and recording temperature.   rhs
MicroLite is the ultimate plug and record data logger.
Despite the compact design MicroLite data is clearly displayed on the logger's numeric screen.
In addition, the stored MicroLite data can be downloaded automatically to the MicroLab Lite software.
The MicroLite has been dustproof and waterproof tested to meet highest market standards (IP 67).
To further ensure easy global usage, the battery is easily replaceable since it is a standard model used worldwide.

The product is designed for ultimate application accessibility whether mobile or static. Typical applications for this product include transportation as well as warehousing of food, drugs and hi-tech equipment.


Environmental protection: IP 68  IP Ratings chart (opens new Tab or Window)
Protected against dust & immersion IP68/NEMA6 30 min. for 0.5m depth
Range -40 ºC to 80 ºC  Accuracy: 0.3ºC
Min/Max and alarm level readings
Optional 8,000, 16,000 or 32,000 sample memory
Supports USB 2.0 interface enabling fast track communication
LCD display with decimal point reading & data scroll
Visual Alert - icon (& Alarm LED in P versions) when crossing predefined thresholds
Low battery indication
High functionality yet low cost enabling use as a one-trip logger

Fast sampling rate:  1 per second,  to 1 every 2 hours
           P versions: 1 per second to 1 every 18 hours
Thermal conductor enabling fast response time to temperature change
High resolution 16-bit (0.1 ºC) data logger
High accuracy of 0.3 ºC
Long life battery,
    easily replacable
CR2032 3V Li,
    using NanoWatt technology,
    > 2 years at 1 sample per minute
Magnet key to activate logging
     via internal reed switch
Complimentary MicroLab Lite analysis software
Built-in real-time clock and calendar

Dimensions: 11 x 3.9 x 2.6 cm (3cm for RH model)
Strap-on capabilities
Weight 45.5 gr

MicroLab Lite Software features

Setup: MicroLite configuration
Analysis: Histogram + Statistics
Output: Table view + Graph alarm + Excel export

• Complete data analysis
• Downloads from MicroLite
• Graph and table displays
• Alarm levels per MicroLite displays
• Ability to set-up MicroLite
• Comments for each data logger
• Daily status reports in various formats

Advanced data analysis features
• Mean kinetic temperature, an expression of cumulative thermal stress in different temperatures during storage, transportation and distribution.
• Pasteurization provides analysis for the most common methods of pasteurization in Industry: High Temperature Short Time (HTST); Ultra Pasteurization (UP) and Ultra High Temperature (UHT) pasteurization.
• Histogram provides a graphical view of historical results presented according to defined parameters of periods of time and percentage levels.
      This provides a level of analysis which can be tailored to specific environment needs for an immediate picture.
• Annotation enables text to be placed on the graph at relevant points where certain information needs to be highlighted.
• Data records can be exported to your preferred spreadsheet application.
• GMT Recording - Set data recording to meet with GMT Greenwich Mean Time, for use in international environments, particularly export and import.

Also available
DatPass 21 CFR Part 11 Standards Compliance Software

Notable features of MicroLite over cheaper alternatives such as Thermocron:

• Built-in USB port - does not require a cable or interface - just plug it into a PC, and unload the data or reprogram the logger.
• Download the free software
• Very robust, with a protection rating of IP68.   IP68/NEMA6 30 minutes for 0.5m depth
• LCD display which alternates between showing the current, max and min temperatures (max and min are over the whole trip).
• Magnetic reed switch so it can be set up to start logging when swiped by a magnet.
• Resolution: 0.1 degree, accuracy: 0.3 degrees
• Alarm settings with a visual alarm indicator on the LCD.
• Battery is user replaceable, with a life of approx. 2 years per battery, so the logger can be used and re-used for years.

NEW boomerang feature is useful addition to the Microlite II & the Picolite dataloggers.
Both models have a unique "Boomerang" feature: Shipper activates the feature, setting up return contact email addresses.
Once the goods arrived to the destination and the receiver inserts logger in a PC loaded with our FREE software, automatically a PDF data report is generated and emailed back to shipper.

    MicroLite Brochure 2011 (.pdf, 4 pages, opens in new tab)   

    MicroLite & MicroLab Lite Download Center  

    FAQ on MicroLite Logger      Support FAQ on Fourier products              

Microlite Loggers

P Versions:

Temp range -40 to 80 °C; Temp Accuracy: 0.3 ˚C,   Res: 0.1 °C (display), 0.06 °C (software),  USB 2.0,
Sampling Rate: Once per second to once every 18 hours;     P versions have a LED alarm;
Battery type: CR2032 3V, life 1.5 years, depending on sampling rate

NEW Models with extra memory

FO-LITE5032P MicroLitePRO Temperature USB Logger, Temp range -40 to 80 °C;
32,000 sample memory; Manual Time Stamp/Stop/Run functionality using magnet;
Includes wall mount cradle, LED Alarm Indicator, IP68, Software by Free Download

FO-LITE5032P-RH:  Microlite II  Temperature & Rel Humidity USB Logger
    -40 to +80°C,     5% - 95% RH,   Dew Point,   32,000 samples memory,
    manual Time Stamp/Stop/Run functionality using magnet;
    includes wall-mount cradle, Declaration of Accuracy,
    Software by free download

FO-LITE5032P-4/20:  MicroLitePRO Current (4 to 20mA) USB Logger
    Range: 4 to 20mA; 32,000 sample memory; Manual Time Stamp/Stop/Run functionality using magnet;
    Includes wall mount cradle. Includes calibration certificate

FO-LITE5032P-V:  MicroLitePRO Current (0-10V) USB Logger
    Range: 0 to 10 V; 32,000 sample memory; Manual Time Stamp/Stop/Run functionality using magnet;
    includes wall mount cradle and calibration certificate

FO-LITE5032P-EXT:  Microlite II   with  External NTC temperature probe  
    MicroLitePRO External NTC Temperature USB Logger. Range:-50 to 150 °C; 32,000 sample memory;
    Manual Time Stamp/Stop/Run functionality using magnet; Includes wall mount cradle. Includes calibration certificate

The -EXT model includes this probe:
FO-DT332   NTC Temp Probe for FO-LITE5032P-EXT
                       NTC 10kΩ, -50 to 150 °C input range; 2.5 m cable length; 2-wire connector includes cable strain relief

FO-11597 Replacement magnet key

FO-12508 Replacement O-ring

      Download free MicroLab Lite software now!

Superseded Models

Superseded models (no longer available), replaced by P versions & larger memory versions above:
  FO-LITE5016  Internal Temp, 16,000 sample memory

  FO-LITE5008  Internal Temp,  8,000 sample memory
  FO-LITE5008P Temperature USB Logger 
  FO-LITE5016P Internal Temp, 16,000 sample memory
  FO-LITE5016P-RH   Internal Temp and Relative Humidity RH

  FO-LITE5016P-4/20    4 to 20 mA
  FO-LITE5016P-V    0 to 10 V

  FO-LITE5016P-EXT:  Microlite II   with  External NTC temperature probe  (replaced by FO-LITE5032P-EXT)