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ExpressCard Slot to PCI Express Bus Adaptor

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ExpressCard Slot  to  PCI Express Bus Adaptor

M2457 PCI Express bus card with ExpressCard slot - an ExpressCard slot card that plugs into the PCIe bus in a desktop PC.
Allows users to connect 34mm or 54mm wide ExpressCards to their desktop PC via PCI Express slot.
It is compliant with PCI Express base specification version 1.1 and supports both PCI Express and USB interface ExpressCard.
With this board, users can easily connect to their desktop PC with a wide range of ExpressCard, such as GigaLan, Serial-ATA, FireWire IEEE1394, Bluetooth, Memory card reader ExpressCard.
Note: ExpressCards have two possible ways of communicating internally with the host computer: via USB, or via PCI Express Bus.

In order to use USB based ExpressCards with this adaptor, a “B” type USB connector is provided on the inner corner of the M2457 adaptor (internal to the PC), which needs to be connected to a free USB port on the PC.
This may be done via an internal USB header on the motherboard (using an appropriate adaptor cable – not included), or by running a standard short USB A-B cable from the “B” connector on the M2457 out to a USB port on the back panel of the PC.

M2457 ExpressCard to PCI Express adaptor: $130+GST

PCMCIA Slots  to  PCI Bus Adaptors

Add a PCMCIA slot to your desktop PC

Please note that for technical reasons (crosstalk, speed, etc), the 32 bit Cardbus PCMCIA slot
is not available with front drive bay access. The slot mechanism has to be mounted directly onto the PCI bus expansion card.

Please enquire.


Please note that for technical reasons (crosstalk, speed, etc) Cardbus is not available with front drive bay access..