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Industrial Modems

Industrial modems for long distance communication, including fixed line, radio modems, GSM/3G/HSDPA modems, short haul modem, cellular/3G gateway routers

Fixed Line Industrial Modems

Industrial grade modems for telephone line, fibre optic, and direct twisted pair connection

Radio Modems

Radio modems, for reliable wireless transmission of RS-232 data over medium to long distances

Radio Modems with I/O

Radio modems with analog and digital I/O, for wireless remote data acquisition and control

Cellular 3G/4G Modems (Serial & SMS I/O)

Cellular 3G/4G modems with serial port or digital & analog I/O. For connecting SCADA systems, data loggers, relay outputs or analog signals to cellular phone networks – GSM/GPRS, HSDPA, LTE – with SMS alarms & control

Cellular 3G/4G Routers (Ethernet & WiFi)

Industrial grade cellular 3G/4G routers, provide Ethernet/WiFi/Serial connectivity via cellular networks, with high reliability and many onboard features

WiFi Access Points – Industrial

Industrial grade WiFi Access Points and Hotspots