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Parts for Industrial PC's

Industrial grade PC components and peripherals

ATX Motherboards, Industrial with ISA/PCI/PCIe

ATX Industrial Grade Motherboards with ISA, PCI, PCIe slots, supporting Pentium 4 to Core 2 processors

CPU Cards, plug-in / stand-alone

CPU Cards for use with Passive Backplanes – PICMG, SHB Express etc (some can also be used stand-alone)

Passive Backplanes

Passive Backplanes for Industrial PC’s, with varying numbers of ISA / PCI / PCIe slots

Card cages, Industrial Chassis with Backplanes

Card Cages, Industrial PC Chassis with Passive Backplanes, suitable for use with CPU Cards and other expansion cards

Rackmount Cases

19-inch Rack Mount PC Chassis, industrial grade and server grade, from 1U to 8U height

Solid State Disks, Disk-On-Module (DOM)

Solid-state Disks (SSD) and Disk-On-Module (DOM), Industrial Grade, Wide Temperature, many form factors including 1.8″ / 2.5″, mSATA, eModules, IDE & SATA

Graphic Cards, Industrial Grade

Industrial Grade Graphic Controller Cards – VGA / DVI outputs, PCI / AGP / PCIe connections