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PC Cards & Accessories - External

A wide range of PC accessories and peripherals, to connect externally to PC’s

Analog & Digital I/O Modules

Analog and digital I/O (Input/Output) modules, with USB / Ethernet / Serial / Parallel connections

USB Accessories, incl. I/O modules

A wide range of USB peripherals and accessories, including extenders, adaptors, USB-serial converters, infra-red, bluetooth, and I/O modules

PCMCIA & ExpressCard Drives – External

External USB slot adaptors to allow notebook cards to be inserted into other PC’s, for both PCMCIA & ExpressCard

Bluetooth Devices

Bluetooth products, including bluetooth wireless serial adaptors and GPS receivers

Bluetooth Wireless Networking via USB

USB adaptors that allow a short range wireless network to be set up using Bluetooth technology

Cases for external drives, including RAID

External cases for one or multiple HDD drives, for external connection to a PC, Mac, server etc, with USB / FireWire / eSATA / SAS / LAN / SCSI / iSCSI connections