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Handheld Measuring Instruments

Handheld instruments for measuring many parameters including pressure, velocity, moisture, electrical power, CO2, etc

Air Velocity Instruments – Testo

Testo handheld air velocity instruments with hot-wire or vane probes, large and small

CO2 Gas instruments

Instruments for measuring CO2 (Carbon Dioxide), including desktop and handheld meters

CO2 Gas instruments – Vaisala

Vaisala high quality handheld instruments for measuring CO2 (Carbon Dioxide)

Flue gas & combustion efficiency – Testo

Testo handheld flue gas and combustion efficiency analysers

Gas monitoring instruments – Testo

Testo handheld gas measuring instruments for CO, CO2, gas leaks, etc

Moisture instruments – Testo

Testo handheld moisture instruments – with non-destructive spring contact probe

Multi-function instruments – Testo

Testo multi-function reference class instruments with multiple different high precision sensor inputs, data logging, etc

Power Usage Meter – Power-Mate

Power-Mate: A simple to use hand-held instrument for measuring and logging power usage of electrical equipment

Pressure Instruments – Testo

Testo handheld absolute and differential pressure instruments

Sound & Light Level Meters – Testo

Testo handheld sound and light level meters – Class 2 and 3 sound level meters, and lux meter

Tachometers – Handheld – Testo

Testo handheld tachometers – for measuring RPM, either optically or by mechanical connection

Water pH Instruments – Testo

Testo handheld water quality instruments, for pH measurements – German made

Water Quality Instruments – Eutech

Eutech Instruments: Water quality instruments, for pH, conductivity, temp, redox etc – good quality modern instruments at competitive prices