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Speed of ADAM-4000 Series System

For acquiring one data reading from an ADAM module, the host sends a string command to
the module and waits for the module response, then the response string back to the PC via communication line.

So the total time is depended on how long is the command string and the response string,
and how fast is the baud rate.
For example, if you use 115200 bps baud rate, it will take (1/115200)*10 seconds to send one character
(total 10 bits including start bit, 8 data bits and stop bit).

The total communication time to read one slot DI data from ADAM-5051 will be:

((character number)/11520+0.002) seconds

where (character number) is the total characters for command and response
and 0.002 is the wait time of ADAM-5051.

With the communication time to read 1-slot data, you can derive the maximum sampling speed in your application.
The sampling speed of A/D modules can be calculated in the same way.

ADAM modules with multiple channels support the read all channel command,
you can take use of it to save the acquiring time.

An ADAM system running with the GeniDAQ software, the minimum scan period is 10 ms.

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