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The ACR-JR single channel temperature logger is
the next step up from the ACR SmartButton, in ACR System's wide range of
data logging products. A bit of history.

ACR originally regarded themselves as a multi-channel data logger manufacturer,
and didn't concentrate on the single channel logger market. However, the single
channel market is huge, and often an entry point to data logging, for most
end users. When Hobo came along with their successful single channel range,
ACR decided to develop a single channel temperature logger to provide
competition in this area.

The ACR-JR logger was very innovative, requiring no coms cable, and no replaceable battery
(a problem area with many of the early Hobos).
It introduced data compression, which provided very long monitoring periods
from relatively modest memory capacity.
The original ACR-JR logger was designed by Jason Rock, (hence the "JR"); son of the
founder of founder of ACR Systems Inc., Albert Charlie Rock, (hence the "ACR" Systems).
Many thousands of them have been sold over the years, in applications as varied as
super market display freezer monitoring, airline food trolley monitoring,
blood product transportation monitoring, space craft temperature monitoring.
Yes, a miniature version of a "JR" logger has travelled on a NASA space shuttle,
collecting valuable data for the space program.

But technological development never stops, and now we move on.
We are pleased to announce the release of the new JR-1000.
Why a name change? ACR Systems has plans to extend the range of "JR" loggers in the future,
with the addition of more memory; a 2 channel temperature "JR", a Temp/RH "JR",
and a process signal "JR". The changing of the name from ACR-JR
(affectionately referred to as the "Junior") allows for natural extension
of the range to JR-2000, JR-3000, JR-4000 etc.

All JR-1000 loggers are now shipped with TrendReader Express software,
which allows many more features & functions than those of the original "ACR-JR" logger.

TrendReader for Windows has developed into a very sophisticated software
analysis package over the years, but simple single channel temperature
loggers, do not require all the sophistication of TrendReader for Windows,
so TrendReader Express was created. This software will communicate with
and store data in .trw format, from the "ACR-JR" logger, JR-1000 logger,
Nautilus85 logger, Nautilus135 logger, Bottle Washer Logger, & Autoclave
logger, (all single channel temperature loggers)

The features of this software and extension of the functionality of the "JR-1000" logger are just great.
Tthe ACR-JR had one sampling rate of 2 minutes.
It is now selectable between 8 seconds & 34 minutes in 8 second increments.
The ACR-JR only operated in a "first in - first out" memory mode.
It is now selectable between FIFO and Fill & Stop.
The"JR-1000 can now be programmed to log data as an
"averaged", or "spot reading", at the chosen sampling rate.
You can turn "data compression" on or off.
Download of data is faster than with the original ACR-JR.
You can even set a delayed start, (something usually reserved for much more sophisticated data loggers)
The battery life of the JR-1000 is now 5 years. (early ACR-JRs were specified as 2 year battery life)

TrendReader Express software.
Download it
from the ACR website.
There are a couple of sample files included so you can zoom, print out & scale.
ACR System's website is at   
Click on the "download" tab and download the TrendReader Express demo software.

The best news is; that with all this increase in performance, functionality
& software graphing capabilities, the JR-1000 is still the same price as
the old ACR-JR temperature logger. That's even more cost effective
temperature logging. Current R.R.P. of the JR-1000 is $ 254.55 ea. + GST.

The JR-1000 "blister pack" now includes TrendReader Express software on CD.
Also the "mini printed manual" comes with the JR-1000,
TrendReader Expresss has extensive Help Screens.
The CD contains a full blown 91 page instruction manual, in .PDF format, that can be printed out if required.

Demo versions of TrendReader Express do not contain a copy of the manual.