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M-Systems  -  General Information

M-Systems was taken over by Sandisk in December 2006.
DiskOnChip products are no longer available.
Other M-Systems products are used in defence related products, and are not generally available.

M-Systems made a wide range of data storage solutions combining the unmatched reliability,   tnzo
low power consumption and speed of solid state Flash memory components
with the patented and unparalleled TrueFFS Flash management technology.

Flash memories are non-volatile and, unlike SRAM, require no batteries to retain data.
M-Systems' Flash Disks provide full disk emulation, enable cold boot, operate reliably in severe environments
and perform faster than rotating disks while consuming less power.

The built-in firmware includes 'wear levelling', which ensures that repeated writes use different areas of the address range,
thus greatly increasing the life of the product.