DrDAQ Data Logger - low cost

Built-in: Temperature - Light & sound - Voltage - Resistance
+ two ext temperature sensors - ext pH sensor

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DrDAQ makes a PC into a Data Logger

The DrDAQ is a low cost module which makes your PC into a data logger.
It is supplied ready to use with all cables, software and example science experiments.

DrDAQ data logger    DrDAQ data logger from Pico Technology with built in sensors for light, temperature, sound (dB and waveform). Includes oscilloscope and data logging software and example science experiments. Optional pH electrodes, temperature sensors, humidity probes and more

Simply plug in to your PC and measure - supplied with both PicoScope (oscilloscope) and PicoLog (data logger) software

DrDAQ draws its power from the parallel port, so no batteries or power supplies are required.

Very low cost way of making your PC into a data logger

Sensors - built in
    sound and

You can start using your USB DrDAQ
Data Logger straight out of the box.
The USB DrDAQ also has an RGB LED that you can program to show any one of 16.7 million colours.

External sensors
oxygen levels,
external temperatures and more.
We provide you with all you need to know to connect external sensors to your DrDAQ so you can even design and use your own sensors.

See brochure link below for full details.

  • Temperature sensor built in:
      -10 to +70 °C,  acc 2°C @ 25°C,  res 0.1 °C @ 25 °C

    External temperature sensor (optional):
      -10 to 105°C, at 25°C: accuracy: 0.3°C,  res 0.1°C

  • Light sensor built in, not calibrated, 1 to 100, res 0.1

  • Sound (level and waveforms) sensor built in
      sound level: 55 to 100dbA, res 1dBA, acc 5dbA

External Sensors (optional)

See the brochure linked below for latest details

  • DrDAQ Humidity Sensor
    This sensor is designed for the cost–effective measurement of relative humidity. When plugged into one of the external sensor sockets on DrDAQ (using the supplied 3 m cable) readings can be displayed in %RH. The sensor has a response time of 60 seconds and can operate over a 0 to 60 °C temperature range (non condensing).

  • Oxygen sensor

  • Voltage: 0-5V, res 5mV, acc 3% FSD

  • Resistance: 0-1Mohm, res 1Kohm, acc 2% at 100K

  • pH - plug in any standard pH electrode
      pH: 0-14, res 0.02

  • External sensors - sockets for FCC 68 4/4 data plug
    0 to 70°C, res 0.1°C, acc 2°C (at 25°C)

  • Captures fast signals (eg sound waveforms)

  • Outputs for control experiments

Inputs: 7 internal,
2 external

10-15k samples/sec
               (PC dependant)
Overload protection: ±30V

1 TTL, 1mA max, 1-3Kohm

Computer connection:

DrDAQ is now only available with USB connection.

    Brochure on DrDAQ 2011 (8 pages, pdf file, opens in new tab)            Info is at http://www.drdaq.com/

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PP707 DrDAQ USB Kit, includes DrDAQ data logger with USB connection,
                software, 2 temp sensors, 1 humidity sensor, 1 pH sensor, and 1 oscilloscope probe: $410+GST  1/12

PP706 DrDAQ USB Logger, includes data logger module with USB connection, and software (sensors not included): $198+GST      1/12


External Sensors

As well as the built in sensors, DrDAQ has sockets for optional external sensors (require FCC 68 4/4 data plug).
When a sensor is plugged into the external sensor sockets, the software detects it and automatically scales readings.
For example if a temperature sensor is plugged in readings are displayed in C or if a humidity sensor is plugged in, readings are displayed in % RH.

External sensors are optional extras so can be purchased at any time.
It is however cheaper to purchase sensors at the same time as a DrDAQ.

Details of the external sensor sockets are provided with DrDAQ.
This allows users (and third party manufacturers) to develop their own sensors.

DD100   Temperature Sensor (each)
PP163   Humidity Sensor     
PP214   Oxygen Air Sensor
PP066    Reed Switch $

EL-032  Sensor Extension Cable (5m)   
DD010   "Data Logging in Practice" text book  
DD013   Sensor Adaptor   

DrDAQ Accessories

DrDAQ data logger temperature sensors

DrDAQ Temperature Sensors

DD100   A high accuracy general purpose temperature sensor with a 2 metre lead.
Suitable for air, surface or liquid measurements. $44+GST

Note: there is a temperature sensor built in. -10 to 105°C, at 25°C: accuracy: 0.3°C, res 0.1°C


-10 to 105C

Resolution(at 25C)


Accuracy(at 25C)



DrDAQ Humidity Sensor

When plugged into one of the external sensor sockets on DrDAQ (using the supplied 3 m cable) readings can be displayed in %RH.
The sensor has a response time of 60 seconds and can operate over a 0 to 60 °C temperature range.
Accuracy ±10%, Res 0.2% RH, Size 72x45x28mm

DrDAQ Oxygen Sensor

Oxygen in air is measured using a galvanic cell sensor that connects to the external sensor sockets using the supplied three metre lead. Simply plug in the sensor and you are ready to measure.

Unlike previously available oxygen sensors, the DD103 Oxygen sensor can measure the full 0 to 100% range. This makes it ideal for many chemistry, biology and physics experiments.

Our "burning oxygen" science experiment shows the electrode in use.

DrDAQ data logger pH sensor

DrDAQ pH electrode

PE-01   pH is measured using a standard electrode with a BNC connector.
Pico supplies a robust epoxy bodied pH electrode ideal for educational use.
It covers the full 0 to 14pH range.   $100+GST


12 x 120mm

Operating temperature

0 to 60C



DrDAQ data logger humidity sensor

Relative Humidity

This sensor is designed for the cost effective measurement of relative humidity. When plugged into one of the external sensor sockets on DrDAQ (using the supplied 5m cable) readings can be displayed in %RH. The sensor has a response time of 60 seconds and can operate over a 0 to 60 C temperature range. Our science experiment on transpiration shows the sensor being used to measure the humidity change caused by a plant.

Range 20% to 90% RH (Non condensing)

Accuracy ±10%   Resolution 0.2% RH     Size 72 x 45 x 28mm

DrDAQ Reed Switch

The reed switch sensor can be used to detect the presence of a magnetic field such as from a bar magnet or an electromagnet. Alternatively, a simple external switch can be wired to the internal screw terminals. It has a fast response time of 2ms so can be used as an alternative to a light gate for timing applications. Other used include monitoring the amount of time a door is left open or a machine running.

Our science experiment scalextric subaru challenge shows how the sensor can be used to measure the speed of a model car.

DrDAQ break out box

DrDAQ Sensor Adaptor

This compact unit will prove invaluable to anyone developing their own sensors for the DrDAQ. A short length of cable is terminated with an FCC 68 4/4 data plug, which is compatible with the external sensor sockets on the DrDAQ.

The four lines are clearly labelled and brought out to four 4mm sockets on the adaptor unit so that external circuitry can be easily connected and developed.

Sensor cable extension

EL-032   5 metre sensor extension cables are available to enable sensors to be used further from the DrDAQ data logger. $29+GST

Data Logging in Practise by Roger frost

Data logging book

Data Logging in Practice by Roger Frost

This 142 page book contains a huge number of experiment ideas for teachers. It was recently reviewed in the Association for Science Education (ASE) journal:

"Teachers cannot always define professional work, but they can always recognise it and this is a prime example.
For a start, this book deals with the real world of schools, and invites the teacher, as a fellow professional, to analyse what is available, and to bounce ideas about.
The greatest value of this book is in its first 30 odd pages. There are indexes and tables to relate the contents to the context of teachers. There are clever and helpful organisational suggestions. There is advice on types of sensors and choosing them for experiments.
The experimental details are not concerned with what kind of hardware is used, but much more with the treatment of results.
Relevant web sites are noted.
Strongly recommended for all schools who intend to use this technique
."        DD010:

Download Pico User Manuals (.pdf format): click here

Pico Software Downloads: Demos

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Pico Software Downloads: Drivers for Pico Modules ADC-xx, DrDAQ, RH-02, TH-03, TC-08, Enviromon
DOS: C,Pascal Windows: C, Delphi, Visual Basic Other Applications: LabVIEW, HP VEE, Excel & Linux

Pico Drivers and examples for data loggers and oscilloscopes
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