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About ESIS

Esis is an industrial electronics supplier operating in Sydney, Australia since 1971.

Esis is an industrial electronic equipment supplier, based in Sydney, Australia since 1971.

Clients buy equipment from Esis because our engineers give you expert advice to buy the best solution for your requirements. Our qualified and experienced engineers know our products well and are familiar with many industry applications.

After purchase Esis also provides expert technical support when you need help. Industrial technology is often complex and specialised, so it’s easy for people to buy the wrong equipment or have trouble setting it up correctly. That’s why it pays to buy from an expert supplier who can not only recommend the best solution but back it up with full support.

Our range of electronic equipment covers thousands of products, to cater to the needs of industry, research, education, government and business. Call us today with your specific requirements, and we will recommend the best solution to fit your needs.

• Get the short cut to your optimal solution, with just a phone call
• Committed to excellence in customer service
• Support from qualified engineers with decades of experience
• Wide choice of brands and products for easy comparison
• Competitive pricing
• Many products are stocked in Australia
• Flexible payment methods – Visa/MasterCard/Amex, EFT, Credit Accounts
• Serving industry, commerce, education, health, government since 1971

The following 3-minute video from 2010 gives a brief background about ESIS:

This 2-minute video shows you just how risky it is to “go it alone” when buying equipment:

Esis Automatic Tuner 1978

In 1978 Esis Pty Ltd designed and built the world’s first fully automatic musical instrument tuner, using solid state digital logic, with an LED display. The tuner would automatically detect which note the musician was trying to play, and display the tuning of that note.

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