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Are you an electrician? Set yourself up for a rocking new year, with a full featured 3 Phase Power Analyser at a crazy Christmas price!

Save $307 on the top-of-the-line CyberVisuell 3-Phase Power Analyser / Data Logger !

Was $3076+GST, now $2769+GST !   (Part no LDW-6095K-FCP, kit includes 3x Flexible Current Sensors) 

Offer expires 5pm Monday 23 December 2019 

CyberVisuell Power Analyser / Data Logger LDW-6095K
Limited stocks – act now to secure your discount!

What does this Power Analyser do for me?

Popular across Australia, these units are mainly used for energy audits, troubleshooting electrical problems, checking peak demand, and spot measurements.

Not sure if you know how to set up this kind of instrument? Don’t worry! Esis provides full technical support, based in Sydney, so just give us a call when you need help. We even include our own quick start guides on setting up a data logging session, and on how to use the included DPlot graphing software.

Energy Audits

To conduct an energy audit, set up the instrument in data logging mode, measuring the incoming power, or individual circuit power. Leave it on site for a week or even months at a time, measuring all the power parameters like voltage, current, kWh, power factor, etc. Then grab the data from the SD card and see the graph of power usage over time.

Troubleshooting Electrical Issues

This top of the line instrument also comes with all the features you need to troubleshoot tricky problems like trips and outages caused by surges or harmonics. 

If you suspect that equipment is failing or circuits are tripping because of spikes in the incoming voltage, you can set the instrument for Transient mode and leave it on site to record transients. It will capture any voltage surges or sags, from the shortest millisecond spikes to long brownouts or over voltages.

If you need to find out whether harmonics are causing problems, set it to Harmonics mode, and display or record the harmonics in voltages and currents. 

Checking Peak Demand

Similar to an energy audit, you can configure the logger to record kW, Amps, etc at fairly short intervals, and check the graphs to see the peak demand. The included DPlot software also lets you do “moving window” averages, so you can create a graph of “demand window” that uses similar calculations to electricity utilities.

Spot Measurements

This CyberVisuell unit is a hand held instrument with a large, clear display, so it’s easy to check the measurements on the spot with an instant readout. You can even view the AC waveform, and advanced phasor diagrams!

Flexible Current Sensors & Graphing Software Included

The included 24″ flexible current sensors are big enough to go around almost any bus bar, and being flexible they are also easy to get into tight spaces. Switchable between 30A, 300A and 3000A they are versatile enough for the majority of jobs.

This CyberVisuell kit also includes a full licence of the popular DPlot graphing software, which can open and graph the instrument’s data files directly. No more messing around with complicated Excel formulas!

Contact us today to secure your discount before this offer runs out.

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