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Industrial Networking & Ethernet Switches

Industrial serial communications modules, ethernet switches and converters

ADAM-4500 Comms Modules – Serial/Ethernet/Fibre

ADAM-4500 series: Communications modules for converting and isolating RS-232/422/485, with Ethernet, fibre optic, USB

ADAM-6500 Comms Modules – Industrial Ethernet

ADAM-6500 series: Industrial grade Ethernet switches and Ethernet to fibre optic converters

Industrial Ethernet modules

EKI series, ADAM series, BB series: Industrial Ethernet switches and media converters, managed and unmanaged, with Ethernet / gigabit / fibre optic connections, and industrial features

Ethernet to Serial converters

EKI series, ADAM series, BB series: Ethernet to serial converters, including multi-port serial device servers with RS-232/422/485, modbus etc

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