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Industrial Keyboards & Pointing Devices

Industrial grade keyboards and pointing devices, panel mounting and stand-alone, water- and dust-proof etc

Industrial Keyboards – Silicone

These industrial grade keyboards are completely covered with silicone, which makes them entirely waterproof and dustproof. The key shapes are moulded in the silicone cover as well, providing a positive key press movement, and a silent typing experience.

Waterproof Keyboards – Plastic

The Waterproof keyboards boasts a modern form and types like a standard style keyboard. 100% waterproof, dishwasher safe and includes antimicrobial product protection. The combination of washable technology and antimicrobial product protection achieves the highest level of protection available in a standard style keyboard today.

Industrial Keyboards – Flat Membrane

Foil-covered keyboards, or flat membrane keyboards, are the most widely used input elements in industrial equipment. Featuring a robust design, flat insertion depth, and a completely flat surface that is easy to wipe clean.

Industrial Keyboards – Metal / Vandal Proof

Metal keyboards are used in areas requiring protection against vandalism. This especially applies to places where information terminals or info points are freely accessible to the public.

Industrial Mouse

The mice of this category are equipped with a closed silicone surface. Thus, they are completely protected against liquids and dust – the protection level is IP68.

Industrial Trackballs / Joysticks / Touchpads

Trackballs: Directly integrated into the system or they can be used as stand-alone mounting types for the corresponding application. Touchpad: In particular for notebook users, touchpads offer a familiar tactile feedback. Joystick: A further mounting option is the OEM joystick.

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