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Regular server room environmental monitoring systems are only designed to measure room temperatures. What if you need to monitor a more extreme temperature, such as a deep freezer, or a hot process, but you also want the alerting features enjoyed by server room monitoring systems? The new iMeter Lite offers just that combination.

By combining sensors designed for monitoring extreme temperatures with the iMeter and iMeter Lite devices, users are able to accurately monitor temperature conditions in fridges, freezers or hot processes, whilst ensuring alerts are sent via email / SNMP / SMS / etc, in the event of alarm conditions. Read on to discover the intricacies of the fabulous new iMeter Lite system.

iMeter Lite

Photo courtesy of Jacarta

There are currently two sensors available for use in extreme temperature ranges with the iMeter range:

  • Thermocouple Sensor –  -200°C to +500°C  (Accuracy – +/- 5°C )
  • Temperature Sensor w/ Metal Casing – -40°C to +75°C  (Accuracy – +/- 1°C )

These sensors connect directly to the iMeter and iMeter Lite and are configured via the easy-to-use web-browser interface. Alerts to user-definable alarm conditions can be sent via:

  • Email
  • SNMP
  • SMS Text Message and Telephone Voice Call (using the Alert Centre or an optional modem)
  • Audio Visual Alarm Beacon
  • Relay Outputs (can be connected to adible/visual beacons, and the CYCON-1280-4G for SMS alerts)

iMeter Lite

Photo courtesy of Jacarta

The alerting matrix allows customized alerts to be sent to the right people at the right time. For example, if a temperature problem is experienced during working hours, an email alert could be sent directly to onsite staff whereas if a problem is experienced at night or over the weekend a text message sent to on-call personnel may be preferable. Users can also define custom escalation procedures helping to ensure that any potential threats are dealt with before any serious problems are caused.

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Article Courtesy of Jacarta. 

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