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Remote I/O Modules

Analog and digital remote I/O modules, including Ethernet, Serial, Modbus, and Wireless I/O modules

ADAM-3000 Signal Conditioning Modules

ADAM-3000 series: Rugged, industrial grade signal conditioning modules and boards, including analog input conditioning, relay outputs, isolated digital inputs and outputs, and screw terminal boards

ADAM-4000 RS-485 modules for analog & digital I/O

ADAM-4000 series: Rugged, industrial grade analog & digital I/O modules with RS-485 ASCII/Modbus connections, in various input and output configurations

ADAM-5000 Carriers with I/O Modules, with RS-485 or Ethernet

ADAM-5000 seies: Rugged, industrial grade 4- or 8-slot carrier units which take a wide range of plug-in I/O Modules, with RS-485 or Ethernet connectivity

ADAM-5500KW Progr. Automation Controllers

ADAM-5000KW series: Rugged, industrial grade Programmable Automation Controllers (PACs) in a carrier format that takes plug-in I/O modules, with intelligent SoftLogic programming software for easy setup

ADAM-6000 Smart Ethernet I/O modules

ADAM-6000 series: Rugged, industrial grade analog and digital I/O modules with ethernet connectivity and built-in smart control and web server functions

Wireless I/O Modules

Wireless Analog and Digital I/O Modules using 433MHz Radio Transmission

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