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Temperature / Humidity Sensors

Temperature and humidity sensors for various applications – indoor and outdoor, infra-red temperature sensors, USB connectable sensors, etc

Outdoor Temperature Sensors

Monitor Sensors TA series: High accuracy, weatherproof temperature sensors with analog or serial digital output

USB Temperature / RH Sensor

Cleware Temperature only or Temperature and Humidity Sensors that connect directly to a PC via USB, with versatile software included

Pico Humidiprobe USB

Pico temperature and humidity sensor that connects directly to a PC via USB, with PicoLog software and libraries included

IR (Infra-red) Temperature fixed sensors

IR (Infra-red) Temperature sensors for fixed mounting, for non-contact temperature measurement

Vaisala Humidity & Temperature Sensors

Vaisala high quality humidity and temperature sensors for indoor/outdoor and industrial applications

Vaisala Dewpoint Sensors

Vaisala high quality dewpoint transmitters and handheld instruments