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Happy New Year!

We would like to wish all our customers and suppliers a very happy and prosperous New year.

Chinese New Year - order now to avoid delays!

Chinese New Year - lantern festival A number of products that Esis supplies are not stocked in Australia. Some of these need to be ordered in from Taiwan or China.

Over the next few weeks, delays could be experienced with the lead times of these products, due to the Chinese New Year holidays in those countries. To avoid inconvenience please check all lead times with us and place your orders as soon as possible.

In this issue:

Quotes of the Month:
As far as the laws of mathematics refer to reality, they are not certain, and as far as they are certain, they do not refer to reality.
- Albert Einstein

Be more concerned with your character than your reputation, because your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are.
- John Wooden

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New Professional Weather Station getac-sml.jpg

Esis is proud to announce a new professional weather station from Monitor Sensors. The new weather station offers a feature set unmatched by any other manufacturer world-wide.

Monitor Sensors have been making high end weather stations in Queensland for 25 years. A wide variety of smart weather sensors are available to work with the station, and the whole system is highly accurate, rugged and reliable.


  • Very easy to set-up. No special languages to learn or training courses to attend
  • Individually calibrated, high precision, 16 bit digital sensors
  • Sensors provide enough accuracy for even the highest level of research work, and are ruggedly built for reliable operation over many years
  • Every sensor incorporates data logging capability and stores its last 3 years of readings internally, providing a data back-up independent of the main logger memory
  • The logger incorporates a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). Runs pumps, motors, fans, irrigation etc dependent on current sensor readings. Very easy to program. Capacity for up to 496 channels of digital inputs and outputs. (Note: At least one Logic sensor is required in order to use the PLC function)
  • Solar powered – the logger and sensors have micro current consumption, so the whole weather station is powered by an integrated solar panel with battery backup
  • Always on-line with built in cellular data modem
  • Also connects via Ethernet, Bluetooth, USB, and RS232
  • Communication options include point to point radio links, cellular, and satellite data connections
  • Voice output option
  • Will log latitude and longitude with optional GPS module
  • Add new sensors at any time (up to 50 extra sensors) and the logger will find them immediately and start logging without user intervention
  • Sends warning SMS messages on user defined events
  • Answers SMS enquiries
  • Very rugged, powder-coated aluminium construction
  • 24 month warranty on all components

Sensors included with base Weather Station:
Air Temperature, Relative Humidity, 0.2mm Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge, Barometric Pressure, Solar Radiation and Sunshine hours, Wind Speed, Wind Direction and Sigma Theta, Battery Voltage and Current.

Derived Functions:
Evapotranspiration, Dew point (and ice point), Animal Stress Index.

Optional extra Sensors:

Temperature sensors for grass, leaf, water, black globe, or soil.
Water evaporation, Soil moisture, Sap flow, Sap Velocity, Heat flux, PAR, UV.
Water parameters including Depth, Flow, EC, pH, ORP, Selective Ion.
Gas sensors, Vertical Wind Speed, Lightning Strike, Leaf wetness, Voltage, Current, Logic.
Interfaces to connect specialized sensors from other manufacturers.

Esis and Monitor Sensors are both wholly Australian owned and operated. All our equipment is designed and built in Australia. We provide full technical support for our products. Periodic re-calibration of sensors is done quickly and efficiently at our factory in Brisbane.

Please contact us for more information.

Temperature Loggers - Part 2 : Temperature loggers vs thermometers

ark-3202_front_3d_left_b-sml.jpg (The first part is available in the Dec 2010 edition of the Esis newsletter)

In the first part of this series we discussed the need to control the temperature and consequently the need to monitor the temperature. In this part we compare temperature loggers with thermometers.


Thermometers simply display the current temperature. Many people will already be using thermometers within their business but they have some significant limitations. Just because the temperature is right now (as shown on the thermometer) does not mean that it was always right. A min/max thermometer partially fixes this issue by telling you if it has been outside the temperature limits.

So a thermometer can tell you if things are good or bad now, and a min/max thermometer can tell you if things have always been good or bad, but that’s it. You don’t know when things started to go bad, how often, or for how long.

Thermometers are an essential part of ensuring that your staff are aware of the temperature and are keeping an eye on it.

Temperature loggers

This is where a temperature logger becomes an invaluable tool. A temperature logger records the date, time and temperature at regular intervals. The results can then be displayed at a later time. It is like having someone constantly writing down the time and temperature for you.

They can save you time, money and your reputation. They give you the ability to monitor an item even when it is outside your control and to identify when problems occur. They work 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

A temperature logger can tell you when excessive temperatures were reached, for how long it stayed at that temperature and if it happened multiple times. It can also show the average temperature and cycles in temperature.

The benefits of temperature loggers

Find the cause

Since the time and date are recorded it is possible to tell when temperatures occurred. From this it may be possible to determine who was in possession of the item, or who was working at the time. This information can then be used to help place the responsibility on the correct party or fix the problem. Ultimately it can help stop the problem occurring again.

An exporter discovered that his goods had been left on a tarmac for a number of hours in a tropical country. The temperature logger clearly indicated when it occurred and for how long. In this case it was possible to place the liability but it also meant that the problem could be addressed to stop it happening again. Not all cases are this easy. With no supporting proof, however, it is nearly impossible to force a company to accept responsibility for spoilt items and fix the problem.

Save money

The shelf life of many items is temperature dependent. Maximise shelf life by ensuring items are always at the right temperature. One catering company profiled a fridge and discovered a temperature variation of a couple of degrees from top to bottom and front to back. This information then allowed them to change the location of items to maximise shelf life.

Improve your reputation

People will only talk about you if you provide a bad product or an exceptionally good one. Temperature loggers will help in stopping the bad food from reaching the customer. It is then up to you to make the exceptionally good product.

A catering firm could place a temperature logger with items being sent out of the kitchen. The staff can test the item temperature before it is served. The information could also be stored in case there were any complaints.

But is it all good news?

Unfortunately not. Temperature loggers can introduce problems. Loggers typically provide information after the event. It is no good knowing that a fridge was too hot a week ago when food has already been sold. In many cases a thermometer or logger with temperature display should be used so that the staff can check the temperature at any stage.

The other problem is that the staff may become complacent and rely upon the loggers to automatically do their job. Staff should always feel responsible for maintaining the quality of goods. The loggers are there to provide proof that existing systems are working or to measure temperature when no staff are present.


Temperature loggers have been used to monitor refrigerators and freezers for many years now. They can also be used for display and serving areas. This provides critical information on how your equipment is operating.

There is also a rapidly growing demand to monitor individual pallets or boxes. This then allows the user to detect if the product has been left out of the refrigerator or freezer, when and for how long. It provides critical information on how your operating procedures are being followed.

If you are involved with the transport of food then temperature loggers can now stay with your products from start to finish. On one side, temperature loggers are now being used to monitor everything from beef, pork, chicken and sea food to fruit, vegetables, nuts and berries to milk and dairy products to frozen products. On the delivery side temperature loggers are monitoring caterers, deliveries and mobile food stalls.


Temperature loggers and thermometers can significantly assist businesses. To discuss how they can help your business please contact us.

New CL900 Rugged Tablet PC from Motion Computing



Motion®, a leading global provider of tablet PCs and supporting mobility solutions, announced last week its exciting new business tablet at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

The Motion® CL900 is a robust tablet with a flexible feature set that enables access and the utilisation of data while mobile.  Offering dual touch and stylus input, a rugged design and robust connectivity for on-the-go collaboration.

"Motion's new CL900 will enable users to take advantage of connected applications, while also supporting uninterrupted productivity in remote or disconnected areas," said David Altounian, Motion CEO. "We've combined our trademark rugged design and robust solution set with the connectivity and portability of a tablet that is designed and built for business."



 - Press Release
 - Motion CL900 Brochure
 - Motion CL900 Datasheet
 - Motion CL900 Presentation

The CL900 allows every user to work faster, smarter and more effectively by providing the capabilities, applications and ergonomic ease-of-use that mobile workers need to be more productive.

The CL900 is light weight at 2.1lbs (less than a kg) featuring superior display and is as tough as it is brilliant. Equipped with Corning® Gorilla® Glass, the resilient display material renowned for its lightweight strength and durability, is the first 10-inch rugged tablet that enables both multi-touch and active stylus input on a display. 

It also has up to a full 8 hours of power on just one battery charge. In addition, Motion's industry-leading charging technology provides a work- to-charge ratio that reduces downtime! The CL900 also compliments the full Motion product range including the F5v, C5v and J3500.

For more information or a demonstration, please contact us.



Autoclave Pressure Data Logger withstands 140°C and 6 bar

Tecnosoft's range of loggers for high temperatures, for autoclaves and pasteurisers has expanded with the introduction of the new PressureDisk. It is a data logger for pressure and temperature monitoring that withstands temperatures up to 140°C and pressure up to 6 bar (can record up to 5 bar). It can be used outside of the autoclave, screwed onto the wall of it using the half Gas threaded insert (for pressure logging only) or used directly into the autoclave, to monitor also temperature with the fast response radial probe.

It features a big memory, with more than 60.000 acquisitions, and long battery life. The battery is user replaceable, with no dead periods waiting for the logger to be returned from the factory. The materials are AISI316L stainless steel and PEEK (food grade). The data logger, therefore, finds application in the food and pharma industries, during sterilisation and pasteurisation processes.

As with all Tecnosoft loggers for high temperature, this logger is supported by the new TS Manager software from Tecnosoft, which is compatible with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 regulations. The devices are provided with a calibration certificate SIT traceable (Italian calibration centre, NIST equivalent) for temperature and pressure on several calibration points.

New Modbus Gateways with Integrated Ethernet Cascading

datanet_rh_temp_logger2-sml.jpg Esis announces two new Modbus Gateways with built-in Ethernet switches, the EKI-1221D and EKI-1222D. In addition to providing transparent connectivity between Modbus (ASCII, RTU) serial devices and Ethernet based Modbus/TCP equipment, built-in Ethernet switches allow these devices to be connected via cascading/daisy-chain and support auto-bypass functionality. These new Modbus Gateways are able to fulfill flexible installation and web browser configuration requirements for remote monitoring applications.

EKI-1221D and 1222D have built-in Ethernet switches for cascading/daisy-chain connectivity that offers flexible cabling. Cascading connections support Ethernet auto-bypass to prevent accidental power failure in the event one of the Modbus Gateways unexpectedly shuts down. These devices also come with Windows utilities and web-based configuration, providing easier ways to set up. One port can be used to connect to the network, while the other can be used to connect to an Ethernet device or another EKI-1221D/1222D. For instance, one Ethernet port connects to an HMI, while another Ethernet port can connect to a PAC, allowing these devices to easily communicate. This provides a simple and cost-effective way to add remote management and data accessibility to thousand of devices that can’t connect to a network.

Advantech's EKI-1221D/1222D Modbus Data Gateways provide 921k baud speeds and are designed to fulfill any master/slave relationship. Moreover, they support 16 TCP masters, 16 TCP slaves, and each serial port supports up to 31 RTU/ASCII slave devices.

EKI-1221D/1222D also have built-in dual power inputs (12~48 VDC) with 1 power fail relay output to detect power operation status and ensure reliable operation. Like other members of the EKI Industrial Ethernet family, they are built with thin DIN-rail mount form factors, IP30 metal housings, and Class I Division 2 certification for hazardous environment requirement.

These Modbus Gateways are now available to the market. Please contact Esis for more information.

ADAM Remote I/O Modules Have Now Sold Over 1 Million Units Worldwide

datanet_rh_temp_logger2-sml.jpg Esis is proud to announce that the long-lasting ADAM series of remote I/O modules from Advantech has just reached the 1 million unit milestone. Advantech plans to celebrate this occasion with special events and promotions, and is thrilled to be in a very elite group within industrial automation.

Founded in 1992, Advantech's ADAM Remote I/O Modules have been a consistent and reliable figure in the industrial automation field. Although the core functions have remained relatively unchanged, Advantech's research & development teams have constantly been analyzing and improving the ADAM series, with applied technology more advanced than its competitors. From the early RS-485-based ADAM-4000 series to the more recent Ethernet-based ADAM-6000 I/O series, Advantech has been developing technology ahead of the curve with advanced networking technologies.

Whether dealing with large or small systems, Advantech's ADAM Remote I/O Modules can usually be found embedded somewhere as an integral keystone. These I/O modules support much larger interconnected systems with reliable functions and strong features.

More information about ADAM modules can be found on our website:

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