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Merry Christmas! Esis Christmas Closure

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Esis will be closing for the Christmas break from 5pm on Thursday 23 December 2010, and re-opening on Tuesday 4th January 2011.

We would like to wish all our customers and suppliers a very Merry Christmas, and we thank you for your support in 2010, and wish you a very happy and prosperous year in 2011.

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Quotes of the Month:
Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.
- Albert Einstein

Failure is not fatal, but failure to change might be.
- John Wooden

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Are your business premises susceptible to flash flooding?
Install an early warning system so you can prevent damage!

Esis Rainfall Alarm The recent spate of storms and flash floods across eastern Australia has highlighted just how vulnerable we are to these increasingly common weather events. Many businesses have lost thousands of dollars worth of stock and equipment, not to mention the loss of business income and damage to premises.

Have you thought what would happen if a large storm causes flash flooding at your business premises at 3am when you are sound asleep at home? You wouldn't even know about it, and nobody would be on site to take protective measures. The damage bill could be huge.

The Esis Heavy Rainfall Warning System provides 24 hour monitoring of rainfall levels at your premises. This system is constantly measuring the rainfall level in mm, and it will trigger an alarm if there is more than a preset amount of rainfall in a given period of time. Alarms are sent to you immediately via SMS or telephone, to alert you when there is a high rainfall event occurring.

The rain alarm can be adjusted to trigger on a certain amount of rainfall in a given period, for example 60mm of rain falling within 2 hours. You can then have it configured to send SMS messages to multiple mobile phone numbers, or if configured with a landline dialer, it can dial up to 16 phone numbers in sequence, playing back a pre-recorded message to each person until someone acknowledges the alert.

The system also includes a surge protection unit and a battery backup power supply, so even if the storm results in a power failure, it will still be able send out the warning messages. A key lock prevents unauthorised changes to the settings.

For more details and pricing please contact us.

Temperature Loggers - Part 1: The need to monitor temperature

This is the first article in a series that will discuss various aspects of monitoring temperature, with a focus on temperature loggers. Much of what is discussed can also be applied to thermometers and Part 2 actually discusses the differences between thermometers and temperature loggers.

Money, reputation and lives

There are some things that a business can not afford to lose. Money is an obvious one, but what about a good reputation? In the food and medical industry, what about the life of a customer? Lose any of these and your business won't be around for much longer.
For most companies this is enough incentive to provide a safe business environment. The law, however, is changing and is increasing the standards. These laws provide strict requirements when handling drugs, potentially dangerous food, blood and pathology samples.
Finally customer expectations are increasing. Within the food industry, freshness can not be compromised. Shelf life is another issue. In the end your product must be the best because people don't want anything less.

Key temperatures - food industry

There are a number of temperatures that play a key role within the food industry. The obvious ones are 0° and 100°. After all, the drinks need ice and the tea has to be hot. 22° to 24° is the ideal room temperature.
5° and 60° have been specified within the Australian New Zealand Food Standards Code as being the range in which microbiological growth can occur. This is the danger zone. If food is left too long within this temperature range then potentially deadly micro-organisms can grow.
Heating food above 60° will kill the micro-organisms. It will not, however, remove the toxins that may have been introduced. Cooling food to below 5° will almost slow the growth of micro-organisms.
The Foods Standards Code states that if you are receiving, storing, processing (including defrosting and preparing), cooling, reheating, displaying and transporting potentially hazardous foods then you must be able to prove that you have not exposed the food to this critical temperature range for too long.Temperature danger zone for food

Key temperatures - vaccines

For the transport and storage of vaccines 2° to 8° are the critical temperatures.  In fact, vaccines are still viable below 2° but once some vaccines freeze they are no longer viable. So 0° is actually the super critical temperature and 2° provides a buffer zone to take into account inaccuracies and other sources of variations.
Higher temperatures will shorten the shelf life of a vaccine. It is similar to storing milk - the warmer it is, the shorter the time it will last.


The above information is a generalisation and you may need to receive specific advice on your needs, but it does show that there is a critical requirement to control temperature in many fields. 
HACCP (Hazard Analysis, Critical Control Points) is all about identifying hazards and working out how to control the process. In our case, temperature has been identified as the hazard, and often the control points are things like fridges and freezers.

Control and monitoring

Once you are controlling the temperature, the next question is "how do you prove it?" This is where thermometers and temperature loggers provide a simple solution.
The next part in this series compares thermometers and temperature loggers. But if you can't wait to read more, please contact us

New Rugged Digital Camera with 5x Zoom and Industrial Features

EngineerEsis is excited to introduce the G700SE Rugged Digital Camera from Ricoh. The G700SE boasts the high functionality, performance, and ease of use featured on the Ricoh G700, with water, dust, shock, and chemical resistance. Extra features for industrial use include security functions such as password-based camera lock and support for SD WORM (write-once read-multiple) cards; one and two dimensional barcode recognition in the camera unit itself; and a camera memo function for adding information (audio, text, etc.) to the image data.

The camera also offers the ability to do wireless data transfers to external devices, and by installing the internal-electronic-compass-equipped GPS unit (option), it is possible to add position and direction information to your images. With an IP rating of 68 (without GPS module) it stands up to the roughest of treatment in the harshest of environments.

These capabilities make the G700SE a powerful tool for a wide range of operations, including facility maintenance (electric, gas, and water utilities; roads; etc.), disaster planning, and other functions of local governments, police departments, and fire departments; photo management in hospitals; production line management in the manufacturing industry; and warehouse management in the transport industry. 

The camera resolution is a high 12.1 megapixels, and it has a powerful 5x optical zoom with 28-140mm wide angle lens, 1cm Macro mode and digital image stabilizer. The G700SE also offers a high resolution (1280 x 720) video capability that can be geo-tagged.

For more details and pricing please contact us.

Runout Sale on StyleView Carts

Ergotron StyleView CartThe current Ergotron StyleView Powered Cart SV32 is about to be replaced by a new model, the SV42. We still have stock of the old model that we need to move, so prices have been dropped substantially while stocks last!!

The StyleView carts provide a mobile solution to easily mount LCDs, notebooks, tablet PCs, keyboards and other computer equipment. Ergonomic design, versatile cable management, high-quality components and rugged construction let you go mobile with confidence. The carts feature a battery backed power supply which means that you don't need to shut down your PC in order to move to a different location.

Ideal for medical and hospital environments, StyleView responds easily to caregivers’ touch and effortlessly maneuvers to the point of care. Its expansive range of ergonomic adjustment features sit-to-stand motion combined with independent screen positioning and a negative-tilt keyboard tray. Experience improved working comfort and enhanced productivity.

The special runout pricing is as follows:
SV32-32007 Powered LCD Cart:      Now only $3984+GST (was $4999+GST)
SV32-32008 Powered Notebook Cart: Now only $3984+GST (was $4999+GST)
SV32-32057 Powered Notebook Cart With Autolock Drawer: Now only $4649+GST (was $5499+GST)

We only have very limited stock available, so contact us now!

ARK-3440 Embedded Box IPC receives 2 awards


Taipei, December 14

Advantech’s embedded IPC model ARK-3440 recently won both the 2010 China Top 10 Innovative Industrial Automation Product Award and the CEC Editor’s Choice Award for 2010. The ARK-3440 boasts an ultra-compact footprint and high performance computing power, equipped with either the Intel® Core™ i7 processor or Core™ i5, all in a fanless system. The built-in HDMI decoder improves on the Intel® QM57 integrated graphics with 3D, and is 3.6 times faster than the previous generation’s GM965 integrated graphics chipset, making the ARK-3440 the leading high-performance fanless industrial computer model. The ARK-3440 is especially suited for processor-intensive computing applications such as surveillance, mechanical control, and image processing. Its excellence in technical innovation and strong market influence have been garnering unadulterated praise across the board.

 “The China Industrial Automation Show 2010” selection event is cosponsored by MM (Modern Manufacturing) magazine and the China International Industry Fair Organization Committee, and the entries are evaluated by committee experts. The purpose of the award is to recognize outstanding enterprises in the industrial control and automation industries and to credit their efforts and contributions, as well as the impact of these products on user enterprises, such as cost reduction, increased efficiency, improved quality, energy conservation and lower carbon emissions. That Advantech’s ARK-3440 stood above the competition and was honored as one of the Top 10 Innovative Products of the Year is a clear indication of its validation by industry experts, business users, and consumers in general. Ultimately, following a multiple selection process consisting of online voting and expert evaluation, the ARK-3440 was prominent on the list of award recipients for CEC Control Engineering Magazine’s CEC 2010 Editor’s Choice Award when it was announced at the International Industry Fair in Shanghai.

ARK-3440 has the edge on the competition with its graphics engine that supports Full HD commercial broadcast content as well as wide-screen and multiple displays. The model works with DVI, standard CRT, 24-bit LVDS, and has built-in support for HDMI 1.3. It features a wide input voltage range: 9 - 34 VDC, and supports up to 4 GB of DDR3 1066 MHz SODIMM. The model boasts two 2.5-inch SATA bays, 2 Gigabit LANs, 6 USB 2.0 ports, three COM ports, audio, as well as 2 PCI/PCIe. In addition, 6 programmable function keys are available on the front panel to provide customers with flexibility (ARK-3440A only). The nimble and innovative design of Advantech’s ARK series of embedded IPCs are used in a range of different environments to accomplish myriad tasks with stringent temperature and space requirements. Automotive, retail, electronic billboard, surveillance, inspection, and factory applications are just a few—and all represent markets where low power consumption is important. The ARK-3440, with its high-performance graphics display and impressive processing power, provides added value for any application, especially where cost is a concern.

Fighting Bacteria in Public Water Systems with the DataNet in Europe

Fourier spoke to Marcial Ferro from MF Instruments, Spain, about the leading applications he is finding for the DataNet multi-unit wireless system. In a hot country like Spain public buildings, labs, government offices, hotels and hospitals must take all available precautions against the spread of bacterial infection, particularly through water. Water towers and systems serving all of the listed industries have turned to MF Instruments to implement the DataNet system to provide trusted wireless temperature and humidity monitoring across large networks.

DataNet wireless data logger networkA particular concern MF Instruments have noticed is the spread of the bacteria - legionella - and clean, hygienic water is essential to battle this. Hospitals, with weak patients, open wounds and intrusive treatments such as intravenous drips or catheters make for high risk from bacterial infections. However, public buildings where many people share facilities also face similar and increasing risks. Microorganisms have range limitations and live in an optimal temperature niche. Therefore the temperature of refrigerators, water towers or systems must be kept low.

Marcial Ferro tells us the format becomes relatively uniform when dealing with these types of application. External temperature PT-100 probes are used with the DNL920 DataNet unit, usually inside water towers and storage units. Repeater distances required are high due to the size of the buildings in the applications. Usually PC Receivers can be seven or more floors away, or even in another building. On the whole clients have selected receipt of alarms by email and SMS. Thus far Marcial Ferro tells us he has applied the DataNet system in dozens of different applications, but all responding to the same bacterial challenge. Government buildings, large chain hotels, museums, hospitals and public buildings across Northern Spain, Italy and France - all experiencing high temperature throughout much of the year - have found the DataNet to be a key solution.

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