Dallas iButton Temp and Humidity data loggers

The Dallas iButton data loggers for Temperature and Humidity are small, rugged coin-sized data loggers, that automatically record temperature and humidity over time.

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Dallas iButton Temperature Loggers

The Dallas iButton temperature loggers are otherwise known as Thermochrons.
The humidity versions of these are known as Hygrochrons.
For more details please check out the Thermochron/Hygrochron page.

These devices include the following part numbers:

  • DS1921G - Stnadard Thermochron
  • DS1921H - Body Temp Thermochron
  • DS1921Z - Fridge Thermochron
  • DS1922L - Super Thermochron
  • DS1922T - Hi-Temp Super Thermochron
  • DS1922E - Ultra Hi-Temp Super Thermochron
  • DS1923 - Hygrochron (measures humidity and temp)

Please refer to the following table for the corresponding Esis part numbers, which are referred to on the Thermochron / Hygrochron page:


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