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Because industrial electronics is complicated enough.

Engineering Services

Industrial electronic equipment is often complex and specialised, and you want it to achieve specific results. However not everyone has the expertise to configure and integrate these kinds of systems. That’s why Esis’ engineering team is committed to helping you at every step.

Our engineering team has decades of experience in defence and industrial applications, including systems engineering, data logging, M2M communications, industrial PC’s, embedded software, and digital signal processing.

We offer many capabilities, which we can tailor to fit your needs. Our expertise includes the following:

  • Designing and building custom Industrial PC’s
  • Programming of Datataker data loggers, including Modbus integration, mathematical formulas, alarms, data reporting over the Internet, interfacing with proprietary sensors, etc;
  • Integration, installation and commissioning of wireless data logging systems
  • Configuration of Industrial 3G/4G M2M routers
  • Configuration of smart modules such as ADAM remote I/O, PowerScout power transducers, etc
  • Software engineering – custom software applications, often to work with analog or digital I/O, to meet a specific need
  • Calibration of equipment – we routinely arrange calibration of clients’ equipment including sensors and data loggers


Several of the products that we sell (e.g. data loggers, sensors, instruments) need to be calibrated on a regular basis to ensure that they remain within the manufacturer’s specifications. Esis offers the following options for calibration of temperature and humidity instruments, sensors and data loggers:

• Calibration certificates from a NATA Accredited laboratory
• Calibration certificates traceable to national standards (lower cost, not NATA accredited)

The calibration can be done at any number of temperature and/or humidity points, to suit your needs. Please see our blog plost on calibration for a background on calibration and NATA accreditation.

In addition, we also arrange calibration of other sensors and instruments, including electrical inputs to data loggers, most weather sensors, etc. Please enquire for more information.

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