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Various Cable Connectors  to  Screw Terminal Adaptors

See below for pictures, etc, of some of the items.

PCLD-7216-AE 16-ch SSR Carrier Module Board $215+GST      9/11

PCLD-780-BE     2*IDC-20 Wiring Terminal $94
PCLD-782B-AE  16/24-ch Opto-isolated DI Board $211
PCLD-782-BE    Opto-Isolated D/I Board $188
PCLD-785-AE     16-ch Relay Output Terminal $211
PCLD-785B-AE   24-ch Relay Output Terminal $260
PCLD-786-B       SSR and Relay Driver Board (CE) $158
PCLD-788-AE     Relay Scanner/multiplexer Board (CE) $291
PCLD-789D-AE  Amplifier & Multiplexer Board (CE) $388

PCLD-8115-AE   DB-37 Wiring Terminal w/CJC Circuit $128
PCLD-8710-AE   SCSI-68 Wiring Terminal w/CJC, DIN-rail Mount $135
PCLD-8712-AE   Wiring Terminal for PCI-1712, DIN-rail Mount $166
PCLD-8751-AE   48-ch Opto-isolated DI Board $309
PCLD-8761-AE   24/24-ch Relay Output/Isolated DI Board $332
PCLD-8762-AE   48-ch relay output wiring board $354
PCLD-880-AE     DB-37 Wiring Terminal $130
PCLD-881B-AE   Wiring Terminal Board for PCI-1713 & PCL-813L $130
PCLD-885-AE    16-ch Power Relay Output Terminal $251

PCL-1010B-1E BNC Coax Cable, 1m $29+GST          9/11
PCL-101100-1E SCSI-100 High-Speed Shielded Cable, 1m $342
PCL-101100M-3E SCSI-100 Shielded Cable, 3m $152
PCL-101100S-1E Mini-SCSI-100 Shielded Cable, 1m $141
PCL-101100S-2E Mini-SCSI-100 Shielded Cable, 2m $180
PCL-101100S-3E Mini-SCSI-100 Shielded Cable, 3m $208
PCL-10120-0.4E IDC-20 Flat Cable, 0.4m $24
PCL-10120-1E IDC-20 Flat Cable, 1m $24
PCL-10120-2E IDC-20 Flat Cable, 2m $30
PCL-10121-2E IDC-20 Shielded Cable, 2m $31
PCL-10125-1E DB-25 Shielded Cable, 1m $32
PCL-10125-3E DB-25 Shielded Cable, 3m $43
PCL-10126-0.2E CABLE, FLAT CABLE DB25PF/IDE#2 26P-2.54 20CM $25
PCL-10137-1E DB-37 Shielded Cable, 1m $32
PCL-10137-2E DB-37 Shielded Cable, 2m $36
PCL-10137-3E DB-37 Shielded Cable, 3m $41
PCL-10137H-1E DB-37 High-Speed Shielded Cable, 1m $45
PCL-10137H-3 DB-37 High-Speed Shielded Cable, 3m $72
PCL-10137H-3E DB-37 High-Speed Shielded Cable, 3m $72
PCL-10141-0.2E CABLE, F Cable D-SUB 37P(F)/IDE#2 40P-2.54 20CM $31
PCL-10150-1.2E IDC-50 Flat Cable, 1.2m $34
PCL-10150M-2E Cable 50-Pin SCSI, Ribbon type,2M $55
PCL-10152-1E 50-pin SCSI M-M Shielded Cable, 1m $47
PCL-10152-3E 50-pin SCSI M-M Shielded Cable, 3m $68
PCL-10162-1E DB-62 Shielded Cable, 1m $48
PCL-10162-3E DB-62 Shielded Cable, 3m $61
PCL-10168-1E SCSI-68 Shielded Cable, 1m $49
PCL-10168-2E SCSI-68 Shielded Cable, 2m $68
PCL-10178-1E DB-78 Shielded Cable, 1m $66
PCL-10220-1E 40-pin IDC to two 20-pin IDC cable, 1m $44
PCL-10220M-2E SCSI-20 Ribbon-Type Cable with 2 connectors, 2m $72
PCL-10250-1E SCSI-100 to 2*SCSI-50 Shielded Cable, 1m $77
PCL-10250-2E SCSI-100 to 2*SCSI-50 Shielded Cable, 2m $81
PCL-10251-1E SCSI-100 to 2*SCSI-50 Shielded Cable, 1m $79
PCL-10251-2E SCSI-100 to 2*SCSI-50 Shielded Cable, 2m $87
PCL-10251-3E 100Pin to two 50Pin SCSICable for PCI-1240,3M $91
PCL-10268-1E SCSI-100 to 2*SCSI-68 Ribbon-Type Cable, 1m $74
PCL-10268-2E SCSI-100 to 2*SCSI-68 Ribbon-Type Cable, 2m $89
PCL-10488-2 IEEE-488 Cable, 2M $86
PCL-10502-AE Extender,Extend Dual 20P To PC Slot-Plate $33
PCL-10503-AE Adapter Dual 20P To D-37 $33
PCL-10901-3E DB-9 to PS/2 Shielded Cable, 3m $34
PCL-12250-1 SCSI100 to dual IDC50 flat cable 1m for PCI-1756 $86

ADAM-3909-AE    DB-9 Wiring Terminal, DIN-rail Mount $43+GST      9/11
ADAM-39100-AE  SCSI-100 Wiring Terminal, DIN-rail Mount $138
ADAM-3920-AE    20-Pin Flat Cable Terminal, DIN-rail Mount $50
ADAM-3920R-AE 20-pin Flat Cable Wiring Relay Board $162
ADAM-3925-AE   DB-25 Wiring Terminal, DIN-rail Mount $55
ADAM-3937-AE   DB-37 Wiring Terminal, DIN-rail Mount $63
ADAM-3937-BE   DB-37 Wiring Terminal, DIN-rail Mount $69
ADAM-3940-AE   AMAX-2240 Series wiring board $69
ADAM-3950-AE   50-Pin Flat Cable Terminal, DIN-rail Mount $86
ADAM-3951-BE   Screw-Terminal Board with LED indicator $107
ADAM-3952-AE   PCI-1240 Wiring Terminal, DIN-rail Mount $97
ADAM-3962-AE   DB-62 Wiring Terminal, DIN-rail Mount $62
ADAM-3968/20-AE  SCSI-68 to 3*IDC-20 Converter, DIN-rail Mount $74
ADAM-3968/50-AE  SCSI-68 to 2*IDC-50 Converter, DIN-rail Mount $79
ADAM-3968-AE       SCSI-68 Wiring Terminal, DIN-rail Mount $97


   DB9F to 9 screw terminals, DIN rail mounting   


   20-pin flat cable to 20 Screw Terminals, DIN rail mounting module

PCL-10120-1 20-pin cable 1m


   DB25F to 26 screw terminals, DIN rail mounting. (Looks similar to ADAM-3937 picture below)


   DB-37F to 38 screw terminals, DIN rail mounting module

PCL-10137 37-pin cable, 1m  


   50-pin flat cable cnnctr to 50 screw terminals , DIN rail mounting module


PCI-1240 Wiring Terminal for DIN-rail Mounting


   68-pin SCSI female cnnctr to 68 screw terminals, DIN rail mounting module


   68-pin SCSI female cnnctr to  two 50-pin Box header converter module  


4-Channel Power Relay Module for DIN-Rail Mounting. Contacts: 250VAC 5A, or 30VDC 5A. Single pole dble throw (ch over).   Input to each relay coil: 24VDC 2.2W  


4-Channel Digital I/O Carrier for DIN-Rail Mounting.
   Input modules: IAC24 (90-140VAC),   IAC24A (180-280VAC),   IDC24B (3-32VDC)
   Output modules: OAC24A (24-280 VAC, 3A),   ODC24 (5-60VAC, 3A)