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Mini PCI
An extension of the PCI bus used in portable computers.
Designed for peripherals such as modems and network adapters, Mini PCI cards are credit-card sized modules that snap onto the motherboard; they are not inserted into slots like PCMCIA cards (PC Cards).
Using the standard PCI signaling that is found in PCI-based desktop computers, Mini PCI allows high-speed transfer peripheral connections in small form factor devices such as laptop computers.

Mini PCI was added to PCI version 2.2 for use in laptops, it uses a 32-bit, 33-MHz bus with powered connections (3.3 V only; 5V is limited to 100mA) and support for bus mastering and DMA.
The standard size for Mini PCI cards is approximately 1/4 of their full-sized counterparts. As there is limited external access to the card compared to desktop PCI cards, there are limitations on the functions they may perform.
Many Mini PCI devices were developed such as Wi-Fi, Fast Ethernet, Bluetooth, modems (often Winmodems), sound cards, cryptographic accelerators, SCSI, IDE/ATA, SATA controllers and combination cards.
Mini PCI cards can be used with regular PCI-equipped hardware, using Mini PCI-to-PCI converters.

Mini PCI has been superseded by PCI Express Mini Card.   See


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