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Industrial LCD Monitors & Touchscreens

Metal or Plastic Housing, with many options Touch Screens

CyberVisuell Industrial LCD Monitors

PMB2005-FME1505 CyberVisuell offers a massive range of high quality industrial LCD monitors, with several different chassis styles available in sizes ranging from 5.7″ up to 65″.
The monitors are built using a fully metal chassis, with stainless steel versions also available.

Optional All-In-One Panel PC – Most models can optionally have a PC integrated inside, to become a customised All-In-One Panel PC. Core i7 / i5 / i3 / Celeron / Atom processors are available – please contact us for a quote.

In addition, the range includes an unmatched array of monitor options, allowing custom configurations to meet individual requirements.
Option examples:

  • sunlight readable, 
  • composite video or HDMI inputs,
  • AC or DC powered,
  • various touch screen types,
  • marine grade and so on.

The factory can supply monitors to Australia with custom combinations of options, even for very small orders, due to the highly modular design.

Overview of Monitor Styles

Please click on an image to view detailed product information.

Smart Chassis Industrial LCD Monitors
Panel Mount Industrial LCD Monitors
Rack Mount & Open Frame Industrial LCD Monitors
Industrial LCD Monitors with Plastic Cases


All models offer the following features:

  • Rugged metal chassis (except PCx series) with smart, clean appearance
  • Industrial grade for long lasting performance under constant usage
  • Wide range of options available with no MOQ, due to modular design
  • Optional All-In-One Panel PC – Most models can have a PC integrated inside, to become an All In One Panel PC
  • Optional IP65 waterproof front, and some models available fully IP66 sealed
  • Wide operating temperature 0-50°C
  • Touch screens: Resistive, Capacitive, SAW, Infra-Red, or Projected Capacitive, or vandal-proof glass
  • Flexible input options: VGA, DVI, HDMI, Composite Video, S-Video, HD-SDI or built-in Media Player
  • Power options: DC 12V with mains adaptor, or AC input, or wide range DC input for vehicle use
  • Optional Sunlight Readable panel and/or LED backlight, with optional wide dimming range for marine/vehicle use
  • Various chassis designs allow wall mounting, panel mounting, free standing, rack mounting or kiosk integration
  • VESA compliant mounting on rear
  • OSD (On Screen Display) buttons can be located on front (panel/rack mount models only), on the side, or on a separate remote control
DVI / VGA Standards and Cabling (click to view)

DVI and VGA connections

Cable for the image can be either VGA (15-pin) or DVI (Digital Video Interface, 24-pin).
DVI gives the highest image quality, but the computer must support the DVI interface. DVI Information (opens in new tab)
DVI-D (digital only)    DVI-A (analog only)     DVI-I (integrated, digital & analog)
DVI-DL: The connector also includes provision for a second data link for high resolution displays, though some devices do not implement this. In those that do, the connector is sometimes referred to as DVI-DL (dual link). Connector width: 37mm.

The DVI-I (24 + 4 pin connector) can transfer digital and analog signals which use C1 to C4 at the rig ht.
This allows a VGA monitor with 15-pin D connector to be connected to DVI-I or DVI-A output with a simple plug adapter.
“Image phase adjustment” allows fine tuning of the image appearance.

The maximum length of DVI cables is not included in the specification since it is dependent on bandwidth requirements (the resolution of the image being transmitted).
In general, cable lengths up to 4.5 m (15 ft) will work for displays at resolutions of 1920 x 1200.
Cable lengths up to 15 m (50 ft) can be used with displays at resolutions up to 1280 x 1024.
For longer distances, to eliminate the video degradation, the use of a DVI booster or DVI extender is recommended. DVI boosters may or may not use an external power supply.

Brightness Units - Nits (click to view)

One nit (unit of luminance) is equal to one candela per square meter (1 cd/m²), used to quote the brightness of computer displays.

Candela: A unit of measurement of the intensity of light.
1 candela = 1 lumen/steradian. Part of the SI system of measurement, one candela (cd) is the monochromatic radiation of 540THz (near green) with a radiant intensity of 1/683 watt per steradian in the same direction.
Another way of putting it is that an ordinary wax candle generates approximately one candela in any particular direction.
A light source that uniformly radiates one candela in all directions radiates a total of 4pi lumens.
A 100 W incandescent lightbulb emits about 120 cd.
Steradian (sr) A unit of measure equal to the solid angle subtended at the center of a sphere by an area on the surface of the sphere that is equal to the radius squared: The total solid angle of a sphere is 4pi steradians.
1 Lux = 1 lumen/square meter, the illumination of a surface.

Screen Sizes and Resolutions

4:3 Aspect Ratio Wide Screen Aspect Ratio
Model No / Size / Res. Model No / Size / Res.

xxx refers to monitor style and IP rating options.
See below for xxx code.

xxx0576VN     5.7″ 640×480
xxx0656VN     6.5″ 640×480
xxx0846SN     8.4″ 800×600
xxx1045XN   10.4″ 1024×768
xxx1205XN   12.1″ 1024×768
xxx1505XN   15″  1024×768
xxx1705EN   17″ 1280×1024
xxx1905EN   19″ 1280×1024

Some monitor styles are only available in a limited range of sizes.
Other resolutions are also available in some sizes.
Please contact us for details.

xxx codes are below



xxx refers to monitor style and IP rating options.
See below for xxx code.

xxx0706WV    7″      800×480
xxx0896WS   8.9″  1024×600
xxx1016WS   10.1″ 1024×600
xxx12W5WE 12.1″ 1280×800
xxx1545WE   15.4″ 1280×800
xxx17W5WP  17″ 1440×900
xxx19W5WP 19″   1440×900
xxx2205WM   22″ 1680×1050
xxx2405WH   24″ 1920×1080
xxx2415WU   24″ 1920×1200
xxx3205WH   32″  1920×1080
xxx4204WH   42″ 1920×1080
xxx4604WH   46″ 1920×1080
xxx5504WH  54.6″ 1920×1080
xxx6504WH   65″ 1920×1080



xxx Codes
SCB SmartChassis (base model) (optional IP65 front)
SCD SmartChassis with front mnting brackets (opt IP65 front)
SCJ SmartChassis IP65 Front Stainless Steel
SCK Smart Chassis Full IP66 Stainless SteelPMB Panel Mount, OSD Buttons on Side (optional IP65 front)
PMC Panel Mount, OSD Buttons on Front (optional IP65 front)
PMJ Panel Mount, IP65 Stainless Steel Front
(OSD Buttons on Side)

RMB 19″ Rack Mount (base model) (optional IP65 front)

OFB Open Frame (base model)
FME Front Panel Mount Marine Grade (IP65 front / IP54 rear)

PCB Pastic Case Desktop Monitor (base model)
PCC Plastic Case Touch Monitor (heavy stand for touch use)

Models with these codes are pictured above.

Common Specifications

Display Type TFT LCD
Panel Surface Black Anti-Glare, Low Reflection Coating
Light Source CCFL, (cold-cathode fluorescent lamps)
Long Life 50,000 Hrs (typ)
Optional LED Backlight available, various brightnesses
Inputs VGA Input 15-pin D-Sub Female, Analog RGB Signal
0.7/1.0Vp-p, 75 Ohms, Fh = 30-82kHz, Fv = 50-75Hz
Separate Sync / Composite Sync / Sync on Green
Audio Stereo Mini Jack, 2W Speaker x2
Power 15″ models and above AC mains 90-260V auto sensing input
Up to 12″ / option on 15″-22″ 12V DC, with External AC Adaptor included
Mounting VESA mount on rear Up to 17″: 75 x 75 mm
19″-24″: 100 x 100 mm
26″-37″: 400 x 200 mm
Features Auto Calibration, Back Light Adjustment, Plug & Play (VESA DDC/CI, DDC 2B)
Operating Conditions Temperature / Humidity 0°C to 50°C, 10%-90% (non condensing)
Storage Conditions Temperature / Humidity -20°C to 60°C, 10%-90% (non condensing)
Certifications CE, FCC, C-Tick CE, FCC, C-Tick
Touch screen types (click to view)

Resistive, Capacitive or SAW

Resistive Touchscreens are for applications where speed and accuracy are required, They are used primarily for point of sales and medical and industrial applications.
Resistive Touchscreens are versatile and pens, gloved hands or bare skin can be used to acivate the touchscreen.

Capacitive touchscreens need bare finger or wet glove to activate them.
The surface is tougher than that of resistive touchscreens.

SAW (Surface Acoustic Wave) Touchscreens are for applications such as information kiosks.
They are strong and are scratch and vandal proof.
Water, dirt and contaminants can’t get in.
They work even when glass is scratched.
The user must use bare skin or object that absorbs the sound waves to activate the touchscreen.


Most options may be ordered in any quantity of monitors.

Please note some combinations of options/sizes may not be possible – please contact us for a quote.

Option Codes
Grades Marine Grade – shock and vibration tolerant, anti-rust
For marine applications we also recommend using SCK stainless series or FME Marine Front Panel Mount series, with wide range DC input, sunlight readable, wide dimming range, and wide temperature options.
Vehicle Grade – shock and vibration tolerant
For vehicle applications we also recommend using the wide range DC input, sunlight readable, and wide temperature options.
Wide dimming range may also be needed.
Panel / Backlight LED Backlight with specified brightness “xxxx” nits
Use 0700 or 1000 nits for Sunlight Readable
CCFL Backlight with specified brightness “xxxx” nits -BCxxxx
Wide Dimming Range, controlled by OSD buttons -BW
Wide Dimming Range, controlled by knob -BK


USB connection by default, or specify -RS232 for serial

Infomation about Touchscreens
(Wikipedia, opens  in new tab)

Resistive -TR
Capacitive (cannot detect gloved finger), optionally with 6mm Anti-Vandal Glass -TC or -TC6
SAW (Surface Acoustic Wave) -TS
Infra-Red -TI
Projected Capacitive (can sense a passive stylus or gloved fingers) with 6mm Anti-Vandal Glass -TP6
Protective Glass (no touch): 3mm, or 6mm Anti-Vandal -TG3 or -TG6
Inputs VGA -IV
VGA + DVI + HDMI + RS-232 remote control input -IVDHR
VGA + S-Video + Composite Video (BNC connectors) -IVSC
VGA + S-Video + Composite Video with Looping Output (BNC connectors) -IVSCL
VGA + DVI + S-Video + Composite Video -IVDSC
VGA + HDMI + Composite Video with Looping Output -IVHCL
VGA + Media Player (plays various formats from CF / SD cards / USB stick) -IVM
Power AC mains 90-260V auto sensing input (only for 15″ and higher) -P240
12V DC, with External AC Adaptor included -P12
Wide voltage range DC power input -PW
Mount Options Does not include any stand or bracket -MN
Includes stand (Plastic monitors only) -MS
Clamp Mount (for Panel Mount monitors) – clamping blocks supplied for easy mounting into a panel without screw holes -MC
Includes marine style multi-tilt mounting brackets (FME series only) -MB
Other Options Wide Temperature Range -RW
Wide Viewing Angle -VW
Light Sensor with auto dimming -LS
OSD buttons on a wired Remote Control box -OR

Integrated PC (Panel PC / Digital Signage Platform)

Options include Fanless Atom N270, Atom D525, Core 2 Duo, Core 2 Quad, Core i5, Core i7

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