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PowerScout Series & TCA-5 module

Power Measurement and Data Logging - Dent Instruments

PowerScout Series

The PowerScout series networked Modbus/BACnet power meters are designed to provide timely and accurate consumption data to gain the upper hand on electrical costs in today’s escalating energy market. PowerScout meters can capture kWh/kW energy and demand data as well as virtually all relevant energy parameters for diagnostics and monitoring on three-phase or single-phase circuit installations. This data is made available in real time via Modbus or BACnet protocols, over RS-485 or Ethernet. The PowerScout’s flexibility, size, and ease-of-use make them ideal tools for gathering detailed consumption data in commercial, industrial, government and retail environments.

New models – PowerScout Series

PowerScout 48 HD Multi-Circuit Power Submeter

The PowerScout 48 HD is a 48-channel networked power submeter capable of measuring multiple single or three-phase loads. Ideal for permanent building metering.
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PowerScout™ HD Series Multi-Circuit Power Meters. Designed to monitor multiple independent loads from a single meter, the PowerScout HD Series makes it easy to add many revenue-grade metering points without having to purchase, mount, wire and commission individual energy meters, resulting in lower overall installation & commissioning costs. The PowerScout HD solution provides revenue-grade accuracy in a wide variety of large building environments including data centers, hospitals, office buildings, campuses, retail centers, and industrial complexes.

The modular design of the PowerScout 48 HD allows it to be configured for monitoring multiple electrical circuits or for current-only monitoring of branch circuits. It can be supplied with any of DENT’s split-core, solid-core, or RoCoil (Rogowski) CTs. Monitor any combination of up to 16 three-phase or 48 single-phase electrical devices across two separate voltages with revenue-grade accuracy (ANSI C12.20-2010 Class 0.2).

Additionally, the PowerScout 48 HD features to pulse outputs rated at 5mA max current/40V max open voltage.

Every PowerScout is line powered and designed to operate on a broad range of voltages, from 90-600VAC, and features two separate voltage inputs. Modbus or BACnet protocols are field-selectable and any combination of split-core or flexible RōCoil CTs can be used. Additionally, PowerScout 48 HD meters have passed rigorous BTL (BACnet Testing Laboratory) testing to ensure interoperability across a wide range of systems and devices.

Configure the meter using the ViewPoint HD software utility and a direct USB connection prior to installation. Eliminate expensive trips back into the field: patented* PhaseChek™ Technology ensures proper CT-to-phase installation the first time.

If ordered with an enclosure, 1-inch EMT conduit connects easily to the enclosure housing – no drilling required.

Keep it simple: Don’t fight with a long list of SKUs only to realize an important feature is missing. All PowerScout HD Series Meters are equipped with smart, standard features like the flexibility to switch between Modbus® or BACnet®, Ethernet or Serial (RS-485), or the ability to use any millivolt CT, including Rogowski coils, on any channel. When installed, the platform agnostic PowerScout HD Series meter easily integrates within connected products of any building management system (BMS) software, models equipped with BACnet® and Modbus® protocols and can be easily utilized with any system.

Part No Product Name Price (ex-GST)
PS48HD-C-D-N PowerScout 48 HD, WITH ENCLOSURE + DISPLAY $3,669.12
PS48HD-C-N-N PowerScout 48 HD, WITH ENCLOSURE, NO DISPLAY $3,386.88
PS48HD-P-D-N PowerScout 48 HD, MOUNTING PLATE + DISPLAY $3,528.00
PS48HD-P-N-N PowerScout 48 HD, MOUNTING PLATE, NO DISPLAY $3,245.76

The PowerScout HD Series meters are not meant to be standalone energy recorders. They are designed to connect as a slave device to a data logger, Remote Terminal Unit (RTU), or building management host network.


Key Features

  • 48 current channels: Multi-circuit submeter monitors voltage, current, power, energy, and many other electrical parameters on any combination of single and/or three-phase systems
  • Two independent voltage inputs allow the PowerScout 48 HD meter to be used on two systems simultaneously
  • Line-Powered: 90-600V Phase-to-Phase power supply
  • Revenue Grade: ANSI C12.20-2010 Class 0.2
  • Available with UL 94-V0 enclosure or as a circuit board mounted on a rugged plate to be mounted in an enclosure of your choice
  • Mounting Plate included on circuit board only version to help facilitate easy, safe installation
  • Extra level of protection: High-Voltage Cover offers additional safety
  • Communications: Utilize either BACnet or Modbus protocol over either Serial or Ethernet
  • Positive and negative Modbus registers/BACnet objects allow for the PowerScout to be used on net metering projects
  • Mix-and-match a full range of Split Core or RoCoil Rogowski-style CTs, including serveral revenue-grade options
  • Optional display shows real-time information about the meter configuration and metered data
  • PhaseChek™ confirms proper CT orientation
  • UL Listed (enclosure version) or UL Recognized (circuit board version)
  • CE Mark
  • BACnet Testing Laboratory (BTL) Certification to ensure standard compliance, reliability, and interoperability within a BACnet environment
  • 5 year warranty

PowerScout 48 HD Data Sheet PDF (pdf file, opens in new tab)

PowerScout 3037 – Replaces the PS3 series

The PowerScout 3037 is a revenue-grade, single-point 3-phase power meter, with Modbus and BACnet communications. The PowerScout Meter can monitor voltage, current, power, energy, and many other electrical parameters on single and three-phase systems.
Dent PowerScout 3037
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Dent PowerScout 3037

The PowerScout 3037 comes in four basic configurations depending on whether a display or Ethernet port are desired. Instead of having one specific meter for a single job, the PowerScout 3037 can adapt to nearly any project requirement.
All PowerScout 3037 models have a broadband power supply (80-600VAC) and can be paired with a variety of current transformers, from split cores that measure <1A up to large RoCoils designed for measuring 4000A. Please see below for the available current transformers.

In addition, communication protocols are field-selectable. Easily toggle between Modbus or BACnet using ViewPoint software.

Send kWh or other pulses to an external device. The pulse output is used to generate system kWh pulses for devices, such as data loggers, that can accept pulses, but do not have BACnet or Modbus capability.

The PowerScout series networked power meters are designed to provide timely and accurate consumption data to gain the upper hand on electrical costs in today’s escalating energy market.

PowerScout meters can capture kWh/kW energy and demand data as well as virtually all relevant energy parameters for diagnostics and monitoring on three-phase or single-phase circuit installations. The PowerScout’s flexibility, size, and ease-of-use make them ideal tools for gathering detailed consumption data in commercial, industrial, government and retail environments.

Powerscout 3037 Anatomy


Key Features

  • USB Port for Quick & Easy Setup: Simply connect the PS3037 to a PC, then use ViewPoint software to configure CT type, communication protocol, and other parameters.
  • Optional Display: The scrolling display can be used for quickly reading real-time values and performing diagnostics during setup. Without even connecting to a laptop, know that the meter is configured properly before leaving the job site.
  • Serial & Ethernet on the Same Unit. No longer be limited to choosing either Serial or Ethernet. All Ethernet units (PS3037-E-X) are equipped with both RS-485 and RJ-45 connections standard. Having both communication methods ensures maximum flexibility in the field.
  • DIN Rail Mounting: The PS3037 is compact enough to facilitate in-panel mounting. Use the angled mounting tabs to install flush on the side or back of the panel wall. Or, use the built-in DIN rail channel for quick and easy mounting near the circuit panel.
  • No Integral Voltage Leads: Voltage leads are now user-supplied. Because of this, there is no distinction between “US” and “INTERNATIONAL” PowerScout 3037 instruments. All configurations of the PS3037 can be used throughout the world (50/60Hz)
  • Lower Price: Just need Serial communications without a Display? Save 20% compared to the previous-generation PowerScout 3 Plus. PS3037s with Display and Ethernet (PS3037-E-D) are the same price as the previous PowerScout 3.
  • Revenue-Grade Performance: ANSI C12.20-2010 qualified Class 0.2
  • Over 50 measured parameters for energy measurement, monitoring and diagnostics. Monitors voltage, current, power, energy, and many other electrical parameters on single and three-phase systems.
  • Single or 3-phase energy and power meter for submetering applications
  • Choose from a full range of Split-Core or RoCoil™ Rogowski-style current transformers (see below)
  • Patented PhaseChek™ LED indicators ensure correct CT orientation during installation
  • Line-Powered: No external power, beyond the service under measurement, is required
  • Equipped with industry-standard Modbus and BACnet Communications
  • Standard Pulse Output: Send kWh or other purlses to an external device
  • Data updates occur every 0.5 second
  • ViewPoint Setup Utility software: Verify meter installation, switch between communication protocols, and check real-time values before leaving the job site. ViewPoint 4.0 or later required for the PowerScout 3037.
  • UL Listed
  • CE Mark
  • 5-Year Warranty

Typical Applications

  • Tenant Submetering (shopping malls, apartments, office space, etc)
  • Net Metering (renewable energy applications, such as solar or wind)
  • Data Center Monitoring
  • Commercial
  • Retail
  • Industrial

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Models: (note the prices can change on all Dent products due to AUD-USD exchange rate)

PS3037-E-D POWERSCOUT 3037 Revenue-Grade Single-Point Power Meter, Ethernet + Serial Communications, with Display, includes ViewPoint software (V4.0)

PS3037-E-N POWERSCOUT 3037 Revenue-Grade Single-Point Power Meter, Ethernet + Serial Communications, No Display, includes ViewPoint software (V4.0)

PS3037-S-D POWERSCOUT 3037 Revenue-Grade Single-Point Power Meter Serial Communications, with Display, includes ViewPoint software (V4.0)

PS3037-S-N POWERSCOUT 3037 Revenue-Grade Single-Point Power Meter, Serial Communications, No Display, includes ViewPoint software (V4.0)

These all require a standard USB A-B cable for connecting the PowerScout 3037 to a PC for initial configuration. (not included)

Part No Product Name Price (ex-GST)
PS3037-S-N PowerScout – Serial / No Display $761.60
PS3037-S-D PowerScout – Serial / With Display $943.04
PS3037-E-N PowerScout – Ethernet / No Display $828.80
PS3037-S-N PowerScout – Serial / No Display $1,010.24

Cable to suit:  UC-2002AB USB 2.0 cable, A-B connectors, 2m:   $10+GST

PS-24 PowerScout 24-way – Replaces the PS-18

PS-24 PowerScout is a revenue grade, 8-circuit by 3-phase power meter (giving 24 individual CT’s). The PS-24 can monitor voltage, current, power, energy, and many other electrical parameters on multiple single and three-phase electrical systems.
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High performance instruments for energy measurement
  • Monitors voltage, current, power, energy, and many other electrical parameters on single and three-phase electrical systems.
  • The PowerScout 24 uses either BACnet or Modbus protocol and is available with optional pulse output ports. Available as a Serial device only, in Australia (note that the Ethernet enabled version is not approved for use in Australia).
  • Mix-and-match a full range of Split Core or RoCoil™ Rogowski-style current transformers.
  • PhaseChek™ LED indicators confirm proper CT orientation.
  • Line-Powered: 80-600V Phase-to-Phase Power Supply.*
  • Data updates every 1 second.
  • UL and CE Mark

Technical Specifications

  • Service type: Single Phase, Three Phase-Four Wire (WYE), Three Phase-Three Wire (Delta)
  • Power: From L1 Phase to L2 Phase. 80-600VAC CAT III 50/60Hz, 70mA Max. Non-user replaceable .5 Amp internal fuse protection
  • Power out: 6 VDC, 200 mA Max
  • Voltage channels*: 80-346 Volts AC Line-to-Neutral, 600V Phase-to-Phase, CAT III. PowerScout 24 does not come with voltage leads.
  • Current channels: 24 channels, 0.67 VAC max, 333 mV CTs, 0-5,000 Amps depending on CT
  • Maximum current input: 200% of current transducer rating (mV CTs) Measure up to 5000A with RoCoil CTs
  • Measurement type: True RMS using high-speed digital signal processing (DSP)
  • Line frequency: 50/60 or 400 Hz
  • Waveform sampling: 12 kHz
  • Parameter update rate: 1 second
  • Measurements: Volts, Amps, kW, kWh, kVAR, kVARh, kVA, kVAh, aPF, dPF.
  • Accuracy: 1% (<0.5% typical) for V, A, kW, kVAR, kVA, PF.
  • Resolution: 0.01 Amp, 0.1 Volt, 0.01 watt, 0.01 VAR, 0.01 VA, 0.01 Power Factor depending on scalar setting
  • LED indicators bi-color LED’s (red and green): 1 LED to indicate communication, 3 LEDs for correct CT-to-phase installation (per meter element).
  • Pulse output: Open Collector, 75mA max current, 40V max open voltage.


  • Direct: Modbus or BACnet MS/TP
  • Max distance: 1200 meters with Data Range of 100K bits/second or less
  • BAUD rate: 9600 (Modbus default), 19200, 38400, 57600, 76800 (BACnet default), 115200
  • Data bits 8: PARITY None, Even, Odd    STOP BIT 2, 1, 0
  • Data formats: Modbus or BACnet

Viewpoint software

Operating system: Windows® 8, Windows® 7 (32/64 bit), Windows® Vista (32/64 bit), or Windows® XP
Communications: USB to RS485 Adapter. One USB Port required. Ethernet.

Dependable & precise energy measurement

See the pdf brochure for more specs.

Modbus register/bacnet object descriptions

See the brochure linked above.

DENT’s PowerScout series networked power meters are submetering devices designed to provide timely and accurate consumption data necessary to gain the upper hand on electrical costs in today’s escalating energy market.
These meters can capture kWh/kW energy and demand data as well as virtually all relevant energy parameters for diagnostics and monitoring on three-phase or single-phase circuit installations.
The PowerScout’s flexibility, size, and ease of-use make them ideal tools for gathering detailed consumption information in commercial, industrial, government, and retail environments.

Versatile performance

The PowerScout uses direct connections to each phase of the voltage and various interchangeable CT options such as split-core current transformers or flexible RoCoils (for large loads or large cables and bussbars) to monitor current on each phase.
Every PowerScout has embedded Rogowski coil CT amplifier/integrator circuitry—no need to provide external power to the CTs.

  • All DENT CTs are internally shunted and carry UL or ETL certification and CE Mark for intrinsically safe operation on energized conductors.
  • Special highaccuracy CTs are available for existing CT secondary monitoring.
  • The PowerScout makes over 50 total electrical measurements which are derived from the voltage and current inputs, including energy and demand values.
Focused on energy measurement
  • DENT Instruments designs and manufactures data loggers and energy recorders for today’s energy professionals.
  • Our products are often the first step in developing strong energy strategies, for maintaining peak operations, and for lowering operating costs.
  • Our company has built a reputation for providing instruments of the highest quality whose robust design,
    small size and remote data acquisition make them the loggers of choice for companies large and small.
  • Since the company’s emergence in 1988, we have performed energy measurement studies for a wide range of utility, government, and private clients.
  • This unique customer perspective has strongly influenced the design of our products, reflected in their ease of installation and use.
  • DENT products provide meaningful energy data that is used to accurately allocate energy costs, identify energy
    cost-savings opportunities and lower utility bills.
  • Our versatile instruments help pinpoint electrical usage and quantify consumption.
Fool-proof installation

The PowerScout series instruments are line powered and do not require external power.
Its power supply can accommodate service voltages ranging from 80-600V (phase-to-phase).
The simple installation is accomplished by connecting the color-coded voltage leads and clearly labeled CTs.
DENT’s patented PhaseChek™ circuitry includes a 3 LED indicator display that confirms proper CT-to-phase installation.

Flexible configuration

The PowerScout 24 (above right, pictured in optional NEMA-rated enclosure) can utilize up to 24 current transformers and monitor a combination of three-phase and single-phase loads simultaneously.
The meter also provides eight digital outputs, two digital inputs, and a 5V 200mA power output.
The PowerScout can accommodate a wide range of voltage services (80-600V phase-to-phase).

Powerscout Part Numbers and Prices – 24 channel model (no display)

PS24-D-S   PowerScout 24 – circuit board with indoor enclosure (pictured above) – serial    $2,100.00+GST     8/15
Requires Current Transformers, see below for various types

PS24-N-S   PowerScout 24 – circuit board only – serial – no enclosure        $1,650.00+GST
3 phase x 8 circuits, RS-485, circuit board with indoor enclosure
Requires Current Transformers CTs (see below), and a data logger or other control equipment to make a complete system.

PS-COMPAK-USB PowerScout communications pack,          $475+GST     8/15
includes isolated RS485 to USB converter & cables, ViewPoint software, Windows drivers & manual.
Recommended for easy setup & testing of PowerScout – suits RS-485 versions of PowerScout.

ViewPoint S/Ware pkg CD Only     VP-SW (separate purchase)  $55.00

Powerscout™ Current Transformers

PowerScout instruments can be equipped with a wide selection of current transformers. Choose from compact and economical Split-Core CTs or the versatile Rogowski Flex CTs.
Powerscout™ Current Transformers
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Powerscout™ Current Transformers

Each CT type offers its own particular advantages depending on your application.
DENT CTs are interchangeable to meet your varying project requirements.

Current Transformers for PowerScouts (pdf)  Note that the PowerScout 3037 has a higher accuracy rating than the ElitePro XC, so the CT specifications are better in this data sheet. See below for more details on this.

The CT models and prices are the same as the ElitePro XC Current Transformers:
Prices do not include GST and may change without notice. (11/15)

Product style Image Part No PDF Max Amps Window Size Price
Split Core Hinged Mini HSC-020 CT-HSC Small Hinged Split Core CT CT-HSC-020-U PDF 20A 1cm $53.76
CT-HSC-050-U 50A 1cm $53.76
Split Core Hinged Midi CT-HMC Midi Hinged Split Core CT CT-HMC-100-U 100A 2.5cm $140.00
CT-HMC-200-U 200A 2.5cm $140.00
Split Core Small
NOTE: Limited stocks left of 5A, 15A, 50A models (superseded by Hinged Mini)
CT-SCS Small Split Core CT CT-SCS-005A 5A 1.9cm $162.40
CT-SCS-015A 15A 1.9cm $162.40
CT-SCS-050-U 50A 1.9cm $162.40
CT-SCS-100-U 100A 1.9cm $162.40
Split Core Medium CT-SCM Medium Split Core CT CT-SCM-100-U 100A 3.2cm $199.36
CT-SCM-200-U 200A 3.2cm $199.36
CT-SCM-400-U 400A 3.2cm $199.36
CT-SCM-600-U 600A 3.2cm $199.36
Split Core Large CT-SCL-600-U 600A 5.1cm $252.00
CT-SCL-1000-U 1000A 5.1cm $252.00
High Accuracy Split Core
NOTE: Soon to be superseded by CT-SRS series
CT-SHS High Accuracy Split Core CT CT-SHS-005-U 5A 1cm $336.00
CT-SHS-015-U 15A 1cm $336.00
RoCoil: Flexible Rogowski Coil (direct output, suits Dent instruments only) CT-R RoCoil Flexible CT CT-R16-A4-U 5000A 11.5cm $235.20
CT-R24-A4-U 5000A 17.9cm $293.44
CT-R36-A4-U 5000A 27.5cm $420.00
CT-R47-A4-U 5000A 37cm $501.76
CT-R72-1310-U 5000A 56cm $840.00
Clamp-On CT-CON-0150EZ Clamp-On CT CT-CON-0150EZ-U 150A 2.5cm $162.40

Choosing Current Transformers

As a general rule of thumb, you should choose a CT where the average measured current is about 75% of the CT’s max range.
This not only provides best accuracy, but best resolution. Using a large CT to measure a small current provides poor resolution and accuracy.

The bottom end range, or turn down of CTs, can be a “can of worms”, and can change depending on what equipment the CTs are connected to. Contractors hook CTs up to all sorts of things.
The general spec. for the “small” split core CTs, is therefore:
5-65A for the 50A CT, & 10-130A for the 100A CT.

However the same CTs when used with a PowerScout 3037, which has high input sensitivity, can be:
1-65A for the 50A CT,   & 2-130A for the 100A CT, as depicted & stated on the PowerScout 3037 brochure.
However, the separate spec sheet for all the CTs, has just used the general spec without adjusting ranges at the bottom end to account for the extra PS 3037 sensitivity.

If you require split core CTs with good turn down & bottom end sensitivity, look at the Mini & Midi hinged split core CTs with their ferrite cores. The Mini & Midi hinged split core CTs are cheaper than the iron cored SCS 50 & 100A CTs and have a better turn down. The only reason a client might choose an iron cored SCS-050 or SCS-100 CT, is if the larger cable opening was required.

As an example: “The RoCoil CTs when used with the ElitePro SP energy logger (top of this page) have been rated safely, as 50 – 5000A, although I have always been able to read them accurately to 20A, at which point the ElitePro SP would cut the readings off.
However, greater sensitivity with the latest ElitePro XC, has resulted in a cut off point for the RoCoils of just 5A.
ie: useful range of 5-5000A, which is a turn down ratio of 1000:1, which is remarkable.
However, there is no guarantee that a measurement of 5A can be made if the RoCoil is connected to some other piece of equipment.”
PowerScout™, ViewPoint™, PhaseChek™ and RoCoil™ are trademarks of DENT Instruments, Inc.

TCA-5 module

Dent TCA-5 Module: You can now use the flexible Dent RoCoil current transformers with legacy equipment that requires a 0-5A current input, with the TCA-5 high accuracy converter module.

TCA-5 5-Amp Converter Module for use with DENT Instruments RoCoil

The RoCoil TCA-5 is a three-channel integrating transconductance amplifier (TCA) that converts the 131mV/1000A electrical output signal from the RoCoil current sensor to a 5 amp AC current, emulating a traditional current sensing transformer.
TCA-5 5-Amp Converter Module for use with DENT Instruments RoCoil
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TCA-5 5-Amp Converter Module for use with DENT Instruments RoCoil

Flexible Current Transformers (CTs) give a clear-cut advantage over conventional split-core or clamp-on CTs, but they do not provide the 0-5A outputs required by many applications.

The new TCA-5 from Dent Instruments fulfils this 5 amp output requirement in the marketplace.

The Dent Rocoil TCA-5 delivers the flexibility and ease of installation of the RoCoil current sensors to applications using power meters with 5A current transformer input.

Those who use 5 amp current input power meters will now be able to take advantage of the easy installation, high accuracy and broad current range coverage offered by RoCoil flex probe CTs.

The RoCoil TCA-5 is factory-calibrated to work with DENT RoCoil CTs (131mV/1000A). It is a DIN rail or panel mounted device requiring an external 48 VDC power supply. The RōCoil TCA-5 has four selectable current ranges:
500, 1K, 2.5K, and 5K amps and selectable frequency for both 50 and 60 Hz systems.

Data sheet on TCA-5 (pdf file, opens in new tab)
User Manual on TCA-5 (pdf file, opens in new tab)


AC/DC 48V Power Supply  (at the right side of the picture)

The RoCoil TCA-5 requires an external 48 VDC power supply for operation.
Two versions of the power supply are available:
a 120/240VAC “low voltage” version and a 200/500VAC “high voltage” version.
The power supply is provided as part of the RoCoil TCA-5 kit or may be ordered separately.

Selectable Current Ranges and Frequency

The RoCoil TCA-5 has four selectable current ranges: 500, 1000, 2500, and 5000A.
The range is changed using a switch on the front of the device. See Current Ranges table (left) for current range information.

A separate switch on the front is used to change the frequency between 50 and 60 Hz.

Output Impedance/Burden

The wire that connects the RoCoil TCA-5 to the power meter is supplied by the user. Linearity and precision are maintained by using the correct output wire size.

The maximum allowable output impedance (or burden) of 70 m-ohm plays a critical role in the selection of output wire size and the allowable distance between the power meter and the RoCoil TCA-5.

The voltage drop allowed by the output circuitry (i.e., the voltage drop due to current flowing through the sum of the wire resistance and meter burden) is 350 mV RMS or 1.75 VA.


The RoCoil TCA-5 is intended to be wall mounted with the output terminals facing up.
Three RoCoil current sensors will typically be installed inside the service panel at the feeder or around the branch circuit of interest.
The RoCoil TCA-5 can be mounted as a panel unit using slide-out tabs on the back or mounted on a 35 mm width DIN rail (a 10″ section of DIN rail is included when ordered as a kit).


The TCA-5 module only comes in a 3 phase version. There is no single phase version.

It will only work with DENT Instruments RoCoil CTs.
It comes into it’s own with the new CT-RXX-4A-U series of RoCoils,
with accuracy of <0.6% over the range 10% to 100% of FSD.
The linearity is also <0.1% over the range of 10% to 100%.
All RoCoils are individually tested at the factory, at 10% & 100% FSD, prior to shipment, to ensure they comply.

The TCA-5 comes complete with DIN rail mounting strip, which also mounts the external power supply.
The 48Vdc power supply comes in two versions, for single phase (A-N) & three phase for (phase-phase) delta supplies.

The great feature is that it has a mechanical range switch on the front cover, which can set the 0-5A output to represent an input range of 500A, 1000A, 2500A, & 5000A, with full resolution.
There is also a switch to select 50Hz or 60Hz supply frequency.
No software or PC set up required.

This product is only for applications where a Rogowski type CT is required to provide a 0-5A output for existing installed equipment, that will only accept a 0-5A input signal, such as metering applications.

Coil dimensions – see diagram below.

Kit pricing, including the TCA-5 and power supply to suit:
Part No Product Detail Price (ex-GST)
TCA-5-HV-KIT RōCoil TCA-5. For use with DENT RōCoil CTs. Includes High Voltage (200/500 VAC) power supply for use on 3-phase services, wiring harness, and TS35/7 DIN rail. (does not include RōCoil CTs) $1,999.20


Note that the DENT spec. advises that DENT do not guarantee that the unit will meet specs or UL list certification, unless the DENT power supply & filter supply is supplied & fitted.

RoCoil series of Current Transformers - for use with TCA-5
Data on RoCoil (pdf file, opens in new tab)

The new improved RoCoil series of CT pricing remains unchanged.

Product Name Part No Price (ex-GST)
RoCoil 40cm Flexible CT CT-R16-A4-U $235.2
RoCoil 60cm Flexible CT CT-R24-A4-U 262 $293.44
RoCoil 90cm Flexible CT CT-R36-A4-U $420
RoCoil 120cm Flexible CT CT-R47-A4-U $501.76
RoCoil 182cm Flexible CT CT-R72-1310-U $840

Note: There is a new model RoCoil introduced which is 47″ long and has an ID of 37cm.

The 72″ model has been retained, but is still in the thicker format.

NOTE WELL: The secret to the successful application of this product is getting the unit mounted physically close to where the 0-5A output is required. Because of the higher 5A signal, customer’s cable size between TCA-5 & metering etc. is critical, and the manuals instructions & suggestions as to cable sizing is very critical.

Product Name Part No Price (ex-GST)
USB Cable CBL-USB-A-B MALE $23.52
Croc Clip HV Clip/Probe CLP-CRC-XXX $24.64
Croc Clip HV Fused Clip/Probe CLP-CRC-FUS-XXX $53.76
Shark Clip HV Clip/Probe CLP-SHARK $53.76
Unterm Lead Set ESP-US-LD-SET $110.88
2M Lead Set ESP-US-2M-LD-SET $140.00
WP Encl EXC-W-INT $784.00
XC Transformer ESP-XFMR $72.80
XC Transf WP XF-09V-ESP-WT $151.20
Case-ESP CASE-ESP $171.36
SP/XC CT Connectors Set 3x2W 1x3W CT-CONN-SET $40.32
PowerScout RS485 Optical adaptor PS-USB-485-ADPT $442.40

Obsolete Products

PS3P-I    PowerScout™ 3 Plus
PS3E-I  PowerScout™ 3 Plus Ethernet
Replaced by PowerScout 3037 models above


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