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ACR SmartReader Plus 3 AC Current data logger

With AC current clamps and optional AC Voltage Transducer

ACR SmartReader Plus 3: AC Current, Voltage & Temperature Data Logger

SmartReader Plus 3

ACR’s SmartReader Plus range of data loggers has been renowned for years, for their extreme reliability, 10 year built in battery, and versatile design. The SRP-003 is an 8-channel data logger that measures AC Current, Voltage & Temperature. The current and voltage are measured via external current and voltage transducers which output 0-5V DC.

The easy-to-use clamp-on CT’s (current transformers) provide safe current readings by simply clamping them around the power leads. AC voltage is monitored by connecting the Australian AC voltage transducer to the 5V channels.


  • Recording energy consumption over time
  • “Before & after” energy comparison
  • Monitoring 3-phase voltage and current
  • Start-up or long-term load analysis
  • Demand side management
  • Electric motor maintenance scheduling

Note: This data logger cannot measure Power Factor. Hence while the TrendReader software can calculate kW / kWh based on an assumed / known power factor, the accuracy will depend largely on how well you know the power factor. For kW / kWh logging where the power factor is not known or varies over time, we recommend using a data logger with direct AC inputs such as EliteProXC or CyberVisuell LDW-6092K.


Current Ranges:

0 to 10 Amp 25 Amp & 50 Amps w/ CT-153 Current Probe
0.5 to 250 Amps w/ CT-253 Current Probe
2 to 500 Amps w/ CT-353 Current Probe
0.1 to 1000 Amps w/ CT-453 Current Probe

Nominal Voltages:

120, 240, 480, and 600 VAC
1500 Vrms Isolation between CT Core and Data Logger


Current Transducer: +/- 3.5% FS (above 10% of Range)
Voltage Channels: +/- 0.5% FS (5 VDC)

No. of Channels:

Eight: One internal for ambient temperature, and seven with 0-5VDC range. Typically the 0-5V DC inputs are configured as follows:
4 channels of AC current for use with ACR current clamps to monitor 3 phase current plus neutral, and
3 channels with our VT-100 AC voltage transducers to monitor 3 phase voltage.

Data on SmartReader Plus 3 (SRP3) (pdf, opens in a new tab)

Data on CT-153 Current Probe 10/25/50A (pdf, opens in a new tab)
Data on CT-253 Current Probe 250A (pdf, opens in a new tab)
Data on CT-353 Current Probe 500A (pdf, opens in a new tab)
Data on CT-453 Current Probe 1000A (pdf, opens in a new tab)

Data Logger Models

SRP-003-5V-128K, SmartReader Plus 3 AC Current and Voltage logger with 128KB memory: $1155+GST     (3/2019)
SRP-003-5V-1.5M, SmartReader Plus 3 AC Current and Voltagelogger with 1.5MB memory: $1560+GST

Current Clamps:

CT-153 Current Probe, clamp on, 10/25/50A AC with 0-5V DC output: $125+GST     (3/2019)
CT-253 Current Probe, clamp on, 250A AC with 0-5V DC output: $225+GST
CT-353 Current Probe, clamp on, 500A AC with 0-5V DC output: $255+GST
CT-453 Current Probe, clamp on, 1000A AC with 0-5V DC output: $310+GST

Voltage Transducer:

VT-100  Australian AC voltage transducer, 0-230VAC (active-neutral) to 0-5VDC: $125+GST

Also required with SmartReader Plus loggers: TrendReader for Windows software & USB cable kit, see below.

For interfacing SmartReader Plus loggers to modems or networks, one of the IC-101 RS232 serial interface cables can be used, see below for models.

Faster logging, up to 25 samples per second
To log at rates faster than once every 8 seconds, SmartReader Plus Data Loggers require a separate 5V power supply.
This can be achieved by using a USB cable to a computer (powered up), or the BP-101 Battery pack, or a 5V power supply.

For fast scanning, see BP-101 Battery Pack option at the end of this section.

BP-101 Battery pack: A male stereo jack and cable plugs directly into the communication port on the logger.
Uses 4 AAA batteries (included) and are user replaceable. Length: 23cm.

The SmartReader Plus always samples internally every 8 seconds (or less for faster sampling rates).
When using slower sampling rates, the 8 second internal samples are averaged over the sample period, and logged to memory at the set recording interval. This is an advantage in many applications.

Software: TrendReader for Windows


TrendReader® 3 is a powerful, versatile and easy-to-use software application for all versions of windows, designed exclusively for ACR’s SmartReader Plus, SmartReader, IAQ, OWL, TRH, JR and Nautilus data loggers.

Powerful features and easy setup enables collected data to be thoroughly analyzed in seconds.

TrendReader 2 Software details includes download trial (ACR site, opens in new tab)

Data Sheet on TrendReader 2 Rev 6, 7/11/2012 (pdf, opens in a new tab)

Data collected in ACR Data Loggers is downloaded using the USB port of a computer.

TrendReader Software features:

  • Simple logger setup window
  • Compound multiple graphs to a resultant graph
  • Export data to most spreadsheet formats
  • Interface with remote loggers via modem
  • Multi-graph display
  • Zoom
  • Scale units
  • Add comments
  • Data table view

Updates: TrendReader updates are available free of charge to existing users at the ACR website – downloads. Simply click on the “Download” tab on the opening screen, and download. This update software will only install into a PC or laptop with an existing authorised version of TrendReader for Windows software.

TR3-IC102 TrendReader3 software package incl. IC-102 USB interface cable: $295+GST
The cable has a 3.5mm minijack plug for the logger, and a USB plug for the computer port.

Also available serial cables:
IC-101 DB9 Serial RS-232 cable to connect SmartReader Plus data loggers to PC serial ports or serial device servers: $195+GST
IC-101RFA  DE9M connector w/built in Null Modem for connection to DCE (RF/Cellular Modem) c/w 30cm M-M Stereo Cable: $195+GST

BP-101 Battery Pack

Fast Sampling Battery Pack 101

SmartReader Plus Data Loggers require the BP-101 Battery pack to log at rates faster than once every 8 seconds. A male stereo jack and cable plugs directly into the communication port on the logger. Uses 4 AAA batteries (included) and are user replaceable.

Size: 80 x 55 x 40 cm (3.25 x 2 x 1.5 inches)

Portable power supply for SmartReader Plus data loggers to allow them to sample faster than 8 seconds.

BP-101 Battery pack: $105+GST

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