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Electrical Power Data Logger

Looking for an electrical power data logger, or power analyser? We’d love to help you buy the right product. Scroll down to see our range.
You’ll need to think about these questions:

  • Do you need to monitor appliances that plug into power points, or wired-in equipment, or whole circuits of a building?
  • Is it single phase or 3-phase?
  • How many circuits do you need to monitor at once?
  • What information do you want to record? (e.g. current, voltage, kilowatt-hours, peak kilowatts, peak current, power factor, time of usage, spikes and surges, etc)
  • What accuracy do you need? (e.g. better than 1% for billing, or less accurate for energy use comparisons)
  • Do you need a permanent or temporary setup?
  • How often would you need to take measurements?
  • How often do you want to collect the recorded data from the power logger?

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for help choosing the right product.

CyberVisuell handheld 3-phase power data loggers

LDW-6092 3-phase power data loggerCyberVisuell handheld 3-phase power data loggers and analysers, which measure and record many parameters including real power, power factor, phase angle, volts, amps, frequency etc.

Dent ElitePro-XC poly-phase power data logger

ElitePro XC 3-Phase Data LoggerDent ElitePro-XC Poly-Phase Power Data Logger: a high accuracy 3-phase AC power data logger that records current, voltage, kWh, watts, power factor, etc, with many CT options

Power-Mate appliance power monitor

Power-Mate appliance power meter Power-Mate: A rugged, simple to use handheld instrument for accurately measuring and logging power usage of electrical equipment

Power Quality Analysers

PITE-3561 Power Quality Analyser Sophisticated Power Quality Analysers with colour screens, for detailed power analysis such as harmonics, waveforms, inrush currents, transients etc.

SimpleLogger AC current & voltage loggers

SimpleLogger CL601 Clamp Data LoggerAEMC SimpleLogger II series: Simple to use, 1 or 2 channel loggers including 1-channel current clamp logger, and AC voltage and current loggers

ACR SmartReader Plus 3 AC power logger

SmartReader Plus 3 AC Current & Voltage LoggerACR SmartReader Plus 3: Small, high quality battery powered 3-phase AC power data logger

ACR PowerWatch voltage disturbance recorder

ACR PowerWatch Voltage Disturbance LoggerACR PowerWatch voltage disturbance recorder: a simple plug-in data logger that monitors and records disturbances in the mains power supply, including surges, sags, outages, impulses, frequency anomalies, and time events

Dent SMARTlogger Time-of-Use (TOU) Monitors (Limited Stock Left)

Smartlogger Time Of Use Data LoggerDent SMARTlogger Time-of-Use (TOU) Monitors: Small data loggers that record the on and off times of equipment, with several monitoring methods including light, magnetic field, CT, contact closure

Dent PowerScout Modbus Power Meter

PowerScout3037Dent PowerScout: an RS-485 networked power meter which measures all common power parameters on multiple phases and circuits, with Modbus communications for connection to external data loggers / RTU’s etc

Dent TCA-5 Converter – RoCoil Flexible CT’s to 0-5 Amp

TCA-5 converts RoCoils to 0-5ADent TCA-5 Module: You can now use the flexible Dent RoCoil current transformers with legacy equipment that requires a 0-5A current input, with the TCA-5 high accuracy converter module.