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Electrical Power Data Loggers

Data loggers & meters for 3-phase and single phase power

Looking for an electrical power data logger? Or maybe a 3 phase power analyser? Choose from cost effective hand held units, to full featured data loggers and power analysers. Scroll down to take a look – then give us a call to discuss your needs.

Read More (Questions to consider)

  • Do you need to monitor appliances that plug into power points, or wired-in equipment, or whole circuits of a building?
  • Is it single phase or 3-phase?
  • How many circuits do you need to monitor at once?
  • What information do you want to record? (e.g. current, voltage, kilowatt-hours, peak kilowatts, peak current, power factor, time of usage, spikes and surges, etc)
  • What accuracy do you need? (e.g. better than 1% for billing, or less accurate for energy use comparisons)
  • Do you need a permanent or temporary setup?
  • How often would you need to take measurements?
  • How often do you want to collect the recorded data from the power logger?

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for help choosing the right product.

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LDW-6092 3-phase power data logger

Hand-held 3-phase power data loggers

CyberVisuell handheld 3-phase power data loggers & analysers: Measure and record real power, kWh, power factor, phase, volts, amps, frequency etc.
Price guide: $2261+ (ex-GST)


Dent ELITEpro XC 3-Phase Power Data Logger

Dent ElitePro-XC 3-Phase Power Data Logger: High accuracy 3-phase AC power data logger that records current, voltage, kWh, watts, power factor, etc, with many CT options, plus DC sensor inputs.
Price guide: $3000+ (ex-GST) onwards…

SimpleLogger CL601 Clamp Data Logger


SimpleLogger AC current & voltage loggers

AEMC SimpleLogger II series: Simple to use, 1 & 2 channel loggers, including current clamp logger, AC voltage & current loggers.
Price guide: $800+ (ex GST)

Power-Mate appliance power meter


Power-Mate Appliance Power Monitor

Power-Mate: A rugged, simple to use handheld instrument for accurately measuring and logging power usage of electrical equipment.
Price guide: $162+ (1 phase, ex-GST)   /   $1600+ (3 phase Pro, ex-GST)

Metrel MI-2892 Power Quality Analyser

Power Quality Analysers

Full featured power quality analysers, for detailed power analysis including harmonics, waveforms, inrush currents, transients etc.
Price guide: $3200+ (ex-GST) 


SmartReader Plus 3 AC Current & Voltage Logger

ACR SmartReader Plus 3 AC Voltage/Current Logger

ACR SmartReader Plus 3: Small, high quality battery powered 3-phase AC voltage & current data logger.
Price guide: $1905+ (ex-GST, including software package) plus clamps etc

ACR PowerWatch Voltage Disturbance Logger

ACR PowerWatch Voltage Disturbance Recorder

ACR PowerWatch Voltage Disturbance Recorder: A simple plug-in data logger that records disturbances in the mains power supply, including surges, sags, outages, impulses, frequency anomalies.
Price guide: $1285 (ex-GST)


Dent PowerScout – Modbus Power Meter

Dent PowerScout: an RS-485 / Ethernet networked power meter which measures all common power parameters on multiple phases and circuits, with Modbus communications for connection to external data loggers / RTU’s etc.
Price guide: $1400+ (ex-GST)

Custom Data Logging Solutions

Can’t find an off the shelf product to suit? Ask us to customise a data logging solution for you. With our wide range of general purpose data loggers, current transformers, signal conditioners and PLC’s we can put together a solution to cover almost any requirement. Call us now to discuss your needs.

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