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Computer Peripherals - Embedded

Peripherals and add-on cards to suit embedded PC’s, including PC/104, miniPCI etc, and panel mounting keyboards and monitors

Mini PCI bus cards

PCI Peripheral cards in the very small Mini-PCI form factor, including Wi-Fi cards suitable for laptops or embedded applications

Compact PCI cards

Peripheral cards for CompactPCI systems – a rugged form factor including a card cage with PCI signalling (e.g. Advantech MIC-3000)

PMC Cards (PCI Mezzanine Cards)

Peripheral daughter-cards, PMC form factor, designed to plug on top of other boards such as VME

Panel Mount Keyboards, Trackballs etc

Industrial grade keyboards and pointing devices suitable for panel mounting

Panel Mount / Open Frame LCD Monitors

Industrial grade LCD monitors suitable for panel mounting from front or rear

JED LCD Displays & CPU Cards

Small embeddable LCD displays and PC cards – JED Microprocessors

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