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Advantech WebAccess

Advantech WebAccess, as the core of Advantech’s IoT solution, provides users with a cross-platform, cross-browser data access experience and a user interface based on HTML5 technology. With WebAccess, users can build an information management platform and improve the effectiveness of vertical markets’ development and management.

Advantech WebAccess provides an HTML5 based Dashboard as the next generation of WebAccess HMI. System integrators can use Dashboard Editor to create the customized information page by using analysis charts and diagrams which are called widgets. After the dashboard screens have been created, end user can view the data by Dashboard Viewer with any browser for a seamless viewing experience across PCs, Macs, tablets and smartphones.

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WebAccess/SCADA Browser-Based SCADA Software

Advantech WebAccess/SCADA is a 100% web-based SCADA software solution/IIoT platform with open interfaces for developing IoT applications aimed at various vertical markets.
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It also acts as a gateway for collecting data from ground equipment and transferring the data to cloud applications via MQTT publish/subscribe. In addition to traditional SCADA functions, WebAccess/SCADA features an HTML5-based intelligent dashboard that enables cross-platform, cross-browser data analysis.

The basic components of WebAccess/SCADA are as follows:

  1. Project Node: This is the project development It also acts as a web server for all clients to connect to development projects, thus facilitating remote monitoring and system control. All system configuration settings, project database files, and graphics are stored in this node.
  2. SCADA Node: With various built-in device drivers, this node enables real-time communication with and control over automation equipment via serial, Ethernet, or proprietary communication It also provides real-time data access for all remote clients.
  3. ViewDAQ Client: Through Microsoft Internet Explorer’s ActiveX control, ViewDAQ Client monitors and controls the SCADA Clients must first connect to the project node to obtain the SCADA node address before they can communicate directly with the SCADA node. Data can be visualized in real time as dynamic graphics, presenting historical trends and alarm information for the user. ViewDAQ Client can be used to acknowledge alarms and adjust set-point data, status data, and other information.
  4. Dashboard Client: This enables users to access the dashboard server via any browser on any platform (e.g., computer, pad, or smartphone) with iOS, Android, or
  5. WebAccess APP: This provides a new interface for displaying usage Connecting to the WebAccess server enables users to perform remote monitoring of control points and alarms while visualizing trends and communication statuses via the dashboard. Additionally, it provides push notifications for mobile devices.


  • Enables 100% web-based remote engineering, monitoring, and control
  • Driver support for major PLCs, PACs, I/O modules, CNCs, network switches, and computer platforms
  • Supports standard protocols including Modbus, OPC UA, OPC DA, Ethernet/ IP, DNP3, SNMP, and BACnet
  • WISE-PaaS/Dashboard and WISE-PaaS/SaaS Composer on-premises integration which is highly leveraged with cloud versions that brings visualization to next level
  • Provides WebAccess APP for remote monitoring/control and alarm push notification for Android/iOS mobile devices
  • Easily integrated with third-party software (e.g., MES and ERP) via open interface web services (RESTful API and SignalR), widget interfaces, and WebAccess APIs
  • Flexible database restore mode for automatic data access with improved query speeds
  • Soft license online authentication

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WebAccess/CNC – CNC Machine Networking Solution

Advantech WebAccess/CNC is a core software solution for networking CNC machines. Leveraging the 100% web-based architecture of the WebAccess/SCADA platform, WebAccess/CNC provides not only crucial CNC networking functions, but also the benefits of SCADA software for CNC machining.
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With the inclusion of I/O device monitoring capabilities, WebAccess/CNC enables CNC information management and status visualization. Internet Explorer can be used to browse SCADA web pages and monitor/capture real-time CNC and production status data to improve efficiency and analyze device availability. Designed specifically for the machine tool market, WebAccess/CNC is integrated with numerous SCADA drivers and can support a wide range of CNC, I/O, and PLC devices to facilitate equipment data collection and industrial networking application development.


  • Automatically generates CNC projects for WebAccess/SCADA software
  • Supports CNC machine and I/O device monitoring
  • Supports leading CNC network controllers
  • Provides CNC machining status and PLC register monitoring
  • Provides CNC availability queries and NC file transfer function
  • Provides historical CNC alarm and operation queries
  • Supports all features and full functions of WebAccess/SCADA software

Datasheet on WebAccess/CNC (pdf, opens in a new tab)


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