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PC I/O Devices

Analog and digital I/O modules and cards for PC, including internal I/O cards and external USB I/O modules

Analog I/O Cards

Analog input modules provide various sources of input, such as thermocouple, RTD, thermistor or general analog signals. 

Digital I/O Cards

Digital input/output modules provide isolation and fault protection, which secure a stable operation. 

USB Data Acquisition Modules

Rugged, industrial grade USB-based analog and digital I/O Modules, including low cost multifunction modules and high performance modules

Pico Analog Input modules

Pico low cost and high performance I/O modules that connect via USB or parallel port

Pico Oscilloscope/Logger modules for PC

Pico high performance I/O modules that provide Oscilloscope or Data Logger functionality through your PC

Data Translation DT9800 USB hi-performance I/O

Data Translation DT9800 series USB-2.0 high performance I/O modules, offering high speed and high resolution data acquisition with the convenience of USB

Dataq high performance I/O modules

Dataq innovative analog and digital I/O modules and data loggers, with serial / USB / Ethernet / Synchronous Ethernet connection

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