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USB Temperature and Humidity Data Loggers

Temperature data loggers and humidity data loggers are among the most popular types of data loggers available. They’re incredibly versatile, user-friendly and compact. We have a range of product solutions designed to fit any application you may need.

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Temperature and humidity data loggers typically come with sensors built in that are able to measure humidity and ambient temperature in different settings. There are several popular applications for USB temperature loggers including:

  • Fridges and Freezers – For commercial food and pharmaceutical storage it’s critical that your fridges and freezers stay within the right temperature range. Temperature data loggers are ideal for this, especially the wireless models with alarms to SMS or email.
  • Greenhouses – Maintaining the correct level of humidity and temperature in your greenhouse helps to ensure that your plants thrive. A round the clock monitoring process with alarms, a wireless temperature logger is an excellent fit.
  • Warehouses – USB temperature loggers are popular in warehouses because humidity can encourage mould growth and spoil items. You can set up temperature and humidity data loggers around your warehouse and get multiple readings at once.
  • Attics and Basements – Keeping moisture out of your attic or basement is critical to keeping mould and mildew growth down. A temperature data logger will continually monitor these known problem areas and allow you to keep track of levels, so you can make any adjustments that are necessary.

Esis stocks humidity data loggers that use externally connected humidity and temperature probes to extend temperature readings to areas where you can’t place the logger itself, such as in an oven or in the centre of a bottle. Multi-channel loggers can also combine several temperature and humidity readings onto a single graph so you can see how things vary over time.

Esis Has Wireless Temperature Loggers Available

Our range of USB temperature loggers are an excellent solution for commercial or domestic use. We have temperature data loggers as small as a coin, along with other size and shape options. Our staff excel at tailoring our temperature and humidity data loggers to suit your needs, and we’re ready to discuss your options with you.

If you’d like to know more about our stock of quality humidity data loggers, reach out and contact us. Our staff are on hand and ready to help you find the best wireless temperature logger to suit your needs. All you need to do is ask!


Where should I put my humidity sensor?

The main purpose of humidity sensors is to measure the humidity affecting particular objects, or affecting people. Hence you should place the humidity sensor at a location within the same area (sharing the air mass) of the objects or people involved. In addition, to avoid spurious readings, certain constraints also apply. Your humidity logger should be placed in an area that is away from radiant heat or cold to ensure that the readings are correct for your environment. A temperature and humidity meter should not be placed in direct light from windows or spotlights and should be away from direct air flow such as that produced by an air-conditioner.

Which sensor measures moisture level with temperature?

Whether you choose a wireless or a USB temperature and humidity data logger the sensors in each of our models are able to measure the water vapor and moisture in the air, as well as temperature, to provide you with an accurate humidity reading. The relative humidity is measured on a scale of 0 to 100%. Wireless humidity loggers can be fitted with an alarm and notification system to ensure that your readings are transmitted to you, no matter where you are.

How accurate are humidity sensors?

Typically humidity loggers come with accuracies around 3-5%, which is good enough for most applications. However in some cases the humidity needs to be regulated within very tight limits, for example in museums, pharmaceutical manufacturing, etc. For this kind of application, high accuracy humidity sensors are also available, with the best sensors accurate to 1% or better.

Does my phone have a humidity sensor?

Most newer phones do not have built in humidity sensors, but they do usually include a temperature data logger for the battery. If you have one of the few smartphones with a humidity sensor built in, there are apps that can be downloaded to measure humidity levels. Bear in mind a phone sensor will not be as accurate as using a project specific humidity sensor.

How long do humidity sensors last?

A data logger for temperature and humidity will typically last from 7 to 10 years, provided that it is kept in a clean environment and regularly calibrated. Contact us to discuss our calibration services for your humidity and temperature data logger to ensure that you are making the most of your equipment and that it, in turn, is providing you with the most accurate data available.

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MicroLite USB Small Data Loggers

The family of MicroLite USB data loggers includes six models covering temperature, humidity, current and voltage measurements, providing the ideal solution for a wide range of industrial applications.

Cryopak iMini Temp & Humidity Data Loggers – Low Cost

Cryopak iMini: Small, temperature only or temp + humidity data loggers with LCD display, single use or multiple use


Cryopak Single Use Data Loggers

The iMINI LCD is a single-trip temperature logger with a large LCD screen for easy-viewing of temperature data. The advanced monitoring technology in this product provides higher accuracy when detecting changes in shipment temperature.



SingleRide Single-trip PDF Temperature data Logger

Small, light, waterproof and in a food safe wrapper, this data logger is ideal for monitoring the temperature in transport, storage and testing process.

PicoLite Limited Trips USB Temperature Data Logger

The compact and easy-to-use PicoLite USB data logger provides an ideal solution for temperature monitoring throughout the cold chain transportation network.

MicroLog Pro II Temperature/RH Data Loggers

The MicroLog product line includes a range of low-cost, portable data loggers for supply chain monitoring, featuring internal temperature and humidity sensors with one external input for connection to temperature, current and voltage sensors.

Cryopak iLog Temp & Humidity Data Loggers – Full Featured

Cryopak iLog: Small, temperature only or temperature and humidity data logger with LCD display, LEDs, and many options


Fourtec DataNet wireless data logger system

The DataNet wireless system is a data acquisition solution developed for 24/7 real-time monitoring for mission critical organizations.


High temp loggers for autoclaves etc

A wide range of rugged, immersible temperature data loggers for autoclaves and similar high temperature (to 135 deg C) and high pressure applications – stainless steel or aluminium casings, some wireless

Thermochron coin-sized loggers

Thermocron: Very small, low cost temperature / temp and humidity data loggers in a rugged metal can the size of a coin


LogTag card-sized temp loggers with LED / LCD

Logtag: low cost credit-card sized temperature / temp and humidity data loggers with LEDs and start button, some with LCD display

interSeptor Server Room Monitoring

interSeptor series: Power & Environmental Monitoring for Data Centres, Server Rooms and Racks. An effective monitoring and alerting system for air-conditioning failure, water ingress, fire, power failures and physical security breaches

ACR Systems – JR-2000 and TRH-1000

ACR Systems – JR-2000 and TRH-1000

ACR Systems JR-2000: a small USB temperature-only logger with long battery life.
TRH-1000: a small 8-bit temperature and humidity logger with DB9 serial connector built-in.

ACR SmartReader Plus 4 data loggers

ACR SmartReader Plus 4 Pressure/Temp/Humidity data loggers

ACR SmartReader Plus 4 data loggers are multi-channel, user configurable data loggers that monitor pressure, temperature and humidity.


ACR SmartReader Plus data loggers

ACR SmartReader Plus Temperature (& Humidity) data loggers

ACR SmartReader Plus data loggers are multi-channel, high quality data loggers that monitor a variety of parameters and feature a 10 year battery life.



Humidity Temperature & Multimeter Dataloggers – CENTER

Center low cost multimeter style temperature and humidity data logger


Testo Data Loggers

Testo data loggers for temperature / humidity: 1 to 4 channel, with a range of probe types, with or without displays, with many options

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