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Temperature / Humidity Loggers

Data loggers for measuring and recording temperature and/or humidity – commonly used for cold chain monitoring.

MicroLite USB Small Data Loggers

The family of MicroLite USB data loggers includes six models covering temperature, humidity, current and voltage measurements, providing the ideal solution for a wide range of industrial applications.

interSeptor Server Room Monitoring

interSeptor series: Power & Environmental Monitoring for Data Centres, Server Rooms and Racks. An effective monitoring and alerting system for air-conditioning failure, water ingress, fire, power failures and physical security breaches

MicroLog Pro II Temperature/RH Data Loggers

The MicroLog product line includes a range of low-cost, portable data loggers for supply chain monitoring, featuring internal temperature and humidity sensors with one external input for connection to temperature, current and voltage sensors.

PicoLite Single Use USB Temperature Data Logger

The compact and easy-to-use PicoLite USB data logger provides an ideal solution for temperature monitoring throughout the cold chain transportation network.

Fourtec DataNet wireless data logger system

The DataNet wireless system is a data acquisition solution developed for 24/7 real-time monitoring for mission critical organizations.


DaqLink 4 Universal Input Data Loggers

The DaqLink Temp logger is a stand-alone device with USB interface, offering rich functionality in a compact size.


Cryopak iMini Temp & Humidity Data Loggers – Low Cost

Cryopak iMini: Small, temperature only or temp + humidity data loggers with LCD display, single use or multiple use


Cryopak iLog Temp & Humidity Data Loggers – Full Featured

Cryopak iLog: Small, temperature only or temperature and humidity data logger with LCD display, LEDs, and many options


Comet Temp/Humidity Loggers USB/Serial/Ethernet

Comet Temperature and Humidity Loggers, with two 0-5V external sensor inputs, versatile connectivity with USB, RS-232, Ethernet, Cellular/SMS options

Testo Data Loggers

Testo data loggers for temperature / humidity: 1 to 4 channel, with a range of probe types, with or without displays, with many options

Thermochron coin-sized loggers

Thermocron: Very small, low cost temperature / temp and humidity data loggers in a rugged metal can the size of a coin


Disklog – thermocron with metal disk & chain

Disklog: Thermocron temperature data loggers with a metal disk and chain, for convenient use in cold chain monitoring


LogTag card-sized temp loggers with LED / LCD

Logtag: low cost credit-card sized temperature / temp and humidity data loggers with LEDs and start button, some with LCD display

Center – multimeter style Temp/Hum. logger

Center low cost multimeter style temperature and humidity data logger


ACR Systems – JR-1000 / TRH-1000

ACR Systems JR-1000: a small 8-bit temperature-only logger with DB9 connector built-in; TRH-1000: a small 8-bit temperature and humidity logger with DB9 connector built-in

ACR Systems – OWL 100 / 200

ACR Systems OWL 100 and OWL 200: small 8-bit temperature loggers with optical data transfer, flashing alarm LED, waterproof option, with internal or external sensors

High temp loggers for autoclaves etc

A wide range of rugged, immersible temperature data loggers for autoclaves and similar high temperature (to 135 deg C) and high pressure applications – stainless steel or aluminium casings, some wireless