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Esis, The Go-To Guys for Industrial Electronic Equipment

Australia’s highly experienced supplier and integrator of industrial electronics,
that gives you, the decision maker:

  • the short cut to find the ideal equipment for your project,
  • backed up with support from qualified engineers with decades of experience,
  • eliminating risk from wrong purchases, and
  • delivering the right solutions for your project’s success.

Power Monitoring

Choose from a wide range of electrical power data loggers and instruments, for checking energy usage, sub-metering, and troubleshooting power issues.

Data Loggers

Monitor your processes or environments with a data logging system to cut costs and reduce risks.

Fanless PC's

Browse through a variety of compact industrial grade fanless PC’s – rugged an reliable, ideal for dusty and harsh environments

Temperature Loggers

Choose from a wide selection of Temperature Data Loggers for recording Temperature and/or Humidity, wired or wireless

Industrial LCD Monitors

Get the exact industrial LCD monitor that you need, from our massive range of high quality industrial LCD monitors with customisable options.

Custom Industrial PC's

Do you need a well engineered, professionally built industrial computer customised for your needs?

Industrial Keyboards

In a wet, dusty or hazardous environment, industrial keyboards are a must. Choose from a variety of different types.

Industrial Modems & Routers

Industrial and M2M modems and routers, including fixed line, radio modems, 3G/HSDPA modems, 3G/4G routers

Server Room Monitoring

Protect your IT infrastructure from overheating, water leaks, and other environmental hazards with a reliable monitoring system.

Weather Sensing

Choose from individual weather sensors or complete weather stations, all professional grade.

Rugged Notebooks

Notebooks and tablet PC’s that are used outdoors need to be designed for the task – drop proof, waterproof, daylight usable and long lasting. Choose from several brands.

Computer Carts

Medical computer trolleys and teaching computer carts improve productivity and reduce fatigue.

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A few of our Clients:


I have worked with many suppliers and service providers of technology solutions and I must say this was one of the most impressive experiences I have had in some time.

Gavin White

Whenever an order is made, Esis make a big effort to have their products shipped and delivered to us in the shortest time possible.

Aaron Carpenter

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