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Specific Purpose Data Loggers

Data loggers designed for specific purposes, including mains power monitoring, pressure, time-of-use, etc

Temperature & Humidity loggers

A wide range of temperature and humidity data loggers for diverse applications

Electrical Power loggers

Data loggers for measuring and recording AC electrical power, single or 3 phase, including voltage, current, kW, kWh, VA, power factor, and anomalies

CO2 gas data loggers

Data loggers for measuring and recording CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) gas levels

ACR SmartReader / Plus multi-channel loggers

ACR SmartReader and SmartReader Plus: Small, high quality battery powered multi-channel data loggers, several models available to suit various sensor types, including 3-phase AC power monitoring

Event & Timing Data Loggers

Small data loggers that record the on and off times of equipment, with several monitoring methods including light, magnetic field, CT, contact closure

Weather Stations with data logging

Complete stand-alone weather stations with data logger built-in – Monitor Sensors

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