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ADAM-5000 Series, APAX Series Distributed Data Acquisition and Control System

Advantech APAX Series

The Fieldbus concept will change the control environment and device characteristics of future control systems in both processing and manufacturing. Compared with traditional systems, the Fieldbus system reduces cost of cabling, commissioning, and installation. In addition, the Fieldbus system has greater reliability.
The ADAM-5000 series, a compact distributed data acquisition and control system, supports the shift toward Fieldbus-based systems.
Based on popular Fieldbus data communication structures such as RS-485 and Modbus, the ADAM-5000 series now offers two different DA&C systems that allow field I/O devices to easily connect to PC network applications: the ADAM5000 DA&C systems and the ADAM-5510 series of PC-based controllers.

Advantech’s APAX-5000 series provides an open development architecture and integrates control, information processing, and networking in a single control system.

APAX-5000 series features dual controllers for different tasks, making it superior to other PAC products in the market.
APAX-5000 series versatility, flexibility and scalability can fully satisfy complicated automation industry needs.
The APAX-5000 I/O modules have many attractive features to reduce the effort of the engineers, such as
hot swap capability,
high density,
clamp type terminal blocks,
ID switches,
writable labels with wiring information, and a flexible expansion topology.

The members of the APAX-5000 series include controllers, I/O modules, backplanes and power supply modules.
    YouTube video about APAX   7.5 minutes

APAX-5000 series can be applied in the batch process production environments like food & beverage, pharmacy, machinery control and critical environmental systems.

The APAX-5000 PAC series (Programmable Automation Controller) from Advantech inherits all advantages of PAC architectures while integrating control, information processing and networking in a single platform.
    Datasheet on ADAM-5000 Series (pdf file, 2 pages, opens in new tab)

ADAM-5000 Fieldbus

ADAM-5000 Fieldbus

Fieldbus has many benefits and cost reductions in cabling, commissioning, installation and reliability.
ADAM-5000 Series modules can operate between -10°C and +70°C,
with an unregulated power supply between 10 and 30VDC.         Warranty period: 2 years.

Fieldbus comms protocols

RS485 or CAN (Controller Area Network).

ADAM-5000 series can control, monitor & acquire data through the multi-channel I/O modules which plug onto the ADAM-5000.
The systems provide intelligent signal conditioning, analog I/O, digital I/O and communication.
Each system can handle any combination of I/O modules.
Systems communicate with their controlling host over a single twisted pair of wires in the multidrop fieldbus network.

The base units are the ADAM-5000 & ADAM-5000E
which house a CPU, power regulator, two comms ports,
and four, or eight slots, which take various multi-channel I/O plug-in modules.

Many ADAM-5000s can be easily networked together in a system.

Data transfer rate is similar to the ADAM-4000 series modules, i.e. 10 channels per second accross the network, regardless of how many channels there are.

Setup/Utility Software
Easy-to-use menu-driven utility software, including a terminal emulation program, makes configuration and calibration easy.
It also lets you easily read from and write to the ADAM-5000 system.
Writing application programs with this software is simple, and you can learn the basics in just a few minutes.

Supported by Major HMI Software Package ADAM DLL Driver
The ADAM API Dynamic Link Library (DLL) driver lets you control ADAM modules from your Windows application programs.
The DLL driver can use PC COM ports COM1 or COM2.
This library supports C/C++ and Visual BASIC.
Drivers support analog I/O, and digital I/O, as well as counter and temperature measurement.
For easy setup and troubleshooting the package also includes Windows programs for data display, module setup and terminal emulation.

PCLS-ADAMVIEW32 SOFTWARE, HMI Software for ADAM I/O Products $231+GST      9/14
PCLS-ADPSTD-AE SOFTWARE, ActiveDAQ Pro Standard Version $78
PCLS-DIAGAW10 SOFTWARE, Remote Monitoring & Diagnosis for eA $127
PCLS-LOGIXVIEW10-E SOFTWARE, HMI Development Toolkit $231
PCLS-OPC/ADM30-AE SOFTWARE, Advantech ADAM Protocol for OPC Server $182
PCLS-OPC/MTP30-AE SOFTWARE, Advantech Modbus/TCP for OPC Server $182
PCLS-OPC/RTU30-AE SOFTWARE, Advantech Modbus/RTU for OPC Server $182

ADAM-5000 (Advantech Catalog)
For detailed information on any ADAM-5000 Series item, use the above link.


ADAM-5000/485 is designed for larger scaled systems but not for real time applications.
Has an 80188 CPU, 128KB Flash ROM, 32KB RAM, transparent to the user, watchdog timer
RS232, RS485, + programming port (RS232), slots for 4x ADAM-5000 modules.

ADAM-5000TCP_Manual_4.3 (.pdf file, opens in new tab or window)

ADAM-5000_IO_Module_Manual_Ed-2.11 (.pdf file, opens in new tab or window)

ADAM-5000-485_Manual-7.6 (.pdf file, opens in new tab or window)

ADAM-5000 CanOpen (.doc file, opens in new tab or window)   

Plug-in Modules: see below

ADAM-5000E Economic System – 8 slots

With an enlarged I/O capacity, ADAM-5000E can best serve as an economic distributed DA&C solution.
Its modularized design provides 8-slot capacity for ADAM-5000 I/O modules with up to 128 I/O-point capability.

Based on the EIA RS-485 communication protocol, ADAM-5000E can transmit and receive data at high data rates up to 115.2Kbps.
Powerful communication support allows user to choose RS-232 or RS-485 port to connect with ADAM-5000E and host PC.
3000VDC surge protection prevents the system from damages caused by dangerous voltage or power spikes.
ASCII-based command format allows applications to communicate with ADAM-5000E using ASCII strings.

ADAM-5000/485-AE   CIRCUIT MODULE, 4-slot Distributed DA&C System Based on RS-485 $350+GST     9/14
ADAM-5000/TCP-BE  CIRCUIT MODULE, 8-slot Distributed DA&C System Based on Ethernet $535
ADAM-5000E-AE        CIRCUIT MODULE, 8-slot Distributed DA&C System Based on RS-485 $469
ADAM-5000L/TCP-AE CIRCUIT MODULE, 4-Slot Ethernet-based Distributed DA&C System $443

ADAM-5500 Series

Advantech, a global leader in Industrial Computing, has won another ‘Taiwan Excellence’ award, this time for their new generation PAC controller – the ADAM-5550KW. Selected out of 487 pieces of work, the judges, composed of the officials from the Bureau of Foreign Trade under the Ministry of Economic Affairs, emphasizing its resource integration, bestowed upon the PAC controller an award that is a symbol of its innovation.

PAC’s are powerful and versatile controllers combining a PLC’s ruggedness with a PC’s functionality under a flexible, open architecture. The robust ADAM-5550KW allows users to build complex systems with advanced control, communication, data logging, and signal processing capabilities. ADAM-5550KW is designed for users who need a high performance and cost-effective solution for complex control applications.

Multi-domain Functionality
The extremely versatile ADAM-5550KW can serve multiple domains and is able to handle complex control requirements, high speed analog measurement, multiple programs with different cycle times, open communication functions, and enterprise-level network integration. Furthermore, the ADAM-5550KW has been specifically designed to handle distributed motion control functions with PLCopen-compliant motion control function blocks.

Powerful Hardware & Software Compatibilities
Advantech’s ADAM-5550KW PAC provides a suite of useful I/O capabilities (including a local VGA port for convenient HMI functionality) which allows a high level of deployment options. Coupled with its comprehensive software support, including DiagAnywhere Remote Maintenance Software, MULTIPROG, ProConOS, and Windows CE 5.0, the ADAM-5500KW can be easily implemented as a single programming tool across multiple applications.

Open Architecture & Versatile Connectivity
The use of Ethernet TCP/IP, Internet and IT standards (SQL, OPC, Web Server, FTP Server, and email alarm functions), maximizes data integration throughout an enterprise. In a collaborative manufacturing environment, the multi-functional capabilities of ADAM-5550KW enable easy access and exchange of production process information, and connect factory-floor operations to enterprise-level systems. Moreover, ADAM-5540KW complies with many PLC certifications including IEC 61000-6-2(EMS), IEC 61000-6-4(EMI), IEC 60068-2-6(Vibration) and IEC 60068-2-27(Shock).


ADAM-5550KW is a Programmable Automation Controller designed for control tasks which require Industrial PC computing performance with the PLC’s robustness.
ADAM-5550KW offers an AMD Geode GX533 CPU along with control specific features such as watchdog timer, battery backup RAM and deterministic I/O.
ADAM-5550KW features 5 standard IEC – 61131-3 programming languages in CE 5.0, so PLC users can develop control strategies with their own familiar programming languages.
The powerful Multiprog KW Software and stable ProConOS have allowed ADAM-5550KW to become the best choice for a Programmable Automation Controller on the market today.
With the optional HMI Software and built-in VGA port, no longer will users be required to build up additional SCADA PC’s in their applications.
This compact and powerful PAC is ideal for a variety of applications ranging from machine automation to SCADA applications.

SoftLogic support in Win CE 5.0
Can be operated with or without display/keyboard/mouse
Remote monitoring through Web Server and Email Alarm
Remote maintenance via FTP Server
Supports Modbus/RTU Master and Modbus/TCP (Server/Client) Protocol
Supports OPC Server (Built in ADAM-5550KWAS only)
Supports SQL database
Supports SD Storage I/O Module
Supports AMONet Master Module
Supports Motion Control Module
Deterministic I/O at 1 ms
Remote I/O expansibility
Rich support to ADAM-5000 I/O Modules

Part numbers containing KW indicate controllers with embedded software, allowing high level programming via KW Multiprog software. For I/O modules please see chapter 13.) – Chapter 14 of the Advantech eAutomation catalog.

Part numbers not containing KW indicate controllers requiring low level programming, usually in C language.
The full range of I/O modules are also listed in this chapter.) – Chapter 13 of the Advantech eAutomation catalog

  ADAM-5000 Series Data in Advantech Catalog (Advantech Catalog)
  For detailed information on any ADAM-5000 Series item, use the above link (see KW notes above).


ADAM-5510KW is PC-based Soft-Logic Controllers. It features 5 standard IEC61131-3 programming languages so PLC users can develop control strategies in their familiar programming languages.
The strong MULTIPROG software and stable ProConOS make ADAM-5510KW the best choice for PC-based SoftLogic controllers in the market.
ProConOS, (Programmable Controller Operating System), has over 250,000+ installations, and is a pre-emptive, multi-tasking run-time software providing deterministic operation down to one millisecond and runs applications developed with MULTIPROG, a fully-featured IEC 61131-3 development environment.
With this KW Software distribution agreement, Advantech has bundled the ProConOS run-time software on ADAM-5510KW Controllers creating a SoftLogic Solution.
It will greatly benefit PLC users to enjoy the PC- based advantage of ADAM-5510KW.
Different from the original ADAM-5510 hardware, the ADAM-5510KW includes more memory to raise system efficiency and users’ programming flexibility.
The ADAM-5510KW include a 1.5 MB flash memory and 640 KB SRAM which includes battery backup RAM up to 32 KB.
In addition, 4 COM ports enrich the communication capacity of ADAM-5510KW
to integrate with remote I/O or other 3rd party devices based on the Modbus/RTU protocol.

IEC-61131-3 standard package    More data, see link above
Supports LD/FB/SFC/IL/ST language
Graphical programming interface
Cross programming language compiling capability
Supports floating point calculation
Supports AI/AO/DI/DO/Counter Function Blocks
Powerful debug tool
Built-in Modbus/RTU Master and Slave
Supports up to 128 Local I/O Points
Handles typical 32 Modbus/RTU remote I/O modules
Supports more than 9000 coils in LD language
Supports 3 serial ports including 1 RS-485 and 2 RS-232/485 ports

ADAM-5510KW/TCP  4-slot SoftLogic Controller with Ethernet
ADAM-5510EKW/TP  8-slot SoftLogic Controller with Ethernet

The ADAM-5510EKW/TP is an Ethernet-enabled SoftLogic Controller. In addition to the features of ADAM-5510KW and ADAM-5510EKW, the ADAM-5510EKW/TP has Ethernet features including Modbus/TCP Server, Modbus/TCP Client and Multiprog via Ethernet functions.
Therefore, users can easily and quickly complete their programming based on Ethernet architecture.

Standard Modbus Interface
For advanced system integration, the ADAM-5510EKW/TP supports not only Modbus/RTU Master and Slave functions via serial ports, but also the Modbus/TCP Client to retrieve data from remote I/O, and Modbus/TCP Server to send data back to the HMI/SCADA Software via Ethernet port.
Furthermore, the ADAM-5510EKW/TP allows users to remotely maintain multiple ADAM-5510EKW/TP controllers by running Multiprog programming software via Ethernet.

10/100Base-T Ethernet interface        More data, see link above
Built-in Modbus/TCP server
Supports Modbus/TCP client
Supports Modbus/RTU Master
Supports Modbus/RTU Slave
Supports Multiprog via Ethernet
IEC-61131-3 standard package
Supports LD/FB/SFC/IL/ST languages
Cross-language compiling program
8 I/O slots base and handles up to 128 local I/O points
Supports AI/AO/DI/DO/Counter function blocks


do not include GST and may change without notice.

ADAM-5510/TCP-BE CIRCUIT MODULE, 4-slot Ethernet-based Programmable Controller $535+GST      9/14
ADAM-5510-A3E CIRCUIT MODULE, PC-based Programmable Controller $394
ADAM-5510E/TCP-BE CIRCUIT MODULE, 8-slot Ethernet-enabled Programmable Controller $623
ADAM-5510E-A1E CIRCUIT MODULE, 8-slot PC-based Programmable Controller $504
ADAM-5510EKW/TP-CE CIRCUIT MODULE, 8-slot Ethernet-enabled SoftLogic Controller $663
ADAM-5510KW/TCP-AE CIRCUIT MODULE, 4-slot Ethernet-enabled SoftLogic Controller $575
ADAM-5510KW-A1E CIRCUIT MODULE, 4-slot PC-based SoftLogic Controller $535
ADAM-5510M-A2E CIRCUIT MODULE, 4-slot PC-based Programmable Controller $443
ADAM-5560CE-AE CIRCUIT MODULE, 7-Slot PC-based Controller $1,118
ADAM-5560KW-AE CIRCUIT MODULE, 7-slot PAC with KW $1,167

Items with part numbers ending in E are RoHS compliant.

RoHS – Restriction of Hazardous Substances

Plug-in Modules for ADAM-5000 and ADAM-5510

ADAM-5000 Series Data in Advantech Catalog (Advantech Catalog)
For detailed information on any ADAM-5000 Series item, use the above link.

     ADAM-5000 prices further down this page

ADAM-5013    3-Channel RTD Temperature Input Module

ADAM-5017     8-Channel Analog Input Module, 10samples/sec, 16-bit, V & I  ±150mV, ±500mV, ±1V, ±5V, ±10 V, ±20 mA

ADAM-5017H  8-Channel High-speed Analog Input Module, as above, high speed: 8000 samples/sec, 12-bit

ADAM-5018  7-Channel Thermocouple Input Module
Type J,K,T,E,R,S,B.   Isolation 3kVDC, CMR 50Hz 92dB

ADAM-5018SK   Cold Junction Compensation Solution Kit include ADAM-5018

ADAM-5024  4-Channel Analog Output Module,
0 to 20mA, 4 to 20mA, 0-10 V

ADAM-5030-AE    2-slot SD Storage Module

ADAM-5050 16-ch Universal DIO, supports only ADAM-5000/485 & ADAM-5510

ADAM-5051    16-Channel Digital Input Module,
0 level: <1V, 1 level: 3.5V to 30V, 10K pull up res

ADAM-5051D   16-Channel Digital Input W/LED Module
ADAM-5051S    16-Channel Isolated Digital Input Module

ADAM-5052  8-ch Isolated DIO, supports only ADAM-5000/485 & ADAM-5000/TCP

ADAM-5053S-AE 32-ch Digital Input Module

ADAM-5055S   16-Channel isolated Digital I/O Module

ADAM-5056   16-Channel Digital Output Module,                    Prices: see below
open collector to 30V, 100mA, 450mW max load

ADAM-5056D   16-Channel Digital Output W/LED Module
ADAM-5056S    16-Channel Isolated digital output module
ADAM-5056SO  16-Channel source type Iso Digital Output Module

ADAM-5057S    32-ch Digital Output Module

ADAM-5060  6-Channel Relay Output Module, two form A and four form C contacts
rating: AC: 125V 0.6A, 250V 0.3A;   DC: 30V 2A, 110V 0.6A   Breakdown voltage: 500 VAC (50/60 Hz)
Relay on time (typical): 3 msec. Relay off time (typical): 1 msec.

ADAM-5068  8-Channel Relay Output Module, form A contacts,
rating: AC: 125V @0.5A,   DC: 30V @1A; 110V @0.5A   Breakdown voltage: AC: 500 VAC (50/60 Hz)
Relay on time (typical): 7 msec. Relay off time (typical): 3 msec.

ADAM-5069  8-Ch Power Relay Output Module w/ LED

ADAM-5080  4-Channel Counter/Frequency Input Module

ADAM-5081    4-ch High Speed Counter/Frequency Module

ADAM-5090  4-port RS232 Module for ADAM-5510 or ADAM-5511 only (not ADAM-5000/TCP),
UARTs: 1 x 16C954 (128-byte FIFO), 50 ~ 115.2 Kbps, LED display: TX, RX

ADAM-5091    4 Port RS-232 Module with Share Interrupt

         Prices: see below

Prices (Australian dollars) do not include GST and may change without notice.

ADAM-5000/485-AE   CIRCUIT MODULE, 4-slot Distributed DA&C System Based on RS-485 $350+GST    10/13
ADAM-5000/TCP-BE  CIRCUIT MODULE, 8-slot Distributed DA&C System Based on Ethernet $535
ADAM-5000E-AE       CIRCUIT MODULE, 8-slot Distributed DA&C System Based on RS-485 $469
ADAM-5000L/TCP-AE CIRCUIT MODULE, 4-Slot Ethernet-based Distributed DA&C System $443
ADAM-5013-A1E       CIRCUIT MODULE, 3-Ch RTD Input Module $249
ADAM-5017-A3E     CIRCUIT MODULE, 8-Ch AI Module $211
ADAM-5017-A4E    CIRCUIT MODULE, 8-Ch AI Module $209
ADAM-5017H-BE    CIRCUIT MODULE, 8-channel High-speed Analog Input Module $288
ADAM-5017P-AE    CIRCUIT MODULE, 8-ch Analog Input Module with Independent Input $266
ADAM-5017S-AE     CIRCUIT MODULE, 6/12-Ch Simutaneous AI Module $407
ADAM-5017UH-A1E CIRCUIT MODULE, 8-channel Ultrahigh Speed Analog Input Module $328
ADAM-5018-A1E     CIRCUIT MODULE, 7-Ch Thermocouple Input Module $231
ADAM-5018P-AE     CIRCUIT MODULE, 7-ch Thermocouple Input Module with Independent $284
ADAM-5018SK-AE CIRCUIT MODULE, 7-Channel T/C Input Module with CJC Kit $266
ADAM-5024-A2E   CIRCUIT MODULE, 4-Ch AO Module $286
ADAM-5024-AE    CIRCUIT MODULE, 4-Ch AO Module $288
ADAM-5030-AE    CIRCUIT MODULE, 2-slot SD Storage Module $130

ADAM-5050-AE   CIRCUIT MODULE, 16-Ch Universal DI/O Module $107
ADAM-5051-AE   CIRCUIT MODULE, 16-channel Digital Input Module with RoHS $94
ADAM-5051D-BE CIRCUIT MODULE, 16-Ch DI Module w/ LED $90
ADAM-5051S-AE CIRCUIT MODULE, 16-Ch Isolated DI Module w/ LED $110
ADAM-5052-AE   CIRCUIT MODULE, 8-Ch Isolated DI Module w/ LED $94
ADAM-5053S-AE CIRCUIT MODULE 32-ch Digital Input Module $178
ADAM-5055S-AE CIRCUIT MODULE, 16-Ch Isolated DI/O Module w/ LED $134
ADAM-5056-AE   CIRCUIT MODULE, 16-Ch DO Module $94
ADAM-5056D-AE CIRCUIT MODULE, 16-Ch DO Module w/ LED $101
ADAM-5056S-AE   CIRCUIT MODULE, 16-Ch Sink Type Isolated DO Module w/ LED $130
ADAM-5056SO-AE CIRCUIT MODULE, 16-Ch Source Type Isolated DO Module w/ LED $130
ADAM-5057S-AE   CIRCUIT MODULE, 32-ch Digital Output Module $178
ADAM-5060-AE    CIRCUIT MODULE, 6-Ch Relay Output Module $116
ADAM-5069-AE CIRCUIT MODULE, 8-Ch Power Relay Output Module w/ LED $133
ADAM-5080-AE CIRCUIT MODULE, 4-Ch Counter/Frequency Module $279
ADAM-5081-AE  CIRCUIT MODULE, 4-ch High Speed Counter/Frequency Module $350
ADAM-5081S-AE CIRCUIT MODULE, 6-Ch Pulse In/Pulse Out Module $492
ADAM-5090-AE  CIRCUIT MODULE, 4-port RS-232 Module $249
ADAM-5091-AE  CIRCUIT MODULE, 4 Port RS-232 Module with Share Interrupt $257
ADAM-5095-AE  CIRCUIT MODULE, 2-port CAN Uni-PCI COMM Module w/I $336

ADAM-5202-AE  CIRCUIT MODULE, 2-ring AMONet Mater Module $543
ADAM-5240-AE  CIRCUIT MODULE, 4-axis Stepping/Pulse-type Servo Motor Control $824

ADAM-5510/TCP-BE  CIRCUIT MODULE, 4-slot Ethernet-based Programmable Controller $535
ADAM-5510-A3E         CIRCUIT MODULE,  PC-based Programmable Controller $394
ADAM-5510E/TCP-BE  CIRCUIT MODULE, 8-slot Ethernet-enabled Programmable Controller $605
ADAM-5510E-A1E         CIRCUIT MODULE, 8-slot PC-based Programmable Controller $504
ADAM-5510EKW/TP-CE CIRCUIT MODULE, 8-slot Ethernet-enabled SoftLogic Controller $663
ADAM-5510KW/TCP-AE CIRCUIT MODULE, 4-slot Ethernet-enabled SoftLogic Controller $575
ADAM-5510KW-A1E       CIRCUIT MODULE, 4-slot PC-based SoftLogic Controller $535
ADAM-5510M-A2E       CIRCUIT MODULE, 4-slot PC-based Programmable Controller $443
ADAM-5550CE-BE      CIRCUIT MODULE, 8-slot PAC $1,202
ADAM-5550KW-BE   CIRCUIT MODULE, 8-slot PAC with KW $1,256
ADAM-5560CE-AE    CIRCUIT MODULE, 7-Slot PC-based Controller $1,107
ADAM-5560KW-AE CIRCUIT MODULE, 7-slot PAC with KW $1,156

Power Supplies


Output: +12VDC ±10%, 2.1 Amps. 0 to 50°C, 99deep x97x36mm
100-2400VAC,     Large picture     $90+GST


S-60-24 Panel Mounting

Output: +24VDC ±10%, 3 Amps. 0 to 50°C, 159x97x38mm
90-130VAC, or 180-260VAC, switchable, Large picture
C-Tick approved   Data sheet: click here   $110+GST  



DIN rail mount fitting for S-60-24 above   $25+GST  





S-100-24 Power Supply


100 watt power supply. 199x98x38mm   $155+GST  

DIN rail mount fitting for S-100-24        $28+GST  




Jump to Advantech Software page (this site) for software which supports ADAM modules


Advantech provides a complete Modbus solution – the ADAM-5511 and the ADAM-4572

The ADAM-5511 is a PC-based programmable controller with a Modbus interface,
integrating field signal (AI/O, DI/O, Counter, and Serial Communication) for data acquisition and control. Data  Price: see above.

The ADAM-4572 is a serial-to-Ethernet data gateway with a Modbus protocol,
enabling field status from the ADAM-5511 up to Enterprise data.   ADAM-4572 information on ADAM-4000 page

Various ADAM-4000 Series I/O modules: Jump to ADAM-4000 page

EKI-1221-AE  1-port Modbus Data Gateway
EKI-1222-AE  2-port Modbus Data Gateway
EKI-1224-AE  4-port Modbus Gateway

Other ADAM-4000 modules with Modbus capability – Part numbers show -B or -BE at end,   e.g. ADAM-4015-B

ADAM 6000 Series – Smart Web I/O Modules

Smart Web I/O Modules – ADAM-6000 Smart Web I/O Module is an industrial-grade Ethernet hub/switch for Ethernet networking solutions in Industrial Automation environments.
It allows users to expand their industrial networks fast and cost-effectively.

More information on ADAM 6000 Modules: click here (jumps to ADAM-6000 page in this site)

Communications Modules

ADAM-4000 Series Data in Advantech Catalog (Advantech Catalog)
For detailed information on any ADAM-4000 Series item, use the above link.

ADAM-4520 RS232 to RS485/422 Converter Module,
supports up to 32 Adam Modules on RS485 (2-wire) or RS422 (4-wire). Isol: 500VDC. Up to 115Kbps. RTS handshake.

ADAM-4522 RS232 to RS485/422 Non-isolated version.

ADAM-4510 RS485/422 Repeater
Allows addition of 32 modules to the network and extends the network for another 1.2km. Up to 115Kbps. Isolation 3kV (optional)

ADAM-4510S Isolated to 3KV

ADAM-4521 RS232 to RS485/422 Converter:
Addressable, 1000VDC isol., watchdog timer. Auto senses direction of flow of data, no handshaking signals

ADAM-4530 RS232 to RS485/422 Converter
for use with Radio Modems. Auto direction. Use between the Radio modem (RS232) and ADAM Modules (RS485)

ADAM-4541 Fibre Optic to RS-232/422/485 Converter,
for transmission over 2.5km up to 10km. Screw terminals, ST/SMA fibre cnnctr. 1200 to 115.2Kbps

Opt-ST-05 62.5/25µm, 5-meter, duplexed optical with ST Connector for ADAM-4541

ADAM-4500 Intelligent PC-like Communication Controller has 80188 CPU, 234KB SRAM for running programs, 256KB Flash ROM for program files (170KB free), built-in ROM-DOS (sim to MS-DOS). Standard PC programs can run in this module. COM1: RS232/485, COM2: RS485 with automatic data flow control for other ADAM modules, a third RS232 port for program download, Real time clock, Watchdog timer. Download utility incl. 10-30VDC unreg. 2W. -10 to +70°C    More information

ADAM-4000 Series Data in Advantech Catalog (Advantech Catalog)
For detailed information on any ADAM-4000 Series item, use the above link.

Advantech FX – Distributed HMI/SCADA Software

(HMI = Human Machine Interface) Real-time communication from stand-alone control stations to distributed network system Advantech FX is a FIX32 OEM product developed by Intellution Inc.

This Windows 95/NT based distributed HMI/SCADA software features the same powerful functionality as Intellution FIX32, and provides the best HMI/SCADA platform for Advantech’s ADAM series products with proven-ready ADAM I/O drivers included.

With the flexible configuration of client/server networking architecture, this software provides real-time communication from stand-alone control stations to distributed network system. With fully loaded development tools, Advantech FX provides you an easy way to build your process with interactive window technology.

To design impressive screen displays, you can start with Dynamos or use intuitive object-oriented graphic user interface (GUI). To stay thoroughly informed of process conditions, Advantech FX provides the trending capabilities for both rea-time and historical information. This software can continually monitor a process and provide alarms to alert you to potential problems. This scalable, versatile open system serves as your best solution to integrate process information from field and distant plants for your SCADA application.

Robust process control through IEC 1131-3 softlogic software In addition to a typical SCADA application, Advantech FX also provides the option to enhance its control algorithm by integrating the IEC1131-3 compliant, PC-based softlogic software – Advantech Paradym-31. Its “one-step configuration” technology allows easy installation with Advantech’s execution device – the ADAM-5510/P31 PC-based standalone controller. The powerful combination ensures you the most reliable and versatile control system for your process operation and your high-performance productivity.

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