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Environmental Sensors

Sensors for measuring the environment – indoor and outdoor, including temperature, humidity, air pressure, CO2, wind, rainfall, water quality, gases

Weather / Environmental Sensors & Systems

Monitor Sensors high quality weather and environmental smart sensors, with controllers or data loggers available to make a complete system

Vaisala Weather and Wind Sensors

Vaisala weather transmitters and wind speed / direction transmitters

Water Sensors for Quality, Flow, Level, Temp

Monitor Sensors rugged smart sensors for water quality, flow, level, temperature

Gas measuring instruments

Testo gas measuring instruments for CO, CO2, gas leaks, combustion gases, etc

CO2 and O2 sensors – Vaisala

Vaisala gas sensors and measuring instruments for Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide

Differential Pressure Transmitters

Testo high quality differential pressure sensors with voltage or current loop outputs, auto-zero feature, optional display, various pressure ranges

Barometric Pressure Sensors – Vaisala

Vaisala high quality barometric pressure sensors for industrial applications, meteorology, aviation etc

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