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WaveScan 2

Supplied with applicable products. Designed for the USB DAQ series,
Wavescan is a real-time waveform display utility capable of displaying on the screen and storing the incoming data into users’ HDD.

In the Version 2.0, moreover, Wavescan extend its support list to all our PCI cards.
The ActiveDAQ-based design concept gives more fexibility to the users by designing their own Wavescan edition.

ActiveDAQ Pro

ActiveX Control-based Software for Data Acquisition

ActiveDAQ Pro is a collection of ActiveX controls for performing I/O operations within any compatible ActiveX control container, such as Visual Basic, Delphi, etc.
You can easily perform the I/O operations through properties, events and methods.
With ActiveDAQ Pro, you can perform versatile I/O operations to control your Advantech devices.

• Graphic User Interface Control Components
• Supports all Advantech DAQ devices with high speed functions
• Easy-to-use property sheet interface for configuring controls
• Independent operation of controls
• Uses optional lists instead of direct input
• Default settings for immediate execution
• Properties and parameters are chosen automatically
• Parameter check-up and correction
• Better defined error messages and diagnostic guide
• Supports all widely known development platforms  

    ActiveDAQ Pro Data Sheet (.pdf, 2 pages, opens in new Tab or Window) 

     PCLS-ADPSTD-AE  ActiveDAQ Pro Standard Version        See price list below

AdamView Software for ADAM Modules

Details of this product are on the ADAM-4000 page (this site, opens new Tab or Window)

     PCLS-ADAMVIEW32  HMI Software for ADAM I/O Products         See price list below

DiagAnywhere - Remote Maintenance Software

"DiagAnywhere", an abbreviation of "Diagnose Anywhere", is remote maintenance software for remotely monitoring and controlling Advantech TPC, APAX, UNO and ADAM devices with Windows-based operating systems.
Currently, DiagAnywhere includes the utility on the client side and the server on the target devices.

The supported platforms include Windows XP, XP Embedded, Windows 7, Windows 2009, CE 5.0 and CE 6.0.
This useful software can help users to achieve major remote maintenance tasks including remote monitoring and control, remote screen snapshot and recording, file upload and download.
Windows-based authentication is also supported for security concerns.

• Remotely monitor up to 24 target devices      7/13
• Remote control shutdown and wake up
• Remote screen snapshot
• Health check of CPU/memory/temperature/voltage
• Remote screen recording
• File transfer function to save critical data and settings
• Windows-based authentication
• Favorite device grouping time synchronization
• Patent remote management for IPC

  DiagAnywhere Brochure (.pdf)             See price list below

LogixView - HMI Development Kit based on Visual Studio

The LogixView is the latest software package for developing the graphic user interface for monitoring and controlling Advantech eAutomation products on WindowsCE based devices.

This package is based on Microsoft .NET technology, and used in Visual Studio 2005 environment.
The previous solution for Advantech .NET solution is the Adam.NET class library, and it supplies several class libraries for accessing ADAM series product. For those who want to use the Adam.NET class library still have to write more code to make their programs run.
The LogixView is based on the Adam.NET technology, and offers more components for data acquisition.

Users can simply drag and drop the components into Visual Studio .NET project and change the properties of the components to make their programs run as demands. In other word, users who use the LogixView no longer need to write code line by line for the data acquisition, but concentrate on program logic and event handling.

• Easy connection with ADAM I/O series
• Simply Drag and Drop the Components
• Less Coding and Reduce Loading
• Easy to Developing GUI
• Provide Several Components for Communication
• Supports DAQ components and classes
• Multiple graphic controls
• Support Modbus/RTU, Modbus/TCP, ADAM Protocol, and ADAM-5000 Local IO Modules
• Supports WinCE-based devices, including UNO, TPC and ADAM series products

     LogixView Brochure (.pdf)   

     PCLS-LOGIXVIEW10-E   HMI Development Toolkit        See price list below

OPC Server

OPC is OLE for Process Control.

• Supports Microsoft Windows XP/2000/NT/98
• Supports Advantech ASCII, MODBUS/RTU, and MODBUS/TCP protocol
• Compliant with the latest OPC Data Access 1.0, 2.04 and 3.0 standards
• Compliant with the latest OPC Alarm and Events 1.0 and 1.2 standards
• OPC DA and AE Client for rapid testing of your OPC data connections

The Industrial Automation Group of Advantech introduces a standardized interface for industrial device servers, the OPC (OLE for process control) devices, such as an I/O device, to communicate with a wide range of HMI/SCADA software packages residing on a host. Any software system the Advantech OPC server drivers.

Key Features of the OPC Servers
• Supports Advantech ASCII, MODBUS/RTU, and MODBUS/TCP protocol.
• Compliant with the latest OPC Data Access 1.0, 2.04 and 3.0 standards.
    - Compliant with the latest OPC Alarm and Events 1.0 and 1.2 standards.
    - Built-in OPC tag simulation and value conversion.
    - Wizards to create OPC Server tags about ADAM series quickly.
• Compatible with OPC client compliant application software.
• Provides OPC custom interface.
• Online configuration capability; add new signals and tags during runtime.
• Tag Multiplier let you create tags quickly.
• OPC DA and AE Client for rapid testing of your OPC data connections.

  Data sheets on OPC Server: click here

Prices of Advantech Software Products

PCLS-ADAMVIEW32 SOFTWARE, HMI Software for ADAM I/O Products $220+GST    5/13
PCLS-ADPSTD-AE SOFTWARE, ActiveDAQ Pro Standard Version  $75

DiagAnywhere - Remote Maintenance Software
PCLS-DIAGAW10 SOFTWARE, Remote Monitoring & Diagnosis for eA  $122

LogixView - HMI Development Kit based on Visual Studio
PCLS-LOGIXVIEW10-E SOFTWARE, HMI Development Toolkit   $220

PCLS-OPC/ADM30-AE SOFTWARE, Advantech ADAM Protocol for OPC Server $173
PCLS-OPC/MTP30-AE SOFTWARE, Advantech Modbus/TCP for OPC Server $173
PCLS-OPC/RTU30-AE SOFTWARE, Advantech Modbus/RTU for OPC Server $173

Driver Software: DLL drivers:

Provides complete DA&C I/O function libraries to utilize hardware functions
Supports all Windows 3.1, Windows 95/98/NT and Windows 2000 platforms
Programmed with Microsoft Visual C++, Visual Basic, Inprise Delphi and C++ Builder
Features lots of programming examples
Powerful and extensive functions to build DA&C applications
Needs intermediate programming skills
Free and bundled with DA&C device

DLL Drivers:    32-bit DLL Driver for Microsoft Windows 95/NT

These DLL drivers are included with every Advantech plug-in card,
and with the ADAM-4000 and ADAM-5000 series modules, and MIC-2000.

Your data acquisition applications can now take full advantage of the benefits of Windows 95/NT.
The latest DLL drivers include 32-bit Windows 95/NT drivers and extensive on-line documentation.
You can use the 32-bit DLL drivers for Windows 95/NT with 32-bit development environments such as
Visual C++, Visual Basic, Borland C++ and Borland Delphi.
The segment and offset programming complexities present in 16-bit systems are eliminated by the new 32-bit DLLs and languages, and each application uses a separate address space and preemptive multitasking.
Finally, your applications will execute faster because overheads are lower when calling a 32-bit DLL from a 32-bit application compared to calling a 16-bit DLL.

LabVIEW Drivers  

LabVIEW® is the leading graphical programming environment for data acquisition and instrument control applications. The drivers have both a high speed and a normal speed data acquisition capability

Versatile and simple examples to speed up your programming
Perform Advantech data acquisition cards under NI LabVIEW seamlessly

Advantech 32-bit LabVIEW drivers enable you to use Advantech plug-in I/O cards with LabVIEW software. The LabVIEW driver forms an interface between Advantech DA&C device DLL drivers, which contain all the relevant functions to control Advantech plug-in I/O cards and the LabVIEW software. LabVIEW driver forms a VI (virtual instrument) in the LabVIEW package, which enables other applications to be used in conjunction with Advantech plug-in I/O cards.

  Advantech site

Plug-in card details: click here

PCM series modules (PC/104 cards): PCM-3718, PCM-3724

All ADAM-4000 series modules, All ADAM-5000/485 series modules

MIC-2000 series modules: MIC-2718, MIC-2728, IC-2730, MIC-2732, MIC-2750, MIC-2752

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