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Electronics Test & Measurement

Test and measurement equipment for electronics labs, including stand-alone bench instruments, PC-based instruments etc

Bench Instruments – Scopes, Func. Gens, DMMs

A wide range of high quality bench instruments, including oscilloscopes, function generators, multimeters, bench power supplies, spectrum analysers etc – GoodWill, Rigol, Thurlby Thandar, Escort, Nicolet

Test & Measurement via USB – Pico

USB Modules that turn your PC into an oscilloscope, spectrum analyser, etc – Pico

“USBee” Design Tools via USB

USBee: A versatile set of design tools that operate via USB, including logic analyser, signal generator, frequency counter, data logging etc

USB Bus Analyser

Packet-Master USB bus analyser, for developing USB devices, hubs etc

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