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Handheld Temp / Humidity Instruments

Handheld instruments for measuring temperature and/or humidity, including infra-red temperature meters

Humidity & Temperature Sensors – Vaisala

Vaisala handheld humidity instruments – high performance, some with high temperature probes

Dewpoint Instruments – Vaisala

Vaisala handheld dewpoint instruments – high performance

Temperature & Humidity – Center

Center low cost temperature and humidity meters and data loggers

Infra-red Temperature (IR) – Testo, Fluke

A wide range of Testo and Fluke hand-held Infra-Red (IR) temperature instruments for non-contact measurement, from low cost to high performance

Flus Professional Environmental Meters

A range of value for money Humidity, Temperature, IR, Sound, Light, Anemometer, Carbon Monoxide CO Thermocouple Data Logger
and other environmental instruments from Flus

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