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Email Alarms, SMS & voice message alerts, ethernet monitoring.

An effective computer room monitoring and alerting system is crucial to any successful business continuity strategy.
Air-conditioning failure, water ingress, fire, power failures and physical security breaches are just a few examples of the many potential problems that seriously threaten the integrity of network hardware and data.

Where rooms are unmanned for any length of time, especially at weekends and overnight, these problems can, if left unattended, result in significant network downtime and cost.

interSeptor iMeter is an advanced environmental and power monitoring solution that has been designed to help provide IT personnel with answers to 10 important questions, such as:
How can I reduce the power usage in my data centre?

On this page:
Environmental Monitoring for Computer Room
  • interSeptor          Temperature, humidity, etc, monitoring: 1 port  (gives 1x Temp., 1x Humidity, 2x other sensors)
                                           - ethernet device that can be monitored via the network, Email Alerts
  • interSeptor Pro    Multiple Temperature, humidity, etc, monitoring, 3 versions:     8-port, 16-port, 24-port
  • Alert Centre   Telephone Voice and SMS Messaging System for computer room monitoring and alerting
                                            - automated SMS and voice message alerts to mobile and landline phones
Power & Environmental Monitoring

Go-Probe Sensors:
          - Water leak with 3 – 18m of leak sensor cable
          - Security contact magnetic switch (door open)
          - Smoke detector
          - Power present monitor
          - Smoke detector
          - Universal dry contact sensor  (normally open/closed or high/low)

          - Motion Sensor
          - Airflow Sensor
          - Vibration Sensor
          - Carbon Monoxide Detector
          - Ask about other sensors

Latest News

July 2015: We were recently surprised to find out that Chrome has stopped supporting Java in their browser as standard.

Whilst this may not affect normal day-to-day web browsing it will affect your use of the interSeptor and interSeptor Pro as Java is used on these products to perform tasks such as refreshing the Comprehensive View automatically or providing the Java Dashboard or History and Extended History graphs.

This does not affect the core functionality of your interSeptor or interSeptor Pro at all and all your important alerts will still be sent.
Please note that Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer still fully support Java (you will just need to add your device to the security exception list).

There is more information from Java HERE (new tab).

We are currently looking at ways in which we can minimise these issues with future firmware updates and will keep you updated of any new releases. If you require any assistance at all please don't hesitate to contact us.

Kind regards,

New interSeptor and interSeptor Pro firmware now available
The latest interSeptor and interSeptor Pro firmware is now available free-of-charge for all users. The new firmware incorporates many additions that have been requested by customers such as longer hysteresis times, selectable severity for Go-Probe sensor alarms, user-configurable SMTP port and more.
The firmware can be downloaded now from our Downloads page.

Go-Probe Sensor range expanding!
We have now added new sensors to our standard range of Go-Probe sensors. Increase the coverage of your Jacarta solution by using Vibration Sensors with adjustable sensitivity, and Airflow Sensors to ensure you know of AC problems.

interSeptor Pro GSM Modem
Add a GSM modem to any interSeptor Pro solution to provide network independent alerting. The GSM modem can provide alerts to alarm conditions via SMS Text message even in the event of network downtime ensuring you are always in the know regarding any data centre or server room problems.

Power Monitoring for your Data Centre with Zero Downtime!
The intelliAmp current sensor gives you the ability to monitor the power usage of your racks without disruption to your network. Find out more...


Environmental Monitoring System for Data Centres, IT Rooms & Racks

Computer Room Monitoring and Alerting


interSeptor is:

An IT-Based Monitoring Device providing real-time temperature and humidity values.
A Data-Logger recording temperature / humidity values for graphing and analysis purposes.
An Alerting Mechanism, giving you early warning when temperature / humidity levels exceed your pre-defined thresholds and other problems are detected.
A Networked Sensor Hub allowing you to monitor temperature / humidity and detect water leaks, smoke, power problems, security breaches and more.

interSeptor provides a sophisticated, yet cost-effective method of remotely monitoring temperature, humidity
and a whole variety of other status conditions, including
water leaks,  smoke,  UPS,  generators,  voltage  and  security.

interSeptor is a 10/100 ethernet device that can be monitored via the network.

High and low critical/warning thresholds may be set to ensure early notification of air conditioning failure and other potentially disastrous environmental problems.

interSeptor rearConfiguration can quickly be carried out via telnet, serial connection or browser interface,
and monitoring handled via the browser or a network management system.

Uniquely, interSeptor's optional Go-Probe sensors (see below) can be attached to the remote temperature/ humidity sensor to minimise cabling runs and installation time.
Extra facilities such as SNMP, DHCP and daily status reporting, make the interSeptor just about the most complete remote environmental monitoring product of its kind worldwide.
   SNMP = Simple Network Management Protocol   DHCP = Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
                    (new tabs, Wikipedia)

- Remote temperature/humidity monitoring across ethernet network
- Provision to connect 2 x Go-Probe interSeptor sensors (water, smoke, security, etc.)
- Capacity to connect additional temperature/humidity sensor and 2 further Go-Probe sensors
- 10/100Mbps auto-sensing

- Monitoring via web browser or SNMP network management system
TechWorld_Recommended- Email alarm notification with optional SMS, voice alarm messaging (Alert Centre)
- Alarm schedule facility to enable alerts to be sent only when required
- Extensive on-board data logging and graphing

Email Alerts

interSeptor can be configured to email up to 12 recipients in the event of an alarm condition.
It is possible to configure this facility so that different recipients receive different types of alarm messages if required
(eg. Informational, warning, etc.). It is even possible to send interSeptor current status reports to email recipients on a daily basis.

Java Viewer

interSeptor's Java viewer provides an effective visual monitor, accessible via the browser interface.
Real-time information can be viewed in graph or meter format.

Logging / Graphing

The capacity to extensively log environmental information and events via interSeptor,
ensures that ongoing problematic conditions can be analysed in detail and remedial action taken.
This facility can even help to identify heating and cooling inefficiencies and reduce costs.
All interSeptor log information can be imported into popular spreadsheet programs, such as Excel.
Further information can be quickly viewed and analysed using interSeptor's real time and
historical graphing facilities.

Specifications of interSeptor

• Network: 10/100Mbps Ethernet (auto-sense)

• Sensors:
   Temperature + Humidity, plus 2 x Go-Probe Sensor Ports

• Optional Equipment:
    1 x Temperature/Humidity sensor
          plus up to 4 x Go-Probe Sensors

• Configuration: Telnet, browser, serial
• Monitoring: Browser, NMS (up to 8 workstations)
• Dimensions (cm): 2.6(h) x 13.1(w) x 8.7(d)
• Weight: 110g
• Power: 12VDC
• LED: Power, status, 10/100 link
• Firmware Upgrade: Via Network or Serial connection
• System Security: IP-based filtering and password protection


• Alerts: Email 12 recipients, SNMP traps (up to 8 receivers)

• Alert 1. Temperature/humidity: Configuration: High/low warning and critical thresholds – user configurable
            2. Go-Probe sensors:    Normally open/closed or high/low active – user configurable

• Logging: Historical event and status logs
• Log Interval: User-configurable
• Graphs: Real-time and historical

Go-Probe Sensors: (see further down this page)
          - Water leak with 3 – 18m of leak sensor cable
          - Security contact (door open)
          - Power monitor
          - Smoke
          - Universal dry contact sensor
                (normally open/closed or high/low)

• Warranty: 2 years

Jacarta Product Integration with NMS Network Management Software

Our environmental monitoring products are SNMP v1 enabled thus allowing integration with the vast number of available SNMP based Network Management Software (NMS) packages.
Temperature and Humidity values can be collected and SNMP Traps received by the NMS.
NMS integration examples are as follows:

PRTG by Paessler currently includes interSeptor and interSeptor Pro 8, 16 and 24 port templates that can be used to automatically add an interSeptor or interSeptor Pro and all of its Temperature and Humidity sensors.

SNMPc by Castle Rock currently includes interSeptor and interSeptor Pro MIBs* for quick and easy Jacarta Temperature and Humidity device integration.

WhatsUp Gold by Ipswitch currently includes interSeptor and interSeptor Pro MIBs* for quick and easy Jacarta Temperature and Humidity device integration.

Nagios: We can provide the command and configuration file to monitor the interseptor with Nagios to integrate Temperature and Humidity values. Please contact us if you require these files.

MRTG: We can provide a generic configuration file for MRTG (Multi Router Traffic Grapher) to collect Temperature and Humidity values from an interSeptor. Please contact us if you require this file.

Mutiny by Mutiny Ltd. currently includes
      interSeptor,  interSeptor Pro,  PowerFox8  and  SP8  MIBs* for quick and easy Jacarta Sensor integration. 

*MIB: Management information base, a computing information repository used by SNMP, Simple Network Management Protocol

Other Network Management Systems into which Jacarta products can be integrated, include:

Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM)
HP Openview
IBM Tivoli

Solarwinds Orion


                  All the above trademarks belong to their respective owners.

            Scroll down to see list of part numbers

interSeptor Pro - Multiple Rack and Data Centre Monitoring

Environmental Monitoring and Alert System for Data Centres & Racks

interSeptor ProinterSeptor Pro provides an advanced, yet uncomplicated solution to Data Centre room /rack monitoring and early-warning alarm notification. Environmental conditions in the computer room can be monitored and logged, alarm thresholds configured, and automated early-warning alerts delivered to key IT personnel via telephone voice messages, SMS, email, web browser and SNMP traps.

An Alarm Beacon/Sounder option is also available for on-site visual and audible alerts if required.

Feature Overview

• Supports up to 24 x Temperature and Humidity Sensors (24 port version)
• Supports up to 48 x Additional Environmental Alarm Sensors
      (water, smoke, security, power, etc.)       (24 port version)
• Voice, SMS, Email, SNMP Alerts
• Web Browser Interface

Key Features

- 3 versions: 8-port, 16-port, 24-port (see picture)
- Remote temperature/humidity monitoring across ethernet network (all temperature/humidity sensors supplied)
- Provision to connect up to 48 optional Go-Probe sensors (water, smoke, security, power etc.)
- Monitoring via web browser, Telnet, SNMP network management system

- Email, SNMP alerts - Automated Voice and SMS alerts via Jacarta Alert Centre
- Alarm schedule facility to enable alerts to be sent only when required
- Extensive on-board data logging and graphing
- Relay outputs for automated crisis management

Alert Centre

Using an environmental monitoring system is a step-forward in terms of providing useful information about in-room and in-rack conditions. But critical to the value of the system is its ability to deliver early-warning alerts, and in particular, voice alerts, to key personnel 24/7.
The Jacarta Alert Centre works in conjunction with the interSeptor Pro to provide Voice and SMS alerts
to up to 6 personnel.


interSeptor Pro has been designed for ease of installation and use.
Multiple temperature/humidity sensors are provided to ensure individual rack and room monitoring can begin immediately.
Customers can choose to implement their own Cat5 (straight-through) cabling between the sensors and the interSeptor Pro RJ45 ports, or alternatively purchase one of the optional Sensor Cabling Packs.

Jacarta Temperature & Humidity Sensor

Each interSeptor Pro is supplied with the required number of temperature/humidity sensors for the version purchased
ie. 8, 16, 24.     High/low warning and critical thresholds – user configurable.
High / low, warning / critical temperature and humidity thresholds can be configured via the iMeter browser.   Temperature: min. -40'C max. 120'C       Humidity: min. 0% max. 100%

Two optional Go-Probe alarm sensors can also be connected to each temperature/humidity probe from the range of sensors detailed below. High/low warning and critical alarm thresholds can easily be configured via the interSeptor Pro's web browser interface.

Go-Probe Sensors

In order to provide a comprehensive Data Centre, Server Room and computer room monitoring solution it is extremely important to monitor for the presence of any potential environmental threats.
Jacarta Go-Probe sensors are easy to install and configure and are compatible with all Jacarta monitoring devices.

Normally open/closed or high/low active – user configurable.

Interceptor GoProbe Water SecurityJacarta Water Detector

The Jacarta interSeptor Pro water detector uses an advanced leak detection cable to sense the presence of water along its length.
The water detector can be supplied with either 3 or 18m of Sensor cable and 4m of interface cable.
The leak detection cable will cause an alarm when water touches any part of the cable.

Jacarta Security Sensor

The Jacarta interSeptor Pro security sensor is a magnetic reed switch that can be used to detect the opening of doors, racks, windows and cupboards. This sensor is provided with either 4 or 18m of interface cable.

Smoke Detector

Ionization Smoke DetectorAustralian Approved Smoke Detector
The Australian interSeptor / interSeptor Pro smoke detector is a mains powered, ionisation based smoke detection unit that can be positioned to monitor for early signs of fire, providing both an interSeptor alarm and an audible alarm upon detection. This sensor is provided with a 10m interface cable (to connect back to the interSeptor) and requires an electrician to connect it to mains power. It also includes an internal rechargeable backup battery.

A Red LED flashes at 45 second intervals to indicate detector is operational.
A Green LED on the base indicates the mains power is on. Alarm signal via internal sounder and a fast flashing LED

Important note regarding use of interSeptor smoke detector:
The purpose of the interSeptor smoke detector is to detect the presence of smoke and alert internal personnel. It is important to note that smoke detectors/sensors that are connected to the interSeptor have not been designed to meet the specific technical requirements of a system intended to send alerts to the fire brigade. The intent of including smoke detectors/ sensors in an interSeptor system is to provide some additional protection in addition to any mandatory fire safety requirements. Including smoke detectors in an interSeptor system may not fulfil mandatory legislative requirements for hard wired smoke alarms in premises.

For more information please see the AFAC/ASIAL guidelines:
       (ASIAL = Australian Security Industry Association Ltd;   AFAC = Australasian Fire Emergency Service Authorities Council)
  Guidelines for the installation and servicing of smoke detectors/sensors
  connected to residential and commercial security systems .

Go-Probe Voltage Sensor 

Jacarta Voltage Sensor

The Jacarta interSeptor Pro voltage sensor can be used to monitor a spare power outlet for outages and interruptions. As soon as the power to the outlet is lost the interSeptor will provide an alarm.

Go-Probe SensorsJacarta Motion Sensor

The Motion Sensor uses Passive Infra-Red (PIR) technology to detect the presence of movement and
trigger an alarm.

Jacarta Universal Dry Contact Sensor

Universal sensors can be used to monitor any normally open / closed output such as those provided
by UPS, air conditioners, BMS devices, security alarm panels, generators, fire alarm panels, etc.

Jacarta Airflow Sensor

The Airflow Sensor can be used to monitor the presence of airflow coming out of air-conditioning
units. If the sensor detects a loss of airflow an alarm is triggered.

Jacarta Vibration Sensor

The Vibration Sensor detects the vibrations caused during attempts to penetrate the protected rack
door, wall or roof. The sensor features adjustable sensitivity to help prevent false alarms.

Jacarta Carbon Monoxide Detector

The Carbon Monoxide sensor detects the presence of dangerous Carbon Monoxide gases and
provides an audible alarm in addition to triggering an alarm on your Jacarta device.


All sensors are supplied with a 2- Year Warranty as standard.

If a sensor is required that is not listed, please contact us for assistance.

interSeptor Pro - Additional Optional Equipment

• Alarm Beacon/Sounder for local audible/visual alerts

• USB Keypad for manual operation of relay outputs (for access control, etc.)

• interSeptor Pro Cable Pack including various lengths of Cat5 cable to connect between the interSeptor Pro and the temperature/humidity sensors


interSeptor Pro is supplied with a 2-year swap-out warranty in the unlikely event of a problem.

interSeptor Pro with sensors


interSeptor 2 Port, (with 1 Temperature/Humidity Sensor)   IS01AU

Optional 1U 19" Rack Kit for interSeptor     ISRACK

interSeptor PRO 8-Port (inc. 8 x Temp/Humidity)     ISPROUK08

interSeptor PRO 16-Port (inc. 16 x Temp/Humidity)     ISPROUK16

interSeptor PRO 24-Port (inc. 24 x Temp/Humidity)     ISPROUK24

  (all units PRO also available without Temp/Humidity Sensors)

Optional Sensors for interSeptor

Additional Temperature/Humidity Sensor 2m     ISTH
Additional Temperature/Humidity Sensor 18m    ISTH18

Optional Go-Probe Sensors for interSeptor & interSeptor Pro

Water Detector with 3m Leak Sensor Cable     IS3WD4US
Water Detector with 18m Leak Sensor Cable   IS18WD4US

Security Sensor 4m    ISSS4
Security Sensor 18m   ISSS18

Voltage Sensor 4m ISVS4
Voltage Sensor 18m ISVS18

Smoke Detector 4m ISSD4
Smoke Detector 18m ISSD18

Universal/Dry Contact Cable 4m ISDC4
Universal/Dry Contact Cable 18m ISDC18

Alarm Beacon 4m for use with interSeptor Pro ISPBCN4
Alarm Beacon 18m for use with interSeptor Pro ISPBCN18

Optional Cable Packs for interSeptor Pro

ISPro Cable Pack 8     ISPCBL08
ISPro Cable Pack 16     ISPCBL16
ISPro Cable Pack 24     ISPCBL24

PowerFox8 Power Monitor with Temperature/Humidity/Security Sensor PF8EU

PowerFox8 Additional Sensors

Water Detector with 3m Leak Sensor Cable    IS3WD4US
Water Detector with 18m Leak Sensor Cable     IS18WD4US

Security Sensor 4m ISSS4
Security Sensor 18m ISSS18

Voltage Sensor 4m ISVS4
Voltage Sensor 18m ISVS18

Smoke Detector 4m ISSD4
Smoke Detector 18m ISSD18

Universal/Dry Contact Cable 4m ISDC4
Universal/Dry Contact Cable 18m ISDC18

Alarm Beacon 4m for use with PowerFox8 ISPBCN4
Alarm Beacon 18m for use with PowerFox8 ISPBCN18

Alert Centre Annual Subscription (subject to international exchange rates)

InterSeptor ISACAU01
InterSeptor Pro ISPACAU01

Alert Centre for computer room monitoring and alerting

Telephone Voice and SMS Messaging System

The Jacarta Alert Centre service works in conjunction with our interSeptor, interSeptor Pro and SP8 environmental monitoring products to provide automated SMS and voice message alerts to mobile and landline phones.
The Alert Centre service is a cost-effective way of knowing exactly what is happening in your IT or Comms room 24/7.
The service is supplied on an annual subscription basis.
Alarm conditions from Jacarta monitoring devices can be relayed via emails to the Alert Centre servers which will then automatically invoke the alert notification escalation procedure.
On receipt of an email alarm from the interSeptor, interSeptor Pro or SP8, an initial call will be made from the Alert Centre server to the main customer site relaying a voice message detailing that an alarm condition has occurred.
A voice message call will then be made and an SMS sent to the first named contact detailing the nature of the alarm.
If the first recipient does not acknowledge the alarm, the voice and SMS message will be sent to the second and third recipients and so on. Emails will also be sent to all 6 recipients.

The Alert Centre is user manageable via login facilities at www.jacarta.comand www.interseptor.com.
Personnel contact information can be updated anytime as required.

The Alert Centre Service is available in the following countries:
Australia, Belgium, Canada, Cyprus, Dubai, France, Germany, India, Netherlands, Norway, Republic of Ireland, Spain,
Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom and USA. (All messages are delivered in English)
On purchasing an Alert Centre subscription, you will be sent the Alert Centre registration documents and user guide.
One Alert Centre subscription is required for each device that you wish to register.

Alert Centre Escalation Procedure

The Jacarta Alert Centre sends messages to your proprietary 'Contacts' as follows:
Immediately: The installed location is telephoned
After 30 seconds: 'Contact 1' is notified by telephone, text and email
If no response from Contact 1: After 2 minutes: 'Contact 2' is notified by telephone, text and email
If no response from Contact 2: After a further 2 minutes: 'Contact 3' is notified by telephone, text and email
…..and so on up to 6 contacts

Jacarta can accept no liability for any interruption that may be caused at any time in the Alert Centre service.
All specifications subject to change without notice.

Alert Centre Diagram

interSeptor iMeter

Power & Environmental Monitoring Solutions

for Data Centres, Server Rooms and Racks

interSeptor iMeter is an advanced environmental and power monitoring solution that has been designed to help provide
IT personnel with answers to the following 10 questions:

  • How can I reduce the power usage in my data centre
  • Which racks in my data centre are using the most power and are the most expensive to run
  • Can I reduce the power consumption in my data centre racks
  • Can I assess whether it is more economical to invest in newer, less power-hungry IT equipment rather than continuing to run my existing equipment
  • Can temperature in the data centre be safely increased to help reduce air conditioning and air handling running costs
  • Can I build up a clear picture of power usage over time that will enable me to reduce my Amps Per U-space Ratio (AU) and running costs
  • What effect do internal computer fans have on the AU ratio
  • Can I reduce power usage without effecting network operations
  • Is it possible to be notified immediately about significant changes
  • in data centre power and environmental conditions that may otherwise have serious repercussions for network availability
  • Can a solution to all the above questions be adopted without disruption to the existing network infrastructure and without downtime

3 principal components make up the iMeter solution:

  • Jacarta Go-Probe Power and Environmental Sensors
  • iMeter Master device with 8 x sensor ports
  • iMeter Slave device with 8 x sensor ports

interSeptor iMeter

iMeter Master & Slave

Go-Probe Power and Environmental Sensors

The Jacarta range of Go-Probe sensors can be connected device in any combination to provide full flexibility for your solution.
Go-Probe sensors include:

- intelliAmp Current Sensor (Amps)
- intelliVolt Voltage Sensor (Volts)
- Temperature/Humidity Sensor
- Airflow Sensor
- Water Leak Detector
- Smoke Detector
- Security Sensor (door open)
- Motion Sensor (PIR)
iMeter Master

The iMeter Master module is a 1U rackmountable ethernet device with remote monitoring capability
via its web browser interface, SNMP, Modbus and RS485.
The device is equipped with 8 x sensor ports and 4 x expansion ports for connection of iMeter Slave devices.
Multiple Jacarta Go-Probe sensors can be monitored from a single IP address in conjunction with iMeter Slave modules.

iMeter Slave

Each iMeter Slave supports up to 8 Go-Probe Power and Environmental Sensors (see above and under Power Monitoring below) and is equipped with daisychain in and out ports for connection to the iMeter Master and/or other Slave devices.
Up to 18 Slave modules can be connected to each iMeter Master expansion port (72 Slave modules are supported by the iMeter Master in total).

Power Monitoring

The power of the iMeter solution lies in its range of intelligent sensors. The sensors can be connected and monitored in any combination, and can be installed without network downtime.

intelliAmp Current SensorintelliAmp Current Sensor

The remarkable intelliAmp Current Sensor has been designed to monitor the current draw of racks via 16A and 32A cables.

The sensor contains a unique calibration mechanism to enable it to be positioned at the point on the cable where the optimal current reading can be obtained.
The fact that the sensor simply clips to the cable means that no network downtime is required to start monitoring power into your racks.

intelliAmp Current Sensor (Amps): Monitor single phase 16 and 32 Amp cables
(2.5mm2 and 4mm2 internal cable core sizes. L, N, E)   10,000 samples per second 50Hz.

• True RMS current monitoring for optimal current readings
• No downtime required for installation
• Multiple sensors can be monitored from a single monitoring device
• Small size means intelliAmp can be installed almost anywhere
• No additional net work point-of-failure

intelliVolt Voltage Sensor

intelliVolt Voltage SensorThe intelliVolt voltage sensor simply connects into one of the iMeter sensor ports and plugs into a mains power outlet.
Voltage is monitored between 0 and 265V.
This sensor is provided with either a 4m or 18m interface cable.
Monitor single phase AC voltage up to 265VAC, 10,000 samples per second 50Hz.

Environmental Monitoring

A variety of environmental sensors are available with the iMeter to ensure your data centre or
racks are constantly monitored for potentially catastrophic events. Alerts can be delivered
rapidly to IT and Facilities personnel via email, SNMP or SMS to ensure remedial action can
be taken quickly.
The Jacarta GoProbe sensors can be connected to the iMeter Master and Slave modules in any
combination. Sensors can be auto-detected by the iMeter to simplify installation and configuration.
The following diagram highlights the potential sensor capacity and flexibility of the iMeter.

interSeptor iMeter diagram

Additional iMeter Features:
Web browser interface
Voice and SMS alerts via GSM Modem (Optional)
Email alerts
Event Manager
Device map
User configurable alarm thresholds
Historical and real time graphs

Please see separate sheet for full iMeter specifications.   All specifications may be subject to change without notice.

iMeter Go-Probe Sensors

• intelliAmp Current Sensor (Amps)     These are described above under "Power Monitoring" (scroll up!)
• intelliVolt Voltage Sensor (Volts)  

• Temperature/Humidity      These are described further up under the interSeptor Pro
• Water Detector
• Security Sensor
• Smoke Detector
• Airflow Sensor

Warranty: 1 year

iMS  Power Management Software for the Data Centre

The iMeter Management Software (iMS) is an extremely powerful data collection, analytical and reporting software suite that enables IT and Facilities personnel to manage data centre power usage more efficiently.
Power and environmental data can be viewed and analysed in meaningful and intuitive formats
so that decisions aimed at reducing power costs and improving operational efficiency can be made.

Effective power management can only be carried out by monitoring power consumption down to rack level.
However, the task of being able to collate, manipulate and effectively analyse the huge amounts of data generated by monitoring to rack level is colossal.
iMS will enable you to quickly and easily identify which racks use the most power, understand more readily why your power usage 'is what it is', and where power savings can potentially be made.
Consumption can then be tracked over time to ensure that data centre power costs are minimised as far as possible.

• iMS monitors the Jacarta iMeter and its attached sensors to collect all required sensor data
        – power (current, voltage),   temperature,   humidity
• Power usage, temperature, etc. can be monitored down to rack level
• Analysis can be carried out on specific sensors or groups of sensors and over user defined time periods
• Data can be analysed by data collection interval: Hour, day, week, month, quarter or year
• Minimum, maximum and average readings can be produced for analysis
• Carbon footprint and kWh data can be reported and graphed to provide an indication of power consumption and costs
• Reports can be formalised in pdf, html and Excel formats
• Data can be viewed in an extensive variety of chart formats (bar graph, line graph, etc.)

Power Analysis

Data centre power analysis can be carried out down to rack level using a variety of iMS options:

Power Analysis  Data centre power analysis can be carried out down to rack level using a variety of iMS options:

Power Pivot enables you to manipulate the data into whatever time period for whatever sensors (of the same type) you require. Minimum and maximum values can be viewed as well as averages for specific time periods.

Power Chart facilitates a graphical representation of your required data in Bar, Area, Column, Line or Pie chart form.

Consumption Chart   facilitates presentation of the power consumption data in your required chart format.

Consumption Grid  provides detail for analysis relating to minimum, maximum and average power usage over time.
In addition, indicative kW average, Daily kWh, cost per kWh, and Carbon Footprint information is also available.

Consumption Pivot  enables you to generate reports for specific sensors, time periods, and for any parameters available in the
Consumption Grid.

Report Output  allows data from your Power Pivot to be converted into Excel, PDF and HTML formats.
Charts can be saved as a bitmap image.

iMS Installation Requirements


Power and Environmental Monitoring System for Data Centres & Racks

The Jacarta PowerFox8 is a powerful, intelligent power management device for monitoring and controlling power in IT environments.
PowerFox8 can monitor and log the input current, voltage and frequency as well as the current being supplied to the devices connected to each of the 8 receptacles on the rear of the unit.
It is possible to remotely control the power to the connected devices either via a schedule, a timed delay or immediately.

PowerFox8 diagram

This functionality makes the PowerFox8 a vital tool in controlling IT power costs, minimising engineering site visits to reset remote
equipment, and assessing future power requirements.
In addition, the PowerFox 8 can be used to monitor critical data centre and rack environmental conditions such as temperature,
humidity, water ingress, smoke and security.
The PowerFox8 is supplied with a temperature/humidity probe and door security sensor as standard and an additional optional
sensor can be connected if required.
Email alerts and SNMP traps will provide early-warning of an environmental or power problem.

• Monitor and log input voltage current, voltage and frequency
• Monitor and log output current to connected devices
• Monitor and log temperature/humidity and alarm sensor events (water, smoke, etc.)
• Connect devices up to a maximum load of 15 Amps via 8 output receptacles
• Front panel LED for real- time status con- ditions and when thresholds are exceeded.
• Activate extended devices via digital outputs
• Control the PowerFox8 power outlets remotely through console or network
• Crisis event management—turn on/off devices or activate digital outputs based on alarm events,
      e.g.. Turn off devices when critical over-temperature threshold is exceeded
• Comprehensive power management and flexible configuration
      through web browser, NMS, Telnet, SNMP, or HyperTerminal (console)
• Configurable user security control
• User-friendly interface to display input and output status
• Detailed data-logging for statistical analysis and diagnosis
• Upgrade utility for easy firmware upgrade
• Event notification through SNMP traps or email alerts
• Daily history reports sent automatically via email
• Supports SSL V3 and SSH V1 protocol
• Administrator and multiple user password protection for double layer security

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