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Software Downloads

Download Software for Esis Products

Downloadable Software for Esis Products

Please click the links below to download software for your product. 

NOTE: These software downloads are provided for your convenience, however sometimes software is updated by the manufacturer without informing us. So to get the very latest version, either check the manufacturer’s website directly, or contact us.

Downloadable Software

Power-Mate 10A HD Serial (PM10AHDS)

Windows software for recording power measurements via the serial port interface of the PM10AHDS Power-Mate Serial appliance power meter

Download Windows Software for PM10AHDS (.zip, 5.6MB)

eTemperature Software for Thermochron / Hygrochron

Windows software for configuring and downloading data from Thermochron and Hygrochron Data Loggers (TC, TCS, TCX, HC)

Go to eTemperature software page >>

Fourtec DataSuite Software for Windows

Windows software for configuring and downloading data from Fourtec data loggers (MicroLite, MicroLog, DataNet, DaqLink, PicoLite)

For the latest version, please go to the Fourtec download page >>

Download DataSuite version (current as at August 2021)

Madgetech 4 Software for Windows

Windows software for configuring and downloading data from Madgetech data loggers

For the latest version, please check the Madgetech website >>

Download Madgetech (current as at Jan 2024)

FlexiSoft Software for Renu Electronics PLC / HMI

Windows software for configuring and programming Renu Electronics PLC and HMI products.

Go to Renu Electronics downloads page >>

IMPORTANT: You will need to first install the full FlexiSoft package labelled “FlexiSoft Setup Software”. Then install the latest update, labelled “Flexisoft Software Update” to bring it up to the latest version.

Quectel EC25 4G/LTE Module Drivers for Windows

Windows drivers for Quectel EC25 4G/LTE Modules, used in CyberVisuell TBOX, CYBOX, PPC industrial computers

Go to Quectel website EC25 software downloads >>

Or download the MBIM Windows Driver current as at Dec 2019
IMPORTANT – You need to set your EC25 module into MBIM mode for this driver to work. To do this under Windows 10:

  1. Download the Quectel QNavigator package
  2. Unzip it into a suitable folder.
  3. Download the MBIM Windows driver from the above link, and unzip it into a suitable folder.
  4. Run setup.exe to install the driver.
  5. Open Device Manager (right click Start, select Device Manager)
  6. Click the expander button for Ports
  7. Check that you can see several Quectel serial ports listed.
  8. Note which COM number is the Quectel “AT command port”.
  9. Run the QNavigator app from the folder you unzipped it into
  10. Click through to the main screen.
  11. Click the serial settings button and confirm the COM port number is the same as you saw for the “AT command port” above.
  12. Click the Connect module button, and confirm it shows the module is found and connected.
  13. Click the AT commands button in the left menu.
  14. Type in the following AT commands:
    • AT+QCFG=”usbnet”?
    • It will replay with the current USB networking mode of the module. New modules normally default to 0.
    • AT+QCFG=”usbnet”,2
    • Make sure it responds with OK
    • AT+CFUN=1,1
    • The module should reboot, which takes a couple of minutes. You should see the ports disappear from Device Manager and then reappear after a little while. QNavigator should also complain.
  15. Now check the Networking icon in the Windows task bar right hand end. It should now show the Cellular network connection.
  16. Open the properties of the cellular connection. If you need to set the APN of your service provider, you can do this via the Advanced button.
  17. Check that the cellular connection shows it’s connected with some signal strength reading.
  18. Try connecting to the internet using a browser.

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