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Temperature Sensors

Monitor Sensors manufacture a range of Temperature sensors for various environmental applications ranging from measurement of ambient conditions, crop temperature monitoring through to cattle comfort (heat stress) analysis.

The Air Temperature sensor TA1 uses a miniature diode connected transistor sensor mounted either at the end of a 4 mm diameter stainless steel tube projecting from the electronic sensor housing or on an extension cable for attachment to plants or tree canopies.

The sensing element is connected to a microprocessor controlled electronics package and
provides an output in 0.01 deg C steps in low-resolution mode.
A higher resolution providing steps of 0.002 deg C is available with appropriate sensors.
Resolution depends on type of sensor and the span selected.
(The above resolution figures are for standard configurations only).

Other non-standard sensor types such as thermocouples, RTDs and precision quartz sensors are available for high temperature, process and laboratory applications.

The internal microprocessor provides a host of features such as control and alarm outputs, 16-bit resolution (1 part in 65,000) and dual output signals. Each unit is provided with a multi-point calibration curve for maximum accuracy across the range.
With most other systems, changeover of a sensor means either recalibration of the system or resetting of parameters in the data logger or other data collection devices. The µSmart sensor eliminates this requirement as the on-board microprocessor ensures that all sensor types exhibit the same electronic specifications, and thus have identical performance characteristics.

Sensors have several output modes: digital, voltage or current.
Sensors are supplied with individual calibration certificates to enable software conversion to engineering units.
In serial mode, the sensor reports in engineering units and the global algorithm is implemented internally.

Features and Applications

Low power Consumption Atmospheric Pressure Monitoring
Stainless Steel Housing Automatic Weather Stations
Weatherproof Construction Meteorological
Robust design Animal & Human Comfort
Frequency, Voltage or Serial data output Horticulture & Agriculture
2 control/Alarm-output Laboratory - high accuracy
Multiple Calibration points Temperature Measurement
Independent/Stand-alone Operation Micro Climate Studies
Customer configured alarm/Control Set-points Equipment Control

Air Temperature Sensor - Model TA1
The Air Temperature sensor measures ambient air temperature and is mounted in an upright position in a sensor shelter (Models: SS4/SS5) or a conventional Stevenson Screen.

Soil Temperature Sensor - Model TS1
Soil temperature sensors are identical to the model TA1 except for extra cable to allow the sensor to be buried in the soil at the required depth.

Grass Temperature Sensor - Model TG1
Grass temperature sensors have a white painted metal flag attached to the sensor element. This simulates the radiation and thermal lag characteristics of the glass/alcohol grass minimum thermometer.

Leaf Temperature Sensor - Model TL1
Leaf temperature sensors are similar in design to air temperature sensors but the sensing element
is extended from the body using a 1 metre long PVC covered twin core cable. The sensor element measures 4 mm x 2 mm x 1 mm and should be thermally coupled to the leaf or other surface using "Blue Tac" or a similar dry adhesive. The sensor body length is 160 mm and 25 mm in diameter.

Fruit Temperature Sensor - TL1/Fruit
These have two parts, the body containing the electronics, and the tip, 3.5mm dia x 10mm long, connected to the body by 1.5m thin wire. Fruit probe has pointed end for pushing into fruit. There is a "pull-out" wire for removal from the fruit.

Black Globe Temperature Sensor - Model TB1

This temperature sensor monitors the effects of direct solar radiation on an exposed surface. The sensor is located inside a 160 mm diameter copper globe coated with a special matt black finish. This sensor is intended for use with ambient air temperature and relative humidity sensors to monitor animal and human comfort factors. The TB1 can also monitor the direct radiation on metal surfaces such as railway lines.

Water Temperature Sensors - Model TW1

The TW1 is a fully sealed and immersible sensor for water monitoring applications. The sensor is mounted in a stainless steel body with copper heat sink to monitor water temperature. The TW1 is available in 2 sizes: length 257 mm/OD 37 mm and length 220 mm/OD 32 mm.

General Specifications:

Accuracy: +/- 0.1°C
Resolution: 0.01°C Low,   0.002°C High
Temperature Range: -20°C to +60°C (Custom ranges are available)
Humidity Range: 0-100%

Measurement Units: Degree Celsius/Degrees Fahrenheit (Software selectable)

Sensor Type: Surface mounted transistor (other options available)

Data Output: Serial data ASCII format (Monibus), plus, either
Voltage 0-1 volt, 0-2.5 or 0-4 volts OR
Frequency +5 volt pulse 2-10 Hz

4-20 ma Output option: add $POA

Monibus is a 0 & 5V TTL level serial data output. Monibus info: click here.

This can be converted easily to RS232 levels using either SI8 of SI9 interfaces.
The SI8 or SI9 can be built in to the sensor housing.  SI8 & SI9 info: see below.

Power Supply: 5-28 v DC unregulated
Current Drain: <1.5 ma

Weight (unpacked): 230 grams (except for the TB1, which is <500 grams)
Dimensions: Length 225 mm Diameter 25 mm

Standard Cable Lengths: TA1 0.8 m TS1 4.0 m TG1 4.0 m
TL1 4.0 m TB1 4.0 m TW1 2.0 m

Associated Products: SS4 & SS6 Sensor Shelters
SS1 Mini Sensor Shelter
TA1 Wet & Dry Temperature Sensor
AWS1 Automatic Weather Station
SI8 Interface module for RS232
SL(x) Data Logger various options Water Quality Station
Quality Assurance

Monitor Sensors' products are manufactured under a third party accredited ISO9002 System.

Humidity & Temperature Sensor

HT1HT1   μSMART Combined  Temperature/ Humidity sensor
 -20C to +60C,      0 100 % RH,  with  0.8m cable
 Accuracy: Humidity: ± 2%,    Temperature: ± 0.1°C

The µSMART humidity sensor is designed to measure the relative humidity of the surrounding air.
The sintered bronze diffuser protects the sensing element from dust but allows gas to flow around the element.
For a faster response, mechanical ventilation over the diffuser should be provided.

The sensor Monibus interface allows the user to modify the sensor operation through the built-in sensor menus.
The sensor incorporates a microprocessor to provide accurate, repeatable readings
and to allow optional analogue outputs. The robust mechanical design ensures a long operational life.

Output options:
• Monibus serial data ASCII format
• Voltage 0-1,   0-2.5 volts
• 4-20mA ( requires >12Vdc supply )
• Frequency TTL pulse 2-10 Hz
Data sheet on HT1 (.pdf file, opens in new tab) 

Sensor Shelters

for air temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure sensors.
The sensors are strapped with cable ties to an internal vertical bracket (not shown)

Data: click here (opens new window)

SS4 suits 3+ sensors
Internal: 270mm height, 150mm dia
External: 365mm height, 285mm dia

SS3 suits 3 sensors
Internal: 230mm x 150mm dia

SS2 suits 2 sensors
Internal: 200mm x 75mm dia

SS1 for one sensor (small), sensor may be affected by sun

SS6 Aspirated Sensor Shelter
to suit 3 sensors. Has a fan built in.

Note: above part numbers were changed in Feb 2008

SI8 Converter

Monibus to RS232 Serial Interface Unit: for interface to computer,
with power supply to run sensors. Data: click here
The SI8 provides power to the sensors attached to it.
The SI8 gets this power either from the host computer's RS232 port or from a supplied mains adaptor.
The RS232 port on a 486 computer can supply 3 or 4 mA.
The RS232 port on a Pentium computer can supply 8 to 10mA.
Sensor cable length can be up to 4000m. SI8: $POA

SI9 Converter

as above, except is powered from the computer's RS232 port:
The RS232 port on a 486 computer can supply 3 or 4mA.
The RS232 port on a Pentium computer can supply 8 to 10mA.
A pair of wires comes out of the unit which can be connected to a power source (6 to 28VDC) if required.
Sensor cable length can be up to 250m.
DB25F (25-pin female). If required, specify DB9F (9-pin) connector. SI9: $POA

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Data Logger

The Temperature sensors and many other sensors may be connected to a data logger.

Data Logger (for weather station), information: click here

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