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Eutech Water Quality Instruments - available from Esis

Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) / Redox
Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)

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Dissolved Oxygen
Temperature Multi-parameter

Pocket Testers
Process Instruments

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µSmart Water Quality Sensors

Each µSmart sensor incorporates a microprocessor providing
linearised and standardised outputs, 16 bit resolution (1 part in 65,000) and
output signals:  analog,  ASCII data output/input via serial interface,  pulse,  control & alarm outputs.
Each unit is provided with a multi-point calibration curve for maximum accuracy across the range.
For the general description and many features of µSmart sensors see near the top of the "Environmental Monitoring" page (link below).

µSmart sensors can be programmed with the data I/O line.     µSmart Sensor general description (opens in new tab)

µSmart sensors are intended for permanent or semi-permanent installation, and connection to a data logger or computer.
An LCD display box can be attached.

For portable or hand-held water quality instruments (pH, temperature, conductivity) see Testo page: click here

Monitor Sensors water quality sensors are provided with 5m cable.


Electrical Conductivity

Temperature compensated, with Temperature Sensor, Output in µS (microSiemens). Cable 5m
Maximum Depth : 30m, Supply Current : 1 to 2mA @ 5-28V    Data: click here (.pdf file, opens new window)
Extra cable:
3-core,  or 4-core.

  EC1: 0-  1000µS,    EC2: 0-  2000µS,    EC3: 0- 5000µS,      EC4: 0- 10,000µS,    EC5: 0- 20,000µS,
  EC6: 0- 50,000µS,  EC7: 0- 100,000µS (seawater),  EC8: 0- 200,000µS ,  EC9: 0- 500,000µS (microSiemens)

  EC-F  EC Sensor Fertigaton Pack

Ion Selective Electrode: ISE1, with 1m cable


Water Temperature Sensors - TW1

A fully sealed and immersible sensor for water monitoring applications.
The sensor is mounted in a stainless steel body with copper heat sink to monitor water temperature.
The TW1 is available in 2 sizes: length 257 mm/OD 37 mm,   and length 220 mm/OD 32 mm.
Water Temperature Sensor Data: click here

Turbidity Sensor

with or without motorised wiper with various ranges.   NTU=Nephelometric Turbidity Unit.
Has two parts: the Sensor unit, joined with a short cable to the Electronics unit, which gives the µSmart outputs
Both units are suspended in the water. The 2 small sensor windows are off centre on the lower end of the cylindrical sensor housing.
A wiper is attached to a central rotor, which is preset to rotate once every hour or two.
The wiper is used to clear algae, etc, from the sensor, and is recommended when the sensor is immersed for more than a few days.
The wiper material can be easily replaced.
The standard sensors are rated to 30m depth (optional 100m can be supplied).
Data on NEP series: click here (.pdf file, opens new window)
  NEP195/1     with motorised wiper:  0-100NTU,  NEP195/2: 0-400NTU,  NEP195/3: 0-1000NTU.
  NEP190/1 without motorised wiper: 0-100NTU,  NEP190/2: 0-400NTU,  NEP190/3: 0-1000NTU

Cable joining the Sensor unit to the Electronics unit: NEP190-CBL
Connector for joining the above cable to the sensor: NEP190-CON
TT1 Turbidity Wiper Timer
The Electronics module is connected to the logger with normal 3-core cable

Current draw is approx 1mA average when economy mode is activated (unit is switched off between readings).


pH    pH    pH    pH    pH

Ranges:  PH3: 0-14 pH, with 1m cable,    PH1: 4-10 pH,   PH2: 2-12 pH
Length of sensor: 383mm incl hanging loop at top, 32mm max dia 
  µSmart pH Sensor data: click here      For low cost pH measurement see DrDaq

Testo portable or hand-held water quality instruments (pH, temp., conductivity): click here

ISE Ion Selective Electrodes

ISE1 Ion Selective Electrode, with 1mtr cable (Call for application)
e.g. NH4, NO3, Bromide, etc


RO1, with 1m cable   Dim: 389mm long, including hanging loop, 32mm diameter.
   Oxidation-Reduction Potential, range ±750mV.   Need over +600mV to kill bacteria.
   Oxidation is a process in which a molecule or ion loses electrons.
   Oxidation is always coupled with reduction, as another molecule or ion picks up the electron.
   The oxidizing agent gains the electrons.   Data: please request 02 9481 7420


Water Level Sensors

WL1: 0-1m,  WL2: 0-5m,  WL3: 0-10m,  WL4: 0-20m,  WL5: 0-50m,  Price includes 5m cable.
Data: click here (.pdf file, opens new window)        More info not on data sheet: click here.
Price includes 5m cable. Specify cable required at time of ordering.
You need enough 8 core vented cable on the sensors to bring the cable above the highest water level. It is terminated in a vent housing.
The vent housing is part of the overall price of the unit.
The rest of the distance to the logger is run in three core cable.


Light level under water

the Solar Radiation Sensor can be modified for underwater use. Please enquire.

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