CO2 Data Loggers

Why Monitor CO2 levels?
There are legal limits to the level of carbon dioxide that you can expose people to.

A high level of carbon dioxide in a room indicates inadequate ventilation. This can cause
headaches, fatigue, eye and throat irritation, increased heart rate, dizziness,
fatigue, rapid breathing visual and hearing dysfunctions.

1000ppm should be used as an upper limit for all indoor areas.
Exposure to higher levels may cause unconsciousness or death within minutes of the exposure

600ppm     People notice the air is "stuffy."

1000ppm   Indicates inadequate ventilation. Complaints of fatigue, headaches ad eye/throat irritation will be widespread.
Should be upper limit for indoor areas.

10,000ppm  Some people may begin to feel; shortness of breath, difficulty in breathing,
rapid pulse rate, headaches, hearing loss, hyperventilation, sweating, and fatigue.
Can cause drowsiness with prolonged exposure.

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KeepAlert Display CO2 Logger

The KeepAlert Display CO2 Logger is designed to measure CO2 levels as well as temperature and humidity.
It can 'wake up', take readings, store them in memory and then go back to sleep.
This conserves battery power.
It has a memory of 5,200 readings.
The KeepAlert Display measures up to 30% CO2 levels

Features and Benefits
• Automatic recording of CO2 , Temperature and Humidity
• Easy to read display (see also non-display model below)
• Easy to download information
• Reusable
• Robust
• No need for External Probes
• NATA Certifiable
• Replaceable batteries
• Non-dispersive Infrared measurement: NDIR
• Portable
• Single Unit
• On off switch
• Uses 4 x AA batteries

• Cold Chain Management
• Agricultural Production
• Transport
• Shipping
• Monitoring of office environments
• HVAC Systems
• Storage and Warehousing
• Agricultural Research
• Horticulture
• Greenhouse and Hydroponic Gardens


CO2 loggerHow is it Used?
1. Turn off the KeepAlert Display CO2 Logger
2. Set up how often you want the CO2 , temperature and humidity recorded with the user-friendly software.
3. Place the KeepAlert Display Logger into the area where data is to be logged.
4. Turn On
5. When required plug the KeepAlert Display Logger back into the computer,
        and see exactly what happened, when and for how long.
6. Save your results for later reference.


CO2:       Minimum:  0ppm,  Maximum:  300,000ppm (30%)       Accuracy: 0.2% vol

Temperature:    Minimum  -30°C,  Maximum: 60°C      Accuracy:  0.2°C @ 25°C,  
          Resolution 0.2°C or 0.1°C

Humidity:         Minimum: 0%,     Maximum 100%,         Accuracy: +/-3%

Sample Rate 1 min to 255 min      
Log Storage 5200 readings
Delay Start: Manual On Off switch

Size:  140mm x 90mm x 33mm,    Housing Material: Polycarbonate
Guarantee 1 year

KeepAlert Accessories


The KeepAlert kit is made up of the easy to use KeepAlert software, the KeepAlert cable and a case.
The KeepAlert software can be freely copied onto multiple PCs and the reader moved between those PCs.


SoftwareKeepAlert software allows you to quickly and easily ...
• Set up the KeepAlert sample rate, start delay, high and low alarms and rollover options
• Download the results from the KeepAlert to the PC
• Display results as a table
• Display the results as a graph. The graph supports panning and zooming to easily identify problems
• Save results for a later recall
• Export results to Microsoft excel, Microsoft Word
• Email results

Minimum PC requirements: Pentium 200MHz; Windows 98,NT3.5, 2000, XP, 32M memory, 5MHDD free, mouse, CD-ROM.

KeepAlert CO2 Logger - with display

KeepAlert Display CO2 Logger,  CO2 Range 0% to 30% (300,000ppm),
                        Temperature –20°C to 70°C; Humidity 0% to 100%     $1075+GST      4/11

KeepAlert CO2 Logger - without display

Description as above, except with no display

KeepAlert CO 2 Logger,
      CO2 Range 0% to 30% (300,000ppm), Temperature –20°C to 70°C; Humidity 0% to 100%   $795 +GST      4/11



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