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Good manufacturing guidelines guarantee reliable manufacturing, testing and quality assurance. This is critical to ensure that a drug product is safe for human consumption. Many countries have legislated that pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers follow procedures and create their own guidelines that correspond with their legislation.

About the Customer:

A large Pharmaceutical Laboratory in Spain which produces solutions and drugs for hospitals and other Health Care Facilities.

Monitoring Temperature in Pharmaceutical Laboratory

Photo courtesy of FOURTEC

Key Customer Challenges:

To control the temperature within the production chambers. This is critical to optimize and control the temperature and humidity during drug production.

DataNet Implementation:

This particular wireless system consists of:

  • A DNR900A receiver, which is mandatory for every network and forms the wireless network managing each device that connects to it;
  • Two DNR910A loggers, which handle all temperature measurements, with an audible and visual alarm with a sampling rate of one sample every 10 minutes;
  • DataSuite software running on a PC connected to the DNR900A receiver;
  • An SMS modem to send instant SMS alerts when temperature limits are breached.

Monitoring Temperature in Pharmaceutical Laboratory

Photo courtesy of FOURTEC

Measurable Results:

Full temperature control in climatic chambers around the clock. System alarm notifications sent via SMS for offsite warnings, plus a siren for onsite warnings in real-time. The sirens and beacons may be connected to each logger or receiver, allowing flexibility in locating them. 

Internal memory on all DNL910A units stores data constantly, allowing full data retrieval and transfer at any time, even when disruptions occur, resulting in zero data loss. 

ZigBee wireless technology overcomes transmission obstacles, automatically finding the most cost-effective, efficient and secured data path to the PC. The intelligent system remains flexible and trustworthy for constant scalable and reliable monitoring. 

Using the data export to Excel feature proves data integrity, and the intuitive Reports module provides transparent data records for achieving regulatory compliance.

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Article Courtesy of FOURTEC. 

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