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Self driving vehicles is an important research area in the field of artificial intelligence. Top technology companies, automobile companies and users hope that driverless vehicles can be available as soon as possible. However, for the entire automotive industry, full implementation of self driving vehicles is not an easy task. 

Security is one of the major challenges facing the future of self driving cars. Hackers can access the vehicle network via Bluetooth, cellular network or wireless network, and disrupt the vehicle computers to control the driving system, engage in dangerous driving behaviour or even initiate terrorist attacks – all via the CAN bus network on board the vehicle. 


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The security team of the Baidu Internet of Vehicles has developed a system for car information security, to protect the security of the smart car network. However this still requires a computer that meets their requirements to run the system. This computer needs to adapt to the harsh production environment in the factory floor, be able to operate for a prolonged period, be visible in the sun during outdoor testing, and even meet special customization requirements so that this mobile computer can live up to the rigours of this automotive application. 


To protect the security of vehicle information and avoid all the serious threats to safety and security, it is necessary to use a rugged mobile computer customized to meet the requirements of Baidu’s security team to perform security scanning on the main components of the smart car. In order to develop and deliver the solution, Getac signed a cooperation contract with Baidu to customize the Getac X500. The customization was to add a docking station connected to the CAN bus for smart car security scanning, log analysis, known vulnerabilities detection, unknown vulnerabilities discovering, test report generation, and repair suggestions. 

Getac X500

Photo courtesy of Getac

As a world-renowned brand of rugged laptop and tablet, Getac has been well-recognized, providing customized and recognized robust solutions for defence, emergency services, utilities and automotive manufacturing around the world. Getac X500 is the model Baidu selected. It is the most classical and fully-rugged 15.6” flagship model, which is tough and durable with outstanding performance. It is ideal for the demanding workshop environment. It is fully adapted to the harsh working environment of the factory floor. In particular the X500’s unique expandability makes it applicable for smart car security information detection. Key benefits of this model include:

  • The Getac X500 comes with an optional expansion slot, an incomparable advantage that most other rugged laptops do not have. The X500 with docking station installed can be connected to the car CAN interface for easy security information detection. The Getac X500 comes with two optional slots for PCI or PCI Express 3.0, which combines the power of desktop expansion with the portability of a rugged laptop. With the Getac X500 with a docking station, the staff scanned the security vulnerabilities of BCM, PEPS, gateway, ABS and EMS on the vehicle bus to ensure the security of vehicle information.
  • Secondly, the test car may need to be used in the workshop or laboratory where there is a lot of equipment and cables, and the working equipment is likely to experience a collision or accidental fall. The Getac X500 meets the sturdy and durable features of MIL-STD 810G, IP65 and MIL-STD-461G. Even in case of accidents such as impact, splashing liquid, vibration and falling, the operation of the computer will not be affected. 
  • In addition, Getac’s expertise and customer service are also a big advantage, because Baidu needs a partner who can work closely together to ensure that equipment can be customized to meet a variety of needs. In addition to custom devices, Getac also helps Baidu integrate the necessary software and connectors and put forward compelling new recommendations.

Customized Getac X500

Photo courtesy of Getac


Security is the major challenge on the road once self driving vehicles become commonplace. With the customized Getac X500, the staff can carry out security detection for cars in any harsh environment anytime, anywhere. They can provide test reports and suggestions for modification, to ensure the information security of the internal computer systems of the automobile. 

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Article Courtesy of Getac. 

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